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English Women – Now Twice As Murderous!

English Women – Now Twice As Murderous! published on

According to The Daily Mail, the number of murders committed by women in the UK has more than doubled in the last decade.

Overall, violent crime by females has increased by 81 %, assaults have increased by more than 150%, and gone are the halcyon days when a female villain’s most egregious offence was likely to be theft or the selling of some laptops that had mysteriously fallen off the back of a truck – nowadays it’s violence that is the most common reason for arrests of adult females in England and Wales.

The Tories at the Daily Mail seem to think this is Labor’s fault, blaming their initiatives to help the average Brit get off his face more often and more cheaply, and as with male violence alcohol is probably a big factor, but so are the massive changes of culture over the last twenty years and most of those weren’t the doing of Labor.

The Left of course also gets in its two cents’ worth of bull-plop with Police Minister David Hanson coming to the government’s defense with this statement…

‘To suggest that a rise in convictions means an increase in overall violent crime is simply misleading.”

If Hanson had specified only the assault rate he may have gotten away clean – perhaps people are simply more likely to report assaults by women than they did in the past – but what about the doubling in the murder rate? Are we expected to believe that ten years ago HALF the murders committed by women went unreported? What unmitigated garbage!

The sad fact is that this increase in lethal violence amongst British women fits nicely into a pattern of rising violence amongst western women, mostly as a result of a feminist influence that has decreased the number of messages telling women that they should be non-violent and increased messages, particularly in the media, that female violence is, if not as cool as male violence, then at least no longer the no-go area that it once was.

As the traditional restrictions continue to weaken, you can expect further jumps in the amount of violence committed by women. Just imagine what women will be doing when they spend as big a chunk of their lives being bombarded with messages to be violent as men do – it’ll be bad news for all but especially for women as most people, male and female, focus most of their violence on their own sex.

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Mum Burns Children To Death

Mum Burns Children To Death published on

According to Prosecutor Kym Worthy , Michigan woman  Sharon Hinojosa set fire to her boyfriend’s mobile home, grabbed the baby, and left her two other small children to burn to death.

The baby was the only one of the three children that was fathered by her current boyfriend, the two dead children -3 year old Alayna and 4 year old Anthony – were by a different father. There are claims that the couple was about to break up, and to some at least this has suggested the man didn’t want the kids that weren’t his, and the woman thought if she got rid of them the chances of him sticking around would be greater (see, it’s really the big bad male’s fault !) This may be the case but another possible scenario is  that she had a problem with the two dead children’s father and this was how she chose to get back at him – either way possibilities are all these are.

According to one witness, at first Hinojosa didn’t seem concerned about the fact that two of her children were still inside the burning mobile home, and at one point she offered the feeble excuse that she didn’t get them out  because she couldn’t wake them! Good excuse if the kids are teens, you piece of crap, but not so good when they are 3 and four – you just grab them and run, maybe you’ll have to make two trips but keep in mind  that  this is a mobile home, so it’s small and is at floor level, it’s not as if she had to carry the kids down several flights of stairs.

In the third link below, you will notice the far too common tactic of blaming the male, with Hinojosa’s dad implying it must all be the man’s fault…

“She took care of those two babies. … I don’t know what that guy put in her head or what happened, because she loved her babies,” he said.

Here’s a more honest response for you old man – “Whoops, sorry folks, me and the Missus raised a psycho who likes to burn children to death!”

Regardless of her motivation this woman is scum . Child murder is bad enough but Hinojosa didn’t even smother the kids before setting the fire – they burnt to death, with at least once witness saying the children screamed for over a minute. Needless to say, i hope that if she’s convicted the other criminals throw a welcome bonfire in her honor…

Found it at The Weekly Vice but went looking for more details.

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Scumbag Magan Marie Muir…

Scumbag Magan Marie Muir… published on

… got off the hook because she’s a female scumbag.  Muir was convicted of taking two year old Damon Reddom Stone’s hands and shoving them into boiling water, causing agonizing third and fourth degree burns, yet when sentenced by Justice Helen MacLeod-Beliveau this worthless piece of garbage was given house arrest. That’s all, just lock her up in her nice comfortable home for eighteen months. Not only that, but she was also granted permission to move in with her family for the last few months of her house arrest – so she doesn’t even get to be a lonely scumbag, she gets the company of mom and dad…

Does anyone with a brain think this kind of subhuman filth would get such lenient treatment if she were a male? No, i dont think so, neither do i think that  the Judge would be excusing her leniency by saying this woman is not a danger to the public and that custodial sentences don’t serve as a deterrent. But hey, as we all know, in Western societies nobody matters more than women – not even children. And of course, you know what i think would be an appropriate punishment for this piece of shit? Let’s just say it involves a pot of boiling water…

Damon’s mother Tina has started a Facebook group which can be joined at…

Where is the Justice?

Tina has also started a petition which can be signed here. They need just a couple of hundred more signatures to reach their goal of 3000 and as this is an opportunity for people to do more than just read about this injustice, i urge my readers to sign the petition. Apparently your country of residence doesn’t matter, so you don’t need to be in Canada to take action on this one.

Original article  here. This is not the article other sites have linked to, it is a more up to date one, which also gives the correct date of the incident – 2007 not 1997- and it also has some good news, namely that the little boy will retain normal use of his hands.

The article in which the Judge makes her excuses is here.