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Emma Watson Launches Initiative To Get Emma Watson Some Attention

Emma Watson Launches Initiative To Get Emma Watson Some Attention published on

She’s done this before, of course, with that misbegotten It’sAllAboutWomen thing. You remember that one — the one with the speech in which Watson, despite years as something akin to an actress, shook and stammered so much that we thought she would fall off the podium.

Well, this head on a stick apparently feels she’s been out of the headlines for too long, so she’s back with more feminist cowpats to fling at the few people who still care what this young has-been has to say.

This time, the attention-getting device is that feminist favorite — sexual assault in Universities. Really, feminists are so obsessed with sexual violence that i sometimes think that at least half of them must have subscriptions to the kind of adult website they like to complain about…

Anyway, at the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York City, the once-famous midget and Ill Will Ambassador whined that not enough rapes are happening in her neck of the woods, and that this is leading her to spend too much money on you-know-what. “Why couldn’t the rape figures have been that wonderfully high when i was still in university?!?!?” she complained bitterly.

She also added that “The safety of women… is a right and not a privilege. As opposed to the safety of men and boys, which is all just a big joke. ”

More worrying is that 10 universities around the world, including the once-respectable University of Oxford, have promised to go full-retard SJW and start doing everything possible to lock up as many young men as possible. Cambridge, for example, is considering making the uttering of the word “fish” a sexual offense punishable by 6 months in the stocks or five minutes in a gender studies class, depending on how bad a mood the administration is in that day.

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Hillary Clinton Is Already Dead, Reveal New Leaks

Hillary Clinton Is Already Dead, Reveal New Leaks published on

After weeks of speculation about her failing health, Republicans and genuine left wingers ( all three of us ) were today pleasantly surprised when the latest batch of leaked DNC emails showed that presidential candidate and suspected demoness Hillary Clinton has, in fact, been dead for the last six months!

According to the Guccifer 2.0 leaks, Clinton perished back in March from a massive heart attack brought on by ingesting too much hot sauce in a vain attempt to impress a crowd of black people. She was rushed to the local hospital when she collapsed but, being in a black neighborhood, the hospital had no defibrillators and Mrs. Clinton was unable to be revived — a fact that impressed the black people present far more than her little stunt with the hot sauce. Wasting no time, then DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz had Hillary Clinton pickled and fitted with a rig that allows her to be even more of a corporate puppet in death than she was in life.

According to an email from vice-presidential hopeful Tim Kaine to current vice-president and walking punchline Joe Biden, Mrs. Clinton’s carcass is being operated by husband and suspected rapist Bill Clinton, and daughter and confirmed mirror breaker, Chelsea Clinton, both of whom are always carefully camouflaged in order to blend into whatever background the increasingly pungent Mrs. Clinton is placed against. According to Kaine, Bill stands behind her holding up her corpse, as he has for so long held up her political career, and wildly flailing her arms around, while Chelsea stands to the side manipulating her moldering mater’s facial expressions and doing the hilariously grating voice. The leaked exchange between Kaine and Biden also revealed that the real reason Biden did not himself go for the presidency was that he was afraid he would never be able to get the “black people smell” out of the Oval Office.

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Vote Trump — He Ain’t That Bad!

Vote Trump — He Ain’t That Bad! published on

To blab or not to blab, that is the question…

For the last few weeks i have been thinking about writing a further piece on the cartoon character running for the white house, ever since it became clear to me that Donald T is even less objectionable than i first thought. For a while there i was afraid that i might be letting too many cats out of the bag by spilling the beans on Mr. Trump, but then it occurred to me that i wouldn’t be saying anything that the more intelligent conservative commentators haven’t already said, and that other than myself and that crazy guy what sells lemonade behind the dumpster out back nobody will ever read this. So here come them beans…

Donald Trump is a radical socialist mole trying to take over the Republican party. That’s right, folks, Donnie and Bernie are actually the same person! Why do you think we have never seen them in the same room at the same time?

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Trump isn’t quite a screaming socialist (Screaming, yes. Socialist, no,) but he is clearly at least as much a liberal as he is a conservative. Despite all the hatred he gets from hysterical, PC-obsessed pseudo-leftists, looking through his statements one is struck by how many left leaning stances this screaming baboon has. According to his site, Make America A Turnip Again, the great man is in favor of taking half of Amerikan households off the tax roll…

“If you are single and earn less than $25,000, or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, you will not owe any income tax. That removes nearly 75 million households – over 50% – from the income tax rolls.”

Now, if Bernie said that, everyone on the left would get really excited and start working a few hours less in order to completely avoid income tax. Yet when Trump says it, everyone either shuts up or calls him a Nazi. Is a good idea a bad one simply because it comes from someone you find obnoxious? Is Hillary Clinton’s soft-spoken malevolence better than Trump’s loud-mouthed benevolence? Apparently so, at least if you ask most leftists. I guess that’s what happens to people who are stupid enough to believe everything the faux-leftist media tells them.

Trump also claims that he will get rid of the loopholes that he is currently using to avoid a really, really large tax bill. Now, this would be a very unusual thing for a filthy rich bastard to do, but stranger things have happened – a Marxist becoming pope, for example, or Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize – so one can only hope.

The Talking Orange also opposes the utterly evil TPP, a stance he shares with that other bane of the political establishment. As usual, DT is not subtle about it…

“TPP is the biggest betrayal in a long line of betrayals where politicians have sold out U.S. workers. America’s politicians — beholden to global corporate interests who profit from offshoring — have enabled jobs theft in every imaginable way.”

Again, Bernie’s opposition to this massive corporate power grab makes him a hero, Trump’s opposition is somehow irrelevant! This is the kind of idiocy i have come to expect from what passes for the Left these days. Not being a pinhead, i don’t care who stops the TPP, as long as they crush it deader than dead and then burn its stinking, disease-ridden corpse to ashes.

But Trump’s biggest left wing virtue is his opposition to what is currently Amerika’s greatest evil – neo-conservative, military-driven imperialism. Trump started out lukewarm on the Iraq war and within a year or two was staunchly against it. Like many leftists, he has openly said that the Bush/Cheney administration straight out lied about weapons of mass distraction, and has even suggested that W should have been impeached over the war. It totally drives me crazy that so few people who claim to hate the neo-cons are siding with Trump. Here is a guy who is trying to grab the Republican party and drag it from the neo-conservative far right to the center, where it would do far less damage, and so-called leftists, liberals and peaceniks hate him for it! Jesus Freakin’ Christ! Is political correctness more important than the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians? To the liberal mentality, apparently so. When neo-con establishment figures like Bill Kristol are so keen on stopping Trump that they suggest starting a third party, you know Trump is the person any genuine opponent of neo-conservative evil should be voting for. But, hey, Trump ain’t a woman, right? And as all good liberals know, a warmongering woman is always better than a man who wants to keep his troops out of unnecessary wars, simply because she is a woman. Once again, what seems to matter most to the liberals and leftists is political correctness, not reducing the chances of future Iraq-style bloodbaths.

And then there’s Trump’s right wing stances. Sure, some are clearly right wing, but others are really left wing stances that most leftists are too stupid to see as such. I have news for you boys – there ain’t nothin’ lefty about encouraging millions of social and religious conservatives to flood into the US, taking jobs from locals and lowering wages by working off the books and under the table – no Lewinsky jokes, please. Yes, amazing as it may seem to today’s leftists, giving the plutocrats exactly what they want is not a left wing thing to do! Perhaps such clowns would realize that if they paid more attention to class and less to the burning issue of whether or not Caitlyn Jenner should be allowed to call himself a woman. So, even when he seems to be right wing, DT is in fact being rather leftist. Then there is his opposition to the Islamic invasion. Once again, this is not as right wing as it looks. After all, who do you think flooded into Germany last year? A million socialists? No, not even a million liberals. Instead, what Germany let through the gates last year was a million-strong horde of radically conservative types, the least radical of which make even the average Southern preacher look like a New York liberal! Homophobia, racism, and true misogyny on a level rarely encountered in Western societies, that’s what the Islamic invasion adds up to and Trump – unlike Killary Clinton – strongly opposes it.

As for his genuinely right wing stances, what decent person doesn’t have a problem with the West’s rampant abortion rates? Sure, i would prefer to see a cultural change in which abortion remains legal but is so frowned upon that women choose instead to use contraception or put the lump of meat up for adoption, but i will take a ban on third trimester abortions if that’s the price for keeping that Bitch Of War Killary out of the Oval Office. Or is it a ban on all abortions except for rape, incest and cases where the mother would die if the birth went ahead that Trump wants? Frankly, i don’t know, but that’s okay – neither does Donald!

Then there’s his support for gun ownership. Why this is a right wing thing is one of contemporary society’s greatest puzzles. I guess somewhere along the way the left, as part of its continuing descent to the intellectual level of the kind of right winger who can’t spell “moron,” decided that it would be great if the only people in Amerika who have guns are the criminals, the cops, and the soldiers. Yeah, that’s what you want in an increasingly brutal corporate state – a weaponless population lorded over by armed government thugs and psycho homeboys. And make no mistake, it’s the government thugs that pose the bigger threat – not only do they have bigger guns, but they can actually shoot straight.

Of course, the man with the dead hamster on his head has said a few crazy things, but who hasn’t? And unlike Killary, he only says crazy things, she actually does them – you know, things like voting for the slaughter of half a million Muslims and supporting the corporations in their quest to pass the TPP. Even Trump’s bit about having to kill terrorists’ families seems humane compared to the slaughter in Iraq. Wrong, but comparatively humane. And, yes, i know Trump suffers from some other problems, such as having all the English language skills of a drunken Mexican and being convinced that vaccines cause autism, but these things are mere peccadilloes when stacked against a pile of Iraqi corpses several miles high.

So, short of Bernie getting the Dem nomination because Hillary Clinton suddenly drops dead or is abducted by aliens, i think Trump should get in – but do i think that he will get in? Frankly, i think it more likely than not. Way i see it, once Trump gets the nomination from the hardcore Republicans that turn up for the primaries, he will do a variation on what all candidates do, which is to become more “moderate” in order to draw in the general public. With most candidates for the Oval Office, this comes down to backtracking on some of their stances, with Trump it will come down to not acting like such a jerk for a few months. He won’t have to change what he’s saying, only the way he says it, and people will suddenly realize he ain’t as bad as his demeanor currently makes him seem, and this in turn will be more than enough to close the small lead Clinton has over him. Chances are, Trump will become president, a situation which will lead to lots of laughs, but hopefully also to less wars.

Now, i am no fool (except maybe for that time i tried to retrieve a bagel from a live toaster using a wet fork,) so i am well aware that the Trumpster could be lying about pretty much everything. Unfortunately, unlike Bernie and Hillary “I Kill Muzzies For Fun“ Clinton, Trump has no actual record of deeds, only one of statements. But going on those statements, especially the ones he has been making for years, i have no choice but to endorse this bizarre cartoon character for the Presidency of the United States. He ain’t great — he ain’t Bernie, or FDR, or any such thing, but he is more liberal than conservative and, more importantly, he is by far the lesser of the two evils likely to get into the White House. Under these sad and surreal conditions, i am left with no option but to urge my Amerikan brothers to “Vote Trump – He Ain’t That Bad!”

The Islamic Invasion Is A Plutocratic Project

The Islamic Invasion Is A Plutocratic Project published on

It never ceases to amaze and dismay me that so many left wingers and liberals – I would argue a majority of them – see the Islamic Invasion of Europe and other western countries as some sort of liberal/leftist project.

Let’s face it, it’s not as if the 800 thousand Muslims that flooded into Germany last year are socialists, communists, or anarchists – or even liberals, for that matter. These are people so conservative that even the European right wing opposes their presence, though many of them do so for reasons of their own. Yet everywhere I look there is some member of the Retarded Left going on about how wonderful it is to have the European countries flooded with homophobic, misogynist, racist reactionaries who give more of a shit about Muhammad than they do about Marx! Hell, most of them have probably never even heard of Uncle Karl, and if they care about class issues at all, that concern probably goes no further than their own families. Yet they keep arriving, in their million hordes, from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads, to the cheers of humanities graduates and Gandhi wannabes whose brains have been damaged by decades of politically correct irrationality.

Why this is a plutocratic rather than conservative project

The fact that most of these new arrivals are conservatives of various stripes is clear from their backward views on pretty much anything you care to name. But how does their conservatism make this a plutocratic project as opposed to a conservative one? It all comes down to who benefits from this particular type of conservatism, and it isn’t the average Western right winger. While a flood of lily white conservative Christians might delight the average European or Amerikan right winger, the influx of swarthy Muslims does little to make them happy since Islam threatens to displace their own brand of stupidity. The plutocrats, on the other hand, benefit massively from the new arrivals. In the long term they get a less liberal population that doesn’t hold so many annoying ideas about equality and human rights and all that crap. And in the short term they have us worrying more about rapes and mass shootings than we worry about the wealth gap and the erosion of freedoms we once took for granted, while also getting more peons willing to work for peanuts – and, thanks to the Retarded Left, they get to look like the good guys while doing so! This would certainly explain the plutocracy’s reluctance to do anything to stop the invasion. They own the politicians and the media, and so could, within a few short weeks, have most Europeans and Americans telling the Moorish invaders to fuck off. They can stop it, yet they don’t. Why? Because it is not in their interest to do so, that’s why.

Why is everyone so convinced it’s a left wing thing?

But how did such a clearly plutocratic project end up being perceived by both Left and Right as a left wing thing? The average person does not just pull these idiotic perceptions out of their asses. In the same way that the average right winger supports neo-liberal policies that clearly do him no favors because his leaders tell him do so, so the Retarded Left supports the Islamic Invasion because that is what their crypto-conservative leaders tell them to do. Most of them don’t even need any logical pseudo-reasons to support the thing, it’s all about the feelz. Tell the fools that good people support “X” for long enough, and most of the fools desperate to be perceived by both themselves and others as good people will support “X.” Tell them that it’s the in-thing for their group to do, and most sheeple wanting the warm fuzzies you get by belonging to the flock will soon be declaring their allegiance to “X.” So the leaders of the left roll their bullshit out across the cable channels and “left wing” websites, and before you know it the majority of leftists and liberals are openly supporting a plutocratic project! At the leadership level, the majority know exactly what they are doing, but at the ground level – the retards who do the voting at the polls and the screeching on the social media – the majority seem to truly believe they are carrying out some sort of leftist mission. Not being grossly irrational, it is always difficult for me to understand why people who condemn the homophobia of gay marriage opponents would support an invasion by people most of whom, at best, want to make homosexuality itself illegal and, at worst, want to stone gays to death! But, like I said, I am not batshit crazy, while most leftists and liberals these days clearly are.

But why would the leaders of the left do such a thing?

The answer to this one is simple – just because you lead the sheep does not mean that you yourself are wooly and go “Baaaa!” Contrary to what many right wingers think, the leaders of the left are not a bunch of pinheaded hippies whose brains have been damaged by too many magic mushrooms. You don’t get to be a master of propaganda and manipulation by being dumb as a hole in the ground. What these people are, from the academics that rule your local university’s social sciences department to the major “liberal” politicians running most Western countries, is highly deceptive individuals whose primary purpose in public life is to serve the plutocracy. They do this in many ways, but the most pertinent one in this case is by flooding the West with people who have not been brought up with all those pesky liberal ideals about everyone being given a fair shot in life and even the lowest amongst us being treated with some measure of dignity. These ideas are quite a burden on the plutocracy and since it’s too late to stop the natives being raised to be so fucking liberal – and in the West even most conservatives hold these liberal ideals – you may as well balance things out by importing some mouth breathing knuckle draggers whose social and political views make the average Southern redneck look like Martin Luther King.

Looking at the evidence and at who stands to benefit, it becomes very clear that the Islamic invasion is a plutocratic project meant to destroy Western liberalism and similar ideologies. Clear to me, at least, but alas not at all clear to the Retarded Left, who will, no doubt, continue to scream “racist” and “Nazi” at the few of us who can still tell shit from chocolate. I suspect that, eventually, even such pathetic animals will realize the error of their ways, but by then we will all be up to our necks in Mohammeds and Abduls and it will be too late to do anything except learn how to shout out “Allahu Akbar!” That is, of course, if you still have a head with which to shout!

Is Souad Faress A False Rape Accuser?

Is Souad Faress A False Rape Accuser? published on

Back in December of 2014, Mark Pearson was walking through Waterloo Station when he passed the profoundly unattractive sixty-something Souad Faress, who was on her way to a rehearsal after having taken a class on how to lie about being raped. According to Faress, Pearson, ignoring all the hot young crumpet on offer, shoved three fingers up her vagina and kept them there for 2-3 seconds. Weird thing to do, and not only criminal but also in very bad taste. The problem is, there were no witnesses, no forensic evidence, and the security cameras showed there was absolutely no way he could have done what she says he done!

The cameras take a photo every second, and show that the guy spent less than one second near her! Not only that, but he appears to be holding a newspaper in one hand and has the other hand on the strap of his bag! So, to have committed the crime, he would have had to put away the paper, gotten past the rancid old ferret’s pants, kept his fingers inside her vagina for 2-3 seconds, then grabbed the newspaper and run off – all in less than one second! Unless this guy is The Flash, there’s no way that happened.

But wait, it’s possible that some other dude assaulted Faress because, as we all know, women never lie about this kind of thing. Problem is, there’s no mention of any camera footage showing that being done by anyone else, either! On top of that, Faress claims she yelled when the attack happened and that people all around her froze to see what was going on. But again, those pesky cameras show no such thing happening, they just show her looking back at the guy. And why was she looking back? Because, according to her, he had not only sexually assaulted her but also bumped her shoulder! Could this be what it all comes down to? Is Souad Faress such an evil woman that she decided to frame the guy for rape for the unforgivable crime of having bumped into her sacred female person? It wouldn’t surprise me, especially given that during the police interview she seemed more concerned with the shoulder incident than the so-called rape…

As is usually the case with such dirtbags, Souad Faress’s name has been kept out of the newspapers in order to encourage other women to make false allegations against innocent men. This is why there is a question mark after the title of this post – said mark does not refer to the supposed assault, which is clearly bullshit, but to the identity of the perpetrator of the false accusation. The one source naming Faress is an anonymous web post cited by Paul Elam in one of his videos. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time someone got things wrong while doxxing a dirtbag, but Faress does fit the description of the perpetrator of this crime and she hasn’t issued a denial. So, far as this little piggy is concerned, it looks as if Souad Faress is – probably – a lying piece of scum and should be locked up for her crime. That is highly unlikely to happen, given that Faress is not only a woman but also a minor celebrity in the UK. She has, apparently, been doing some long running radio show called The Archers, has appeared in one-off roles in many TV shows, and has a small role in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Put femaleness and celebrity together, and a person can get away with just about anything – just ask confessed child molester Lena Dunham, or confessed man-rapist Amy Schumer, or confessed man-basher Rhonda Rousey…

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