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Ryan Whitaker Was White, So No Protests For Him

Ryan Whitaker Was White, So No Protests For Him published on

Not much MSM coverage, either. And while George Floyd’s murder was clearly unjust, at least Whitaker wasn’t even resisting arrest. In fact, he was in the act of putting his gun down when one of the pigs shot him in the back, fatally wounding him. Then both pigs stood around doing nothing as he lay dying. And why did he have a gun with him? Because the pigs knocked on his door and then stood off to the side so that he didn’t know who was out there. And in today’s world, you never know, it could be a psycho. Or a cop. Not much difference these days. But you see, Ryan was just a white man so society isn’t going to care any more than they cared when Daniel Shaver was murdered. Strange, given that America is run by whites. It’s almost as if the rich whites are privileging black lives over white lives to get Whitey feeling resentful towards Blacky…

Ryan Whitaker: Arizona Man Shot & Killed By Police After Noise Complaint