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Commenting Policy

Edit: As of March 9th 2014, i no longer allow comments on this site. This will save me a huge amount of work in sorting the wheat from the chaff, or to put it better, the wheat from the spam. I may in the future allow comments on some posts, but i doubt it. If i do go ahead and  open comments you can assume that the line below will still apply…


I terminate trolls with extreme prejudice. You won’t even make it past moderation, so don’t waste your time. At the slightest whiff of troll stench i will pull out a big black magnum (the gun, not the ice cream) and blow you to kingdom come.

If you must contact me for some urgent reason, e.g you suspect that i am fucking your sister, please go and annoy my manager Michael at Unnecessary Observations. Keep in mind that he’ll probably reject your comment anyway, so unless it’s really important don’t bother.