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Female Journalists Outraged At Being Denied Cheap Thrills

Female Journalists Outraged At Being Denied Cheap Thrills published on

A couple of Peeping Thomasinas have taken to Twitter to complain bitterly that they failed to cop an eyeful after a recent NFL game. The two lascivious creatures tried getting into the men’s locker room, only to be stopped by some old fuddy duddy who was, apparently, under the impression that not all males like to have their members stared at by members of the Superior Sex.

One of the women, the bizarrely named Graham Watson, screeched hysterically…

“I have covered male sporting events all over the world and it took coming to Indianapolis to face my first gender discrimination.”

I wonder what she would call male reporters being asked to wait while an usher checked with a women’s team if they were allowed to come in? Common sense, that’s what she would call it. But her female privilege stops her seeing it that way when it’s men whose privacy is being respected.

In typical Amerikan fashion, the NFL teams involved completely failed to stand up for their sex by actually apologizing to the perverted women for not allowing them to get their jollies! Here’s an unlikely headline – “WNBA Apologizes For Not Letting Men See Players With Their Pussies Hanging Out!”

Ms Watson later tweeted…

“I do want to note that we were eventually allowed through, but by the time we got inside there wasn’t a naked cock to be seen. Very disappointing! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go Google for “naked jocks with big cocks.”

Feminist indignation at its finest here.

Kewpie Doll Steps Out Of Line, Gets Eaten Alive By Angry Birds

Kewpie Doll Steps Out Of Line, Gets Eaten Alive By Angry Birds published on

Ain’t it just grand when the feminists turn on one another over the most minor of things? Emma Watson, the disgusting little dwarf who gave that shameful “HeForShe” speech at the UN, has just made the mistake of saying that some of the best feminists are men! While I see that as yet another gross insult to the male sex, the pinheads and reprobates who litter Twitter saw it as some sort of attack on feminism. Or it had something to do with race. Or something.

Amongst the more coherent tweets are such pearls of wisdom as…

“Emma Watson is a problematic fav. I love her but she needs to educate herself and stop trying to get male approval with her white feminism.”

Puzzling, as in the piece there is no mention of race. My guess is that “white feminism” is just another nonsensical SJW term that has nothing to do with what is actually happening.


Love the all-caps, madam. Combined with your atrocious mangling of the English language it truly makes you look like someone who should be taken seriously.

“Emma Watson’s views shouldn’t be considered feminism, anything that questions black women and seeks male approval is NOT feminism”

What? Which black women did she question? It’s almost as if Twitter feminists live in a completely different reality to the rest of us…

As for Watson herself, she claims to have “experienced” sexism because most of the directors she has worked with have been male. Yeah, and most of the nurses and school teachers I have encountered have been female, so I guess that I also have “experienced sexism.” What a schmuck.

There’s also some crap caption under the video in which it is claimed that she said “It was seven men and me”! That doesn’t seem to be in either the video or the print, but it makes you wonder what the hell young Emma is getting up to in her spare time. Emma Watson – actress, feminist twat, human bowling ball.

Watson and other idiots here.

Blood Moon Apocalypse Shall Destroy The Cosmos!

Blood Moon Apocalypse Shall Destroy The Cosmos! published on

Once again the world will be coming to an end as the widely prophesied Blood Moon prepares to destroy the universe! And it all happens this weekend! It might be happening right now, at this very moment!

Due to some sort of astronomical phenomenon ( namely a combination of lunar eclipse, which usually makes the moon look red, and the moon coming closer than usual to the earth) this Sunday night (US time) the moon will appear to be really big and really red. While sensible people will simply go, “Whoa! Cool!” and take lots of selfies with a big red thing in the background, the astronomically stupid are predicting the end of life on earth. According to them, this is all part of a “tetrad,” a fancy word that stupid people use in a futile attempt to sound smart. All it really means is that it’s the fourth lunar eclipse to come at six lunar month intervals and to land on Jewish holidays – September the 28th is the Feast of the Tabernacle. Funnily enough, it’s not the Jews freaking out but the Christians. According to the not-so-wise men, previous tetrads have been the harbingers of disaster. In 1492, the tetrad led to Jews being kicked out of Spain on the pretext that anyone who did not like ham must be up to no good. In 1948 it led to the Arab-Israeli war. And, worst of all, in 1982 it led to the birth of Nicki Minaj.

Most of the hysterics seem to be coming from Evangelical Christians and Mormons who think this all signals the second coming of the messiah, and hence the end of the world — because the messiah is just that kind of guy. Apparently, the Bible itself predicts this terrible event when Saint Peter says something along the lines of “the sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon shall become like unto blood, a Communist pope shall go to dinner with the Great Satan, and all men shall know that the great and terrible day of the Lord has arrived!” Peter the Rock. Peter the Rock-Headed, more like.

While it is usually the Evangelicals that come out looking as the biggest fools in these situations, this time it looks as if they are being outdone by the Mormons. Panic amongst the latter group has been so widespread that Utah stores are reporting massive increases in the sales of freeze-dried food, torches, blankets, and tin foil hats. In another surprise development, the main driver of the apocalyptic panic this time round is a woman called Julie Rowe, a Mormon who has been going on about the apocalypse for quite a while and who claims all sorts of nutty stuff usually reserved for the comic books. Frankly, I’m surprised she isn’t expecting Galactus to come round and eat everyone! I guess it all goes to show that the distaff side of the Mormon faith has worse things to answer for than Twilight.

Things have gotten so ridiculous that the heads of the Mormon Church have issued a half-assed “stay calm” announcement in which they tell their followers that no apocalypse is imminent but that they should always be prepared for adversity. Way to play both sides of the fence, doofuses. And NASA has jumped in by reassuring people that, no, the earth is not due to be hit by an asteroid this weekend. Stan Lee has also reassured the teeming hordes by pointing out that if Galactus does indeed return this Sunday, the Fantastic Four will be there to stop him, just as they have every other time!

The religious people can hunker down in their well-stocked basements all they want. But not me. No, I prefer to think that when the end comes it will be not at the hands of God’s son Jesus, but rather at the hands of Hank Pym’s son Ultron. That bastard has it in for the entire human race and the way he keeps evolving it’s just a matter of time before the Age of Ultron becomes all too real. And that, my friends, is at least six months away.

Period Dolls Now?

Period Dolls Now? published on
Yes, that kid really is putting a maxi pad on her doll's panties...
Yes, that kid really is putting a maxi pad on her doll’s panties…

Lammily, the doll for people who want their daughters to grow up to be politically correct idiots, now has a “period party” pack. Lammily, for those fortunate enough to not know, was designed to be a fashion doll with real-life looks but somehow manages to look better than 90% of real-life girls, and was meant to represent the average girl, yet is not called Kate, or Susan, or even Madison!

All squeamish parents can now rest easy. Thanks to a remarkable combination of SJW bullshit and Amerikan capitalism, such folks now can explain all that menstrual unpleasantness by just giving their kid a doll who comes complete with her own maxi pads and a big colorful chart explaining the ins and outs of menstruation. Just what every ten year old girl wants, right? Still, it could have been worse. Lammily could have been anatomically correct, in which case the period pack would have come with tiny, tiny, little tampons that the kid would then be expected to shove right up Lammily’s you-know-what.

In a further attempt to have their doll reflect the real world, the company has announced that a future edition of Lammily will abuse her children, cheat on her husband, then divorce him and make off with the kids, the house, and half his money.

As for the video, I stopped as soon as dad mentioned “dope beats.” I do not need to see a couple of middle aged white idiots trying to rap. Hell, I don’t even like it when it’s a young black idiot! As for dad telling his daughter that she will always be his little TT, well, that’s just bloody inappropriate!

Get your panties wet right here.

Famous Baboon Under Attack After Claiming Famous Cow Is Shrill

Famous Baboon Under Attack After Claiming Famous Cow Is Shrill published on

The baboon, who is best known to world audiences as the star of the TV series “Life In The Monkey House,’ recently gave an interview in which he described the increasingly shrill Hillary Clinton as “shrill.” This led to some paranoid woman (you know the kind, the sort who wears a rape whistle everywhere she goes) telling him that “women” (by which she means herself and her feminist friends, many of whom are no doubt very shrill) find the use of the word to be “sexist.” To this the baboon, usually the kind of monkey who does not kowtow to PC pressure, responded that there are men he also finds shrill. Way to go, Donald Trump, you big pussy! The appropriate response would have been, “Yeah, I called her shrill! So what? I’ve got lots of male-specific insults up my expensive sleeve, but they aren’t the kind of words I can say on TV!”

Trump later offered to kiss the whiny journalist’s ass and walk across some burning coals, all as penance for his dreadful sin. Just goes to show how out of control the worship of women is in the West – even a famously un-PC man will wimp out when accused of not treating women with the reverence due to such sacred creatures.

Baboon meets feminist here. Which has the lower IQ is anyone’s guess.