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Minds is still shit

Minds is still shit published on

Just took a second look at Minds, about a year after deleting my account. It’s even worse now. Most of the big names i checked — Sargon, for example — have been gone for about as long as i, and several of the posts i checked are filled with spam offering things like dried fish! Even Minds’ own account hasn’t posted anything for TEN days. The place is basically dead. I guess this is what happens when you create a two-tiered system where those who pay get treated better. And limiting folks to a few thousand followers doesn’t exactly encourage those trying to make some real money. As for myself, i quit after a couple of months of my boosts being first accepted then rejected. The fact that the “support” guys then told me such a thing was impossible did not help. So, yeah, Minds is fucked, y’all!

Psycho Transwoman Brandy Bryant aka InkMasterbator (SMH) wants to torture your cis-male ass

Psycho Transwoman Brandy Bryant aka InkMasterbator (SMH) wants to torture your cis-male ass published on

For calling him bro because he thinks he’s a she. When i bumped into this at Reddit, i thought it was just a feminist being a feminist but i did a reverse search on the profile pic, found their Twitter and it’s a dude who thinks he’s a duddette. Or, to put it better, it’s a bro. Anyway, here’s Brandy spreading trans love out in the community…

He is apparently now claiming it was all a joke, but since he has locked his Twitter and Instagram there’s no way of checking. There are also claims that he posted follow-ups detailing what he did to the guy but can’t check on those either. This is the kind of crap that happens when SJW psychos and the MSM encourage hatred towards those who don’t go along with the trans madness. Sure, the guy is a jerk but you don’t torture people for being jerks, not unless you yourself are far worse than a jerk. Warn him once, warn him twice, then tell him where the door is. Another thing that may be in play here is the constant refrain that trannies are likely to kill themselves because others don’t humor their delusions. This is highly unlikely to be true, but to those who buy it this reaction probably seems proportionate. Of course, if this person were a Christian who tortured someone for not agreeing with their delusions about the Sky Daddy, the SJWs would be all over them like flies on a day-old dog turd.

Turns out this vile creature works at Sacred Soul Tattoo where, of course, they are making excuses for them. Supposedly it was all a joke. You know, the kind of joke that isn’t funny and which doesn’t even have any joke indicators so you can tell it’s meant to be a joke like “Why do they call it Ovaltine when the tin is round? They should call it Roundtine.” Not funny, but you can tell it’s meant to be. No, i’m not buying it. And hell, even if this were a joke can you imagine the tattoo parlor making excuses if this was a “cis” man who decided to do this because the customer was trans and going on about how awful “cis” people are? No, neither can i. Fuck Brandy Bryant, fuck Sacred Soul Tattoo, and fuck the IdPol lunatics who foster hatred against those of us who can still tell up from down, black from white, and male from female.

Alternet attacks Tucker Carlson for saying they will do what they have done…

Alternet attacks Tucker Carlson for saying they will do what they have done… published on

Alternet, a formerly liberal website that has fallen to the SJW hordes, is attacking Tucker Carlson for pointing out that the MSM and the SJW media will downplay the Brooklyn subway shootings because the perp is black. While Carlson can be a bit of a bullshit artist, he is clearly correct about this. It is what has happened in the past, and it is what is happening right now on Alernet’s own front page! Check out the screencap. EVERY mention that i can see of the shooting is about something other than the perp or his ideology, or even the shooting itself. They are all about the heroic Syrian immigrant who supposedly caught him, or about Tucker, or about Pence. The minimization has already begun and they know it because THEY are the ones who have begun it!

The Guardian covering up for the WEF

The Guardian covering up for the WEF published on



In this article  on the Australian anti-vaxxers supposedly supporting Putin, the Guardian takes the opportunity to sneak in some pro-Great Reset lies. It’s not the main point of the article, but why waste an opportunity to lie to the public? And for all we known, the “main” point may simply be an excuse to sneak in the “secondary” point.

I have nothing to say about the rest of the article, but here’s the first bit that caught my eye…

” Sean Ambrose, a UAP Senate candidate for New South Wales, appeared to defend Putin in a tweet on Saturday, in response to another post critical of the Russian leader being a member of the World Economic Forum. The global organisation has been a key focus of online conspiracy theories, particularly those about a supposed “great reset” plot against humanity.”

Note the word “supposed.” As i am sure the Guardian knows, saying there is a “supposed” great reset is like saying there is a “supposed” invasion of the Ukraine! Or that there is “supposedly” a country called Russia! The Great Reset, as most reading this will already know, is a fact ADMITTED to by the WEF itself, but here we have the Guardian telling its idiot readers that it is about as real as the Lizard People. Note also that they seem to be ridiculing the idea that it is a “plot against humanity.” Gee, i would think that trying to bring about a world where we the peasants own nothing and have to rent everything, presumably from the billionaire class, IS plotting against humanity!

They also, in a negative context, point out that some right winger claimed that “… the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, ‘is a stooge for Klaus Schwab’, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.” Now, given that they are trashing the man, it is implied that this is NOT the truth. The problem is that the WEF itself lists Zelensky as one of its members! Looks a lot like a stooge to me and, no doubt, to the Guardian as well.

This may seem like a small thing, but this is how it is often done. You sneak in some important propaganda, knowing that not only will people take it as truth but that they are perhaps MORE likely to do so as you haven’t announced that THIS is what you are trying to convince them of. While their guard is up as regards the “main” point, it is down when it comes to the bit that “was just thrown in.”