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Harry Connick Jr is an Idiot, a Hypocrite AND a Liar!

Harry Connick Jr is an Idiot, a Hypocrite AND a Liar! published on 1 Comment on Harry Connick Jr is an Idiot, a Hypocrite AND a Liar!

Quick update on Harry Connick Jr’s  insult to Australia . Connick claims on his site that the character in the MAdtv skit is not black…

So now we are being told that this dark skinned man with the puffy hair is not a black or mixed race individual.

If the guy with the red sash  isn’t a black man what the fuck is he? The world’s blackest white man? Connick’s skin has clearly been darkened – why would a white man darken his skin to play a white man? Why would a white man don a wig that looks like Orlando Jones’ hair to play a white man? He wouldn’t – this is clearly a black man and Harry Connick Jr is clearly a hypocrite and a liar. But hey, when you’re famous you can say whatever you want and people will buy it, so whereas the Huffpost ran a post about the Hey Hey skit, all they ran on Connick’s skit was a post calling those who “think” that’s a black man idiots.

And of course, when it’s all over, all the American public will remember is “those racist Australians” and that what Connick is playing in his own skit is just a suspiciously negro-ish white man. So fuck you Harry, and fuck all those liberal hypocrites that are supporting you.

Harry Connick is a Black Faced Hypocrite

Harry Connick is a Black Faced Hypocrite published on

American cultural imperialism strikes again. While making a guest appearance on an Australian show, Harry Connick jr has seen fit to criticize some local white folks for donning blackface in a deliberately retro send up of the Jackson Five!

While I agree that this skit is a bit tacky, it is not as offensive as Connick seems to think as we are not the US , we do not have the cultural context that they do – no step n fetchits, no Ku Klux Klan, no burning crosses- but in typical American tradition, Connick seems to think he has the right to ignore the local situation and tell us all how to live.

Such arrogance and ignorance alone are bad enough, but now it has emerged that Harry is not only a fool who can’t tell the Australian South-East from the American South, he is also a hypocrite who has himself donned blackface! Back in the Nineties, Connick put on a wig and makeup to play a black preacher on Mad TV, but hey, he’s a big star, whereas the blokes playing the Jackson Five are just normal Joes, so of course the standards are different.

There are those who claim that he isn’t wearing black face, but if this Connick character isn’t black neither is Halle Berry – we must remember that in the US mixed race is seen as black (eg Obama.) Connick is undoubtedly made up to look mixed race – the hair is clearly a mini afro which is bigger than Orlando Jones’, and the skin, though not as dark as Jones’ is clearly darker than his real skin. Throw in the way he’s dressed, which is typically seen as the way black preachers in the South dress, and his body language, and it seems pretty evident that he is indeed “in blackface”.

Here are two screen grabs from the same show – in one we see Harry being  unusually swarthy, in the other we see him being himself….

So let’s get this right. We Australians have never lynched Negros, never set up a Klan, never assassinated great men like King, never spat on little black children trying to get into school, never written songs like Nigger Hatin’ Me, yet it is offensive when we don black face but it’s okay when a white Southerner like Connick does it? What hypocrisy. The fact is that it is far more offensive when Connick does it, precisely because he’s a Good Ol’ Boy from Louisiana. It’s no hanging offense, but in his case it is racist, whereas in the case of the guys on Hey Hey, it’s just a tacky, tasteless, and yes, slightly offensive bit of nonsense.

Now if these had been Aborigines, or even Southern Europeans or Asians, that would be different as there is a history in Australia of racism against those groups, but to Negroes we’ve done bugger all!

The other aspect of this, is that in typical American liberal fashion, a slight offense against blacks merits comment from Harry’s ilk, but when it’s a Latina headed for the Supreme Court crowing about her superiority over white men, Harry did what all the pussy- whipped men on the American left do – he hid under a table and kept his mouth shut.

If Connnick doesn’t have the brains to realize he’s not in the US, then he is yet another famous person who takes the conclusions of what is at best an average intellect and shoves them down everyone else’s throat, and he should refrain from speaking out on matters requiring an IQ higher than Jessica Simpson’s.

In brief, get stuffed Harry, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out of our country.

Here’s Harry showing his ignorance of geography on Hey Hey…

and here he is playing a  suspiciously Negro-ish white preacher…

Two women tortured a five year old boy

Two women tortured a five year old boy published on

Two L.A women — Starkeisha Brown and her girlfriend Krystal Denise Matthews — have been sentenced to surprisingly (given their sex) long jail terms for torturing Brown’s 5 year old son.

These two caring, naturally nurturing females spent over a year starving and torturing the little boy,who when found was suffering from kidney failure, malnutrition and anemia,and had cigarette burns  on his body and genitals as well as severe burns to his hands.

The boy’s  ordeal came to an end when a female stranger noticed him at a train station, was told by the child “She put my hand on top of the stove,” and later contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Compton Judge Jerry Johnson gave Brown 15 years and  Matthews 14 years after a plea bargain supposedly designed to spare the victim and child witnesses from having to testify.

If these two were men, the other cons would probably see to it that they got what they deserved. But with women always making excuses for one another these days, i’m pretty sure that the other female cons won’t do shit, so i can only hope that sooner or later both these scumbags run into a serial killer who spends weeks torturing them, then disembowels and dismembers them . I’m not kidding.

More here.

and here, wherein  we find out that everyone knew but nobody did anything.

Aussie Girls Going Really wild

Aussie Girls Going Really wild published on

I have often stated, much to the chagrin of both feminist harpies and chivalrous mountebanks, that it is my contention (a rather contentious contention, if you will) that human females are by nature more violent than human males.

I base this view primarily on a deep and abiding hatred of the female sex and everything it stands for…

Actually, i don’t, but the enemy will take it that way so i might as well make the little miseries happy for a second. What i really base this view on is the significant amount of violence perpetrated by women in spite of  a lifetime of conditioning that tells them to be otherwise.

I know why i may be inclined to whack someone, but what’s your excuse honey? Did mommy insist on you playing with soldiers instead of dolls? Did you grow up idolizing Eastwood and Stallone and Bronson and Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris? I seriously doubt it, yet women make up almost twenty percent of America’s convicted serial killers, the majority of child abusers and when gay they are as likely to beat up their partners as men are.

What’s the excuse for that? There isn’t an environmental one, so it’s either a greater genetic tendency towards violence or a free will issue, and free will being a very iffy proposition indeed i lean towards genetics. If women are indeed by nature more violent, all it should take to get them rise to, and indeed to exceed, the male level of violence is a shift in the way they are brought up. Give them a few more violent role models on TV and in the movies then wait and see what happens. Well my fellow pigs, the wait is over, the shift has been going on for 10 years or so and the figures are starting to reflect it…

Here in the Land Of Oz, as in other places around the world, we are seeing a rise in female violence. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, in the last six years alone, the proportion of women prisoners whose worst criminal offense was one of violence has increased from 16 % to 20%.

Domestic violence perpetrated by teenage girls has also increased, with police statistics showing that between 2003 and 2007 such assaults increased by 30% for girls but only 19% for boys. Police figures also show that   a third of the children who are committing violence against family members  are now teenage girls – not a bad achievement given that they are smaller than mom, dad, and brothers of the same age. One has to wonder what the situation would be if a teenage girl had the size and strength of her male counterpart…

And this isn’t just amongst the lower strata of society – female violence is also becoming more prevalent amongst well-heeled females, according to Eddie Gallagher, a headshrinker who specializes in helping family members to be violent towards one another…

”When you talk to people about girl violence they think of a low-social, low-income group, but plenty of the girls I have seen who have been violent to parents are little princesses.”

Gallagher also points out what i can best describe as a sort of “female machismo” with girls actually priding themselves on their left hook…

”More girls now have an attitude to violence that is like boys, in that they are proud of their fighting prowess. It is about pride and excitement rather than anger,”

I also offer as supporting evidence the recent findings of one professor Kerry Carrington, who has been looking into data spanning several decades and has come to the conclusion that girls are going seriously ape-shit at a faster rate than boys….

“Boys still vastly outnumber girls before the courts …. (but) the gender gap is narrowing”…  ”Boys are becoming less delinquent and girls are becoming more delinquent.” The Professor also tells us that between 1960 and 2007, the proportion of kids popping up in court which are female has skyrocketed from one in fourteen to one in five.

(Carrington is publishing a book this November by the title of ” Offending Youth: Sex, Youth and Crime”, and this little piggy will be checking his Ebay in order to get his trotters on a copy.)

Carrington also adds, rather refreshingly…

“There’s an assumption that violence is associated with young men … there has to be some recognition that girls are capable of violence and until now there’s been a very deep reluctance to recognise that.”

Yeah, Right On lady, it’s about time someone said it!

And all this from a relatively slight shift in the culture – wait till there are as many female Stallones as there are male ones, then you’ll really see something. Oh and ladies, this is of more concern to you than to me – violent people regardless of sex target mostly their own sex, so you’ll be getting over 80% of the new female violence, which i suspect explains why the Professor is being so outspoken about all this.

Source Articles here and here.

Post Partum Abortion

Post Partum Abortion published on

Elyse Mamino, who in November of 2008 gave birth to a baby into a toilet bowl, then tried to drown it in said toilet, has been found mentally fit to go to trial.

The fact that this woman tried to drown her newborn baby girl in a toilet is sickening enough, but what makes this case even more outrageous is that after two weeks in hospital the baby girl was handed back to, you guessed it, the psycho mom who tried to drown her at birth! How’s that for evidence that powerful elements of society (in this case the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services) see children as women’s property? Who cares if Psycho Mom finishes what she started? As long as mommy doesn’t have her ownership rights violated all is right with the world.

Further compounding this outrage is that the ensuing investigation led to police finding the body of yet another baby stashed in Elyse Mamino’s basement. This child however was so badly decomposed that the cops have been unable to ascertain the cause of death, so the Gyno-Beast hasn’t been charged with anything in relation to that tragedy. Only after this discovery did the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services take the child back form her! I guess even the darkest of minds get the ocasional sunbeam of reason.

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