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Parisian Blood On Left Wing Hands

Parisian Blood On Left Wing Hands published on

Let me make this clear, I am no right winger. But neither am I some PC libtard. In fact, the left has become so contaminated by the PC brigade that I am seriously thinking of never calling myself a leftist ever again…

There is no denying, not to the honest mind, that the blood of 129 corpses and a couple of hundred survivors lies thickly coagulating on the hands of the Left Wing. It is the Left that continues to insist that the liberal west continue to take in barbarians from the Arab world. It is the Left that then actively encourages those people to keep their original culture rather than to assimilate into the new country. Asking those radically different to move into your house and to not adapt to your rules is a recipe for disaster, for mayhem, for mass murder and societal chaos. It is the Left that is responsible for the Parisian slaughter. It is the Left that is responsible for the mass rapes in Rotherham, England. It is the Left that is responsible for the ethnically motivated gang rapes of Anglo girls in Sydney. It is the Left that is responsible for the siege in Martin Place. It is the Left that is responsible for the anti-Jewish violence in Malmo, Sweden. It is the Left that is responsible for the London and Madrid bombings. Pretty much the only Muslim atrocity that can’t be laid at the feet of the Left is 9/11, given that those scumbags were all outsiders. But most of this evil is being perpetrated by a group of people welcomed into the henhouse by leftists and liberals with all the sense and reasoning ability of, well, the average chicken.

The roots of this invasion by stealth are, without a doubt, plutocratic ones. The plutocrats own the media and the politicians – they could put a stop to all this multi-cultural nonsense if they wanted to, but they like the idea of an illiberal future, not to mention the way Islam distracts us from their own evil. But the agents, the ground troops, of this plutocrat-led destruction of western liberalism are, without doubt, the leftists, the liberals, the progressives. Getting the Left to destroy the Left, it’s a masterstroke of strategy and one that is working brilliantly well. Mostly because only a few of us have the intellect and psychological independence to see what is being done, and even some of our select group are put off from speaking the truth by the inevitable cries of “Racist! Islamophobe! Werewolf! Vampire! Brony!” But not me. If I wanted to be popular I would have become a singer of sappy love songs or a comedian whose work targets teens and emotionally retarded adults, not a rabble-rouser. So let me say it again — the blood of the victims of Islam, their corpses, their amputated limbs, the shreds of their torn flesh, all these are on the politically correct Left’s hands.

Wank Toy Company In Trouble Over Manatee Intrusion

Wank Toy Company In Trouble Over Manatee Intrusion published on

grossly obese woman in fifi adSome company called Whizworx has found itself the target of social media outrage after a holidaying manatee found its way into its ad agency’s studios and into an advertising campaign. The manatee, who came ashore somewhere in Florida and wrecked the suspension of several vehicles getting to North Carolina, snuck into the studio and put on a 38 DD bikini, a pair of fishnet stockings once owned by J Edgar Hoover, and a black wig before proceeding to cavort in front of the camera in what one member of the crew called, “A surprisingly atrocious and depraved exhibition.”

Being high on coke, the photographer did not realize what had happened until the photo had hit the Instagram and caused a social media storm. With the insight so common amongst SJWs and feminists, the freak show called Twitter exploded into howls of outrage at what they saw as an attack on that most sacred of creatures, the morbidly obese Western woman. The company, being no doubt composed of typical, pussy-whipped western males, quickly pulled the ads and apologized for having offended manatees everywhere.

Since the social media storm, nothing has been heard of the manatee responsible for the outrage, but it is suspected that she is now back in the waters off Florida, where she and her friends are laughing it up at how insanely stupid those pink land creatures are.

Get your feminist freak out here.

A Word On The Religion Of Peace

A Word On The Religion Of Peace published on

There is no such thing. I don’t mean that there is no such thing as “a word,” but that there is no such thing as a “religion of peace,” certainly not amongst the Judeo Christian spectrum. Not Judaism, not Christianity, and certainly not Islam.

Everyone lies like dogs these days, with the right wing fabricating crap about Islam and the “left” making every excuse possible for the evils carried out in its name. The most common excuse put forward by the liberals and the left is that – somehow – you can’t blame the religion of Islam when a bunch of scum bags shoot dozens of French rock fans dead while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Of course, if some radical Christians stormed a Mosque and slaughtered dozens while screaming “Jesus is Lord,” the leftist apologists would be singing a very different tune. So, given that neither side can be trusted, I decided after the recent slaughter of innocents in Paris to finally get myself a copy of the Quran and check out what the book itself says about killing the infidels. The version I went for is “The Noble Quran” by Hilali and Khan, the most commonly recommended English translation (recommended by the Muslims, not by right wing shock jocks ) and one sponsored by the Saudi government. And sure enough, once again the left has lied to me. The book does, indeed, contain several passages saying that non-believers should be killed. I suppose there are ways to interpret these passages as saying that the non-believers should not be killed, but to what passes for the left these days there are ways of interpreting Bruce Jenner’s bollocks as evidence that he is a woman! The two passages of the Quran that stand out as clearly as the aforementioned gonads are these…

“ They wish that you reject Faith, as they have rejected (Faith), and thus that you all become equal (like one another). So take not Auliya ’ (protectors or friends) from them, till they emigrate in the Way of Allah (to Muhammad ). But if they turn back (from Islam), take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them, and take neither Auliya (protectors or friends) nor helpers from them.”

At best, this could be taken as an order to kill Muslims who bail out of the faith, but it can also be – and often is – taken as an order to kill those who reject Islam without having ever been part of it. Either way, it is a clear call to murder in a book that, my leftist friends would have you believe, contains no such thing. The other passage that is of great relevance to Islamic terrorism is this one…

“ Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward.”

In other words, if you fight for Allah, you will get to go to the Deluxe section of heaven, while the other Muslims go to the budget version. You get the Hilton, they get a sleazy motel with sticky carpets. What is most important here, though, is that this clearly does not refer to spiritual struggle as the injured, the blind, and the lame are exempt! Can these people not fight a spiritual fight? Of course they can, hence the only reason for the exemption is that the struggle referred to is a physical one. If the exemption was for the retarded and the insane, then it could be argued that the struggle is spiritual and that such mentally defective people are not fit for it. But no, there is no reason to excuse the non-participation of the physically handicapped unless the fight itself is a physical one.

There are other passages that seem to encourage the killing of non-believers, but they are somewhat more open to interpretation, especially in light of historical events taking place at the time these ideas were being formulated. But the two above? It is very hard to see how, put together, they don’t add up to “Kill the non-believers and you will go to an especially nice wing of heaven.” This then, is the smoking gun that so many leftists don’t want you to see, the irrefutable proof that the Quran does promote violence against non-believers. Other elements are involved in the sort of atrocity carried out by those Muslim savages over the weekend – Amerikan imperialism, European support for said evil, the slaughter of 100s of 1000s of Iraqis, and probably also Arab traditions separate from religious ones – but make no mistake, the book itself does encourage the slaughter of innocents, and that means that Islam itself, not just a few nutty outliers, is to blame. Can we blame all Muslims for the slaughter? No. Can we blame Islam itself? Yes, we can. Not only that, but we should blame Islam. Just as we blame “Man shall not lie with man as he lies with woman” for Christian homophobia. The book says it, and the gullible believe and act on it. Such it is with the Bible, such it is with the Quran.

Sexist Cunt Tells Men To Shut Up

Sexist Cunt Tells Men To Shut Up published on

Some female turd called Claire McCaskill, who spends most of her time stinking up the US senate, has seen fit to get on TV and deliver a “PSA” telling men to shut the fuck up. Sure, she tries to make it something of a joke by telling us to shut up about some irrelevant crap. But, as is typical of feminist trash, the so-called humor is only there to hide the hatred. She, for example, makes sure to tell men to shut up about important stuff such as abortion (because women are self-impregnating, don’t you know) and religion. And on which TV show is this sexist, anti-male rant delivered? On Stephen Colbert’s show. Not surprisingly, given that unfunny jackass’s long standing habit of shitting on his own sex. As for the bitch in question, she whines about the fact that there are “only” 20 of her sister bitches in the senate (I assume she isn’t counting all the eunuchs in the Democratic party) as if this is some sort of patriarchal plot. In all honesty, I think that twenty is twenty too many, given how much female politicians like to push anti-male legislation. And you want to know why there are so “few” women in the senate? Because women suck. That’s right. And not only do women suck, but most women know that they suck, which is why they choose to vote men into office! The majority of the electorate in the US is female yet they continue to vote for males! That’s not sexism, that’s not oppression, that’s just a flash of commonsense from a group of people usually sorely lacking in said quality!

My list of what women should shut up about is, oddly, both shorter and more comprehensive than the senator’s and consists of only one word — everything. There is nothing a woman can say that can’t be said more intelligently and eloquently by a man, a man who, unlike his female counterpart, is not swimming in a sea of un-earned privilege. I need to hear the opinions of straight, white, middle class women about as much as I need to hear the opinions of Rupert Murdoch or the Koch brothers! The over-privileged are notorious for being self centered, and the probability that they will voice any but the most self-serving of opinions is very low. That’s how it is for the rich, and that’s how it is for women. So, to any straight, white, middle class woman who may have stumbled onto this site while searching for cheap shoes or discount cheesecake, I have this to say – shut the fuck up, madam, and fuck the fuck off.

Get your sexist pinhead right here.

Ronda Rousey Is A Domestic Abuser

Ronda Rousey Is A Domestic Abuser published on

As has become all too common, yet another famous woman has revealed herself to be little more than a walking cowpat. And as is also common, the asshole in question knows that her femaleness grants her immunity so she actually admits to the crime. Like kiddie-fiddler Lena Dunham before her, Rousey actually bragged about her act of violence in an “autobiography.”

In “I Like To Beat Up Men,” Rousey admits to slapping her boyfriend, punching him with a straight right and a left hook, then kneeing him in the face and throwing him onto the floor! Yay, you go, girl! I can just see Sandra Cow getting about as juicy as a 51 year old woman can when hearing about this story!

The response to Rousey’s confession has been as swift and decisive as the response to Amy Schumer’s admission that she sexually assaulted a guy back in college. That’s right, virtually nobody cares. Not only that, but some are looking to use a different definition of domestic violence than that used in cases such as Chris Brown’s. This time around, it’s only DV if she did it more than once! I don’t recall feminists saying, “Wait, is this the only time Chris Brown has beaten up that chick who can’t sing for shit? Because if it is, then it’s not domestic violence!”

Add to Rousey’s confession her criticism of Floyd Mayweather’s own history of abuse, and Rousey starts to look like yet another typical Western Woman – an arrogant, man-hating, hypocritical cunt-rag who clearly believes that society should hold men to a harsher standard than it holds members of the superior sex. But then, what can you expect from a young woman who has been told, her entire life, that she, simply by virtue of being born female, is better than most of the human race?

And, yes, men are, globally, a majority – it is only in the gynocentric West that we are a minority.
Yet another woman shows her true colors here.