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Cosmo Chick Gets Stupid

Cosmo Chick Gets Stupid published on

Assuming she hasn’t always been that way, of course. Not surprisingly, I don’t read Cosmo, partly because I am not a woman and therefore am not obsessed with sex, and partly because I already have enough shoes (that’s right, two whole pairs.) As it turns out, it looks as if Cosmo has a tendency to do what every other MSM outlet does, which is to parrot feminist nonsense.

Some plain little thing by the name of Anna Breslaw has decided to compile a list of ways that men insult women when they don’t intend to. This, of course, is a sin I have never been guilty of – when I insult women it is fully intentional. The thing about this list is that she starts off quite sensibly – there is nothing “adorable” about a woman getting a promotion – then very quickly descends into what I can only describe as the territory of she who screams misogyny at every opportunity. This is either because little Anna’s skull is as thick and hard as a week-old sanitary pad, or because she wants her readers to feel that they are oppressed and hence entitled.

Apparently, telling George Clooney “You’re so cool, I can’t believe you’re still single!” is a compliment, but saying the same to a woman is an insult…

“You’re so cool, how are you still single?” Because my Coolness is an ever-expanding supernova, enveloping and destroying every potential mate in its path, that’s why. Fuckface.”

Pointing out that a woman is not a raging psychotic is also a no-no, and so is pointing out that she has a pretty face, as doing so can only be done by men who think the woman in question has a body made of sewage and swamp mud.

“You have such a pretty face!” But I want to throw holy water on the rest of your hideous body, you disgusting beautiful-headed demon-woman.”

Er, yeah, whatever. Funny thing is, it’s hard to believe the horse-faced plain Jane who wrote the piece ever hears the first part of that – though it wouldn’t surprise me if she often heard the second. Frankly, the whole thing comes across as a woman whining about her own personal life while projecting all sorts of behaviors and negative intentions onto males. In other words, it comes across like a lot of other feminist whine-fests. If the former example wasn’t enough of a clue as to who this piece is really about, here’s another…

“You’re single because you’re too picky.” “You should aim more on your level, like the crazy guy who hangs out outside the local YMCA trying to smoke discarded cigarette butts.”

Truth hurts, don’t it? Throw in “unpleasant, petulant and whiny” and you have a pretty good description of the writer. As for the cigarette guy, I doubt he would be willing to lower himself to the level of someone who writes for Cosmo.

The feminist hilarity continues here.