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Rich White Woman Shot Dead By New York Police Officer

Rich White Woman Shot Dead By New York Police Officer published on

Ms Lilly Weiss, 34, of Manhattan, got lost on her way to the Hamptons and made the mistake of stopping off at a Harlem 7-11 to ask for directions. While there she also decided to buy, for undisclosed reasons, a sole cucumber. When she returned to the parking lot, Ms Weiss was promptly blown to kingdom come by Officer Lee Whey, who was deeply dismayed to find out the race, class, and sex of his victim.

Speaking through his legal representative, Officer Whey stated…

”I am deeply sorry for this tragic mistake. As Ms Weiss was sporting a dark tan and it was Harlem, I thought she was black. Furthermore, someone up the street had told me there was a homeless,black drag queen called Rastus hanging around and as you can see from the autopsy photos, Ms Weiss wasn’t the prettiest of women. This, combined with the fact that she was at the time wielding what appeared to be a loaded cucumber, led me to mistake Ms Weiss for a black man. Also, she had a really mean look on her face, which further convinced me of both her maleness and her blackness.”

When it was pointed out that, according to eyewitness accounts, Ms Weiss was smiling broadly when shot, the officer claimed “Er…I thought she was eating watermelon?”

While the matter is investigated by his brother officers, Officer Whey has been put on leave. He is believed to be spending it in the Riviera, in the company of several Playboy playmates.

Perverted Teen Gets Off On Probation

Perverted Teen Gets Off On Probation published on

17 year old menace to society, Cormega Copening, has been allowed to escape a custodial sentence for the heinous crime of taking photos of Cormega Copening and then showing those photos to another underage person, also, coincidentally, called Cormega Copening. Who the hell would have thought that Cormega Copening would be such a common name anywhere, much less in North Carolina?

Yes, that’s how dumb Amerika has gotten. The kid with the unlikely handle was hit with five charges of sexual exploitation for taking and possessing sexually explicit photos of a minor, that minor being himself. He was actually named in court as both perpetrator and victim, which makes this the case of Copening vs. Copening! After trying very hard to get himself to drop the charges against himself, Copening gave in to himself and took a plea deal. According to both lawyers involved in the case, their client is very pleased with himself.

As part of his one year probation deal, Copening (that’s the perpetrator one, not the victim one) must stay away from cellphones, do some community service and take a class on making good decisions – such as moving to a less idiotic jurisdiction. The judge also advised him not to jerk off during the probation period, as that could get him charged with sexually abusing a minor.

Get your legal idiocy right here.

Teenage Dirtbags Get A Few Weeks For Rape and Manslaughter

Teenage Dirtbags Get A Few Weeks For Rape and Manslaughter published on

And they weren’t even charged with the latter. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with California’s courts? Juries letting murderous cops go free, judges handing out wrist-slaps for little thugs who drive other kids to suicide. It’s almost like the state is being run by psychopathic turds.

In September of 2012, three boys digitally raped 15-year-old Audrie Pott – there is no doubt of this as they have confessed to the crime – after she passed out from alcohol-laced Gatorade. Because this wasn’t enough fun for them, they then circulated photos of the assault, and soon young Audrie was dead by her own hand, hanging from the ceiling of her mother’s bathroom. It’s disgusting enough that her killers weren’t charged with at least manslaughter but now, despite admitting to the sexual assault, they have been given a max of 6  weeks in jail! That’s the longest of the sentences, the other two scumbags get 30 days each, and they only have to go to jail on the weekends! Hell, why even bother? Why not just make them promise not to do it again, give them some milk and cookies, pat them on the head and send them home to mommy? If the system does not have the decency to charge and convict them over Audrie’s death, it should at least have had enough sense to throw them into jail for as long as possible over the sexual assault. I don’t know what the max available for juvies is in this case, but at least a few years should have been handed down. I personally would have preferred 20-30 years plus a knee-capping, but you can’t have everything…

No doubt feminists will see this as yet another example of the so-called war against women, rape culture, yada, yada, but sensible people will see it as yet another sign of an increasingly psychopathic and uncaring Amerika. And here’s the thing – at least some of Audrie’s blood is on feminist hands. Who is the driving force behind the idea that rape is the worst, most devastating thing that can happen to a woman and that if it does happen she will never be happy again, that she is ruined for life? That’s right, it’s the feminists. Perhaps if girls weren’t mind-raped this way, they would cope better when physical rape does happen. Perhaps, indeed! Definitely is more like it. But what matters to feminists is creating as much anti-male hysteria as possible, and you can’t do that as effectively by labeling rape as merely bad rather than as the end of the world. And if occasionally this attitude contributes to the end of a girl’s life, it’s all good – she died for the sisterhood.

As for all these assaults happening at parties, I have to ask what the fuck ever happened to the idea of chaperones? Does this shit happen when there are three or four adults in the room? Probably, but not as often as when it’s just a bunch of drunken teens. Not everything about the fifties was bad, and adults supervising kids’ parties is one aspect of the old America that needs to be brought back.


More here


Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli Belong In The Gas Chamber

Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli Belong In The Gas Chamber published on

Want some clear-cut evidence that part of the package of benefits for the  Stormtroopers of the Plutocracy includes being able to get away with murder? Take a look at the two pieces of shit in this photo.

In 2011, these two scumbags – Fullerton, California cops Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli – beat to death a homeless, schizophrenic man named Kelly Thomas. This year they finally ended up in court (most such cases don’t even get that far) and now they have just been acquitted despite numerous witnesses to their crime and surveillance footage showing them committing the murder!

They weren’t even charged with murder in the first (which I am assuming would require evidence that they meant to kill Thomas), so I don’t see how a rational and un-biased jury would have reached such a conclusion. Ramos was charged with murder in the second and involuntary manslaughter, and Cicinelli with involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force. At the very least, the manslaughter charges are more than backed up by not only witnesses but video, yet the jury found that they were not guilty. What does a cop have to do to be found guilty? Actually confess to the crime? And what kind of people are these jury members? Are they cops themselves? Are they psychopaths hand-picked by the defense for having a special hatred for the mentally ill? Are they idiots easily swayed by the sleazebag lawyers defending the Stormtroopers? I don’t know, but I find it hard to believe that society has gotten so sick that a group of rational, relatively un-biased, psychologically normal people can see this video and come to the conclusion that there wasn’t at the very least involuntary manslaughter going on. Perhaps I’m being naïve, perhaps Amerika is so in thrall to the Law and Order mentality that the Stormtroopers can do no wrong. Either way, this jury is scum and if I had my way they would end up in the gas chamber with the murderers. Think about it – these dirtbags just told cops all across Amerika that it is perfectly okay to kill members of the public. “Go ahead, boys, it’s not as if we are going to convict you!” That is the vile verdict issued by these people.

And then there’s the lawyer for Ramos, John Barnett, a career scumbag who had this to say…

“These peace officers were doing their jobs, operating as they were trained, no malice in their hearts, not out to get someone that night,”

No, there was no malice in Ramos’ heart as he told his victim, “Now you see my fists? They’re getting ready to fuck you up.” Hey, look over here Barnett, my fists are getting ready to fuck you up! Nah, don’t cringe, it’s not like there’s any malice in that statement. You want to know where the motivation for all those jokes about dead lawyers come from? Take a look at trash like Barnett.

Kelly Thomas’ father thinks there definitely was malice in the hearts of Ramos and Cicinelli, that they were trying to deliberately kill his son to send the rest of the homeless the message that they aren’t wanted in Fullerton. Whatever the motivation, it is clear that they were trying to kill him – you don’t repeatedly bash someone on the back of the head as they lie face down on the ground just to get their attention.

I am starting to come to the conclusion that the entire police force should be abolished. They are basically a criminal gang that is given exclusive rights to torture and to kill with impunity. And the only reason most people tolerate them is because they are afraid of the other criminal gangs, the ones who can’t get away with murder! Do away with the police force, let each community form its own security team and let’s see what happens. After all, who does a community have more control over? The men in its own midst, or some cops working in Suburb A then going home to Suburb B? Its pretty obvious. A neighborhood security team made of members of the community would be easier to control – at the very least we know where they live, which is more than you can say about cops. If the security team turn into thugs and turn the guy on the left into the guy on the right…

… we can go round in the middle of the night and burn their houses to the ground.

So, yes, Ramos and Cicinelli should have been convicted of murder and they should have been executed. If justice had been done, I would have been willing to spare the state of California some expense by getting the two pieces of filth alone in a room – just me, them, and my razor-studded baseball bat. My final words to them? “See this baseball bat? See these razors? They’re getting ready to fuck you up.”




Full surveillance video


Pigman’s Manager Gets Fooled, Tries To Make Amends

Pigman’s Manager Gets Fooled, Tries To Make Amends published on

So, after a hard day’s bludging, my manager Michael comes home, opens up his inbox and finds this email plea to sign a petition from some guy called Daniel Halfassed, I mean Daniel A’vard…

“It’s a sad day when a grown man in uniform feels the need to brutally bodyslam a 15 year old girl.

I’m still shocked after watching the CCTV footage. After the girl walks through an open gate, he and a group of officers chase after her — seconds later, the ticket inspector throws her against the fence, picks her up and body-slams her into the concrete. The group of officers stand around him looking on.

Yes, she was attempting to break the law by not paying for a ticket, but that is no excuse for his actions. How is throwing someone half your weight to the ground ever appropriate? He was angry and defensive, but even worse — Metro Trains has supported his actions saying the officer “exercised his functions reasonably.”

There was nothing reasonable about his actions. And it’s unbelievable that Metro Trains could condone this sort of violence towards passengers. Shockingly, after a complaint from the officer it’s now the 15 year-old girl being charged with assaulting the officer for slapping him.

This young girl could have been paralysed, acquired a brain injury, or worse. This kind of violence against anyone is unacceptable. Systemised and accepted violence is even worse — and it’s up to us, society, to say this is not tolerable and denounce violence wherever we see it. Authorised Officers often get a bad rap, but in this case it is justified. Metro Trains now has the opportunity to show some leadership by denouncing confrontational violence as a solution.

I’m asking Metro Trains to call to account the officer involved and provide anti-violence training to all Officers to prevent future abuse. Metro Trains should also offer counselling to any officers involved in violent incidents.”


So, being far too nice and liberal for his own good, Michael took a quick look at the video, thought “That’s bloody outrageous!” and signed the petition that the guy has put out there. Then, of course, someone at the MensRights subreddit pointed out that things are not quite as they seem, Mike took a slow look at the video and sure enough, the little shit hits the man first. She may even be trying to gouge his eyes, though that is not too clear. So now Michael finds himself in the embarrassing position of having signed a petition on behalf of someone who is, according to her own supporters’ footage, a violent criminal, all thanks to this Daniel A’vard guy who completely fails to point out that in between the girl going through the gate and the guy body-slamming her, the girls attacks the guy at least once. Nice one, Dan, after all, it’s not like a man has the right to defend himself from violent, possibly crippling, attacks. And don’t even get me started on the idea that if both protagonists had been female this might not have caused such a hubbub…

So in an attempt to make up for his mistake, Michael has started his own petition in support of the officer, which puts him (not to mention myself) in an odd position given how anti-authoritarian we both are. But the fact is that all sentient beings – be they man, pig, or Pigman – have the right to defend themselves against violent attacks, even if they are working for the State.

Petition here ( the good one, not the bad one)

Video below.