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Another horrific first

Another horrific first published on

Some racist idiots in Spain are about to get 8 months in jail. Now, what did these fools do? Did they beat up a Black man for being Black? Did they destroy an Asian man’s car? Did they chant “die, Whitey, die” at some White soccer player? No. And LOL to the last one because we all know ain’t no way anyone would be jailed over that. No, they chanted some unspecified racist things at a Black soccer player. That’s right. Words. Mere words. And they are going to jail for it. Nobody should be jailed just for saying offensive shit, but this is the world we live in now.

The Black guy in question, clearly a stereotypical meat-headed jock, thinks this is great. Of course he does, he’s head-butted too many soccer balls during his career so he probably thinks this has something to do with “muh social justice” and genuine concern for Black people. Which brings me to my second point, which is that only morons think the rich White men who own and run Spain give a fuck about the Blacks! Hell, they don’t even give a shit about the other White men, much less about groups they aren’t a part of! No, this is about scaring people into saying as little as possible, it is about sending the message that non-Whites are special, and above all it is about setting a legal, social, and psychological precedent for what they know will be a very tumultuous future. How long until pissed off Spaniards start chanting “kill the rich”? The way things are going, a couple of decades at the most. Now, if mere racist insults justify jail, what would “kill the rich” justify? That’s right. Jail at best and execution at worst. Trust me on this one — Spain’s rulers are not doing this out of anything other than self-interest.

The Trump conviction is nothing to celebrate…

The Trump conviction is nothing to celebrate… published on

It’s a point that bears not only repeating, but obsessing over — Trump’s conviction is bad news for anyone not fully onboard with the Establishment’s agenda. And, given how fake the right wing populists are turning out to be, we all know which side of the fence most of those people fall on, don’t we? Yes, it’s our side, the Left and the few genuine liberals still out there. If the Establishment gets away with doing this to a slightly anti-Establishment figure like Trump, just imagine what they will do to any socialist or genuine liberal who gets in! It will make Trump look like he’s joyfully skipping through the flower-strewn, sunlit fields of paradise!

And that’s assuming that anyone with such altruistic ideals would even try to get in. I absolutely guarantee you that right now there are genuine leftists and liberals thinking “Why the hell should i run for president and get my life ruined like Trump? Even if i miraculously get in i would be ruined financially by court case after court case — it’s not like i have billions to fall back on. And i would be stressed out for the rest of my fucking life by one court case after another after another after another! Financial ruin and ulcers galore, and for what? So that the few changes i get to make before they force me out can be overturned by whatever Establishment stooge they replace me with? Hell no! The job i have may be an ordinary one that carries no power, but neither does it carry a threat of lifelong harassment — or a quick bullet to the noggin!”

Now, i don’t kid myself that this little rant is going to make a difference with all the lefty and liberal fools jumping for joy over this conviction, but i just want to get it on record that i was one of the few who saw the shit coming down the pipe and that i yelled “duck!” as loudly as i could.


Rant over.

“I’ve seen the future, brother. It is murder…”

“I’ve seen the future, brother. It is murder…” published on
Over the last few years it has become clear that the West is descending into tyranny. It used to be my view that such an outcome was probable, but it has recently become clear that such an outcome is not merely probable but almost certain.
Within twenty years — at the most — we will all envy the Russians and the Chinese, because their tyrants have an ideology that tells them to take care of the peasants to at least some extent. The Neo-feudal plutocracy taking over the West has no such ideology, only what Adam Smith called the vile maxim of the masters of men — “all for ourselves, and nothing for other people.”
Get yourselves some wet-suits, folks, because it won’t be long before we are all swimming in some very, very deep shit.