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Feminists Lardasses Want Obese Disney Princesses

Feminists Lardasses Want Obese Disney Princesses published on

As we have seen many times before, the hysterical harpies that dominate the feminist movement have often complained about the bodies of the Disney Princesses, with the most amusing rant being Mad Mandy’s bit about the size of Anna’s wrists in Frozen. If feminists were even halfway sensible, they might have come up with some normal sized versions of the Disney Princesses, but being a bunch of rabid, insane manatees, they have instead redesigned the famous characters to be lardasses.

Yes, someone has gone to the trouble of portraying Snow White, Ariel and the other cartoon cuties as the kind of woman whose floors need re-enforcing, yet who complains that she can’t find a man. Now, I wouldn’t have a problem with “Average Ariel,” but turning “Snow White” into “Sow White” is just not on. If you want evidence that the average radfem is a pile of pimply lard stuffed into a pair of jeans several sizes too small, all you have to do is look at what they think should be acceptable standards of beauty. My favorite is this one…

lardass snow whiteAnd check out Grumpy! You know what he’s thinking, don’t you? Yep — “Bitch ate all the donuts again!”

Not surprisingly, this idiotic post has been perpetrated by one of the Huff’s women’s editors, a woman, who, funnily enough, looks pretty good in her photos. Of course, they could have been taken ten years and a million Twinkies ago. Or maybe she’s just covering herself for a fat, middle aged future that won’t be long in coming. This way, if being a lardass becomes the accepted look, she can continue to say she is hot long after her hourglass has turned into a sack of potatoes.

Feminist thin-shaming here.