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Clementine Ford Must Go

Clementine Ford Must Go published on

By now the entire manosphere knows that an antipodean piece of scum called Clementine Ford got a mere male fired for daring to call one of the Superior Sex (namely Ford herself) a slut. Now, I don’t know if Ford is an actual slut, but I suspect not. A woman who looks even more like a pig than Amy Schumer does probably couldn’t get laid even if she was stripped naked, smothered in KY and thrown over the wall of a men’s prison. Roasted on a spit, maybe. Laid, no.

But Ms Ford’s lack of sexual attractiveness isn’t what this is about. This is about forcing feminists to abide by their own principles. Ford clearly believes that calling a woman a slut is deserving of severe punishment – I’m pretty sure that if she had her way, Michael Nolan would be singing soprano by now, but getting him fired was all that the poor dear could manage without access to his trousers – so here is a petition calling for Ford to resign over the many vile things she has said on the internet. Makes sense to me, and since these are her standards it should also make sense to her. It won’t, of course, but it should.

Tell this hypocritical turd what you really think of her

Perverted Teen Gets Off On Probation

Perverted Teen Gets Off On Probation published on

17 year old menace to society, Cormega Copening, has been allowed to escape a custodial sentence for the heinous crime of taking photos of Cormega Copening and then showing those photos to another underage person, also, coincidentally, called Cormega Copening. Who the hell would have thought that Cormega Copening would be such a common name anywhere, much less in North Carolina?

Yes, that’s how dumb Amerika has gotten. The kid with the unlikely handle was hit with five charges of sexual exploitation for taking and possessing sexually explicit photos of a minor, that minor being himself. He was actually named in court as both perpetrator and victim, which makes this the case of Copening vs. Copening! After trying very hard to get himself to drop the charges against himself, Copening gave in to himself and took a plea deal. According to both lawyers involved in the case, their client is very pleased with himself.

As part of his one year probation deal, Copening (that’s the perpetrator one, not the victim one) must stay away from cellphones, do some community service and take a class on making good decisions – such as moving to a less idiotic jurisdiction. The judge also advised him not to jerk off during the probation period, as that could get him charged with sexually abusing a minor.

Get your legal idiocy right here.

Wimpy Female Bounty Hunters Fail To Get Their Man

Wimpy Female Bounty Hunters Fail To Get Their Man published on

Three women, a tazer, pepper spray and several rubber bullets and the man still got away! And as one of the women admits, he isn’t even a big guy, he’s 5’7″ and 170lbs! You are a credit to your gender, girls!

Three members of The Important Sex are looking at a lawsuit after attacking a man out on bail. No warnings, just a “Stand up,” and then they try to grab the guy. For all he knew he was under attack by a sinister cult of pink-wearing lunatics ( and to a certain extent he would have been right.)

Apart from the obvious issue of the inappropriateness of trying to apprehend the man without even telling him what’s going on and firing rubber bullets into his face even though he is not being violent, there is another angle not being discussed…

This is a video of feminist thugs on the rampage. If you set up an all-female outfit you are a feminist whether or not you care to admit it, even if you don’t emphasize your sex by wearing pink and calling the company Lipstick Bail Bonds! Then there is the sex of the victim — have they behaved this way with female targets? If not, this is not merely feminist violence but sexism at best and misandry at worst.

I submit this case, along with that of the female soldier who couldn’t kick in the door, as evidence that women who are not at least the size of a man should not be allowed to do certain jobs – were these Dog wannabes men, this guy would now be in custody and no weapons would have been needed.