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The True Face of Modern Woman

The True Face of Modern Woman published on

Remember Lorena Bobbitt, the subhuman piece of trash who cut off her husband’s penis back in the 90s? Some third rate talk show fool called Steve Harvey has just had the little turd on his show. That in itself is bad enough, but what’s even worse is the reaction from the female audience. For all those who suspected that Sharon Osborne is not alone in her delight at men having their dicks cut off, I offer this confirmation…

scumbag women cheering lorena bobbit steve harvey

Clapping, cheers, and a standing ovation. If you really want to know what lurks beneath the skin of Woman, you have to look no further than this audience. Or the child abuse figures. Or the lesbian DV figures. Or the rise in assaults and murders by women and girls. Like that hot lizard-chick from V, what lurks beneath the makeup and perfume is not at all pretty.

But at least Bobbitt herself is contrite, right? Wrong…

lorena bobbitt happy
There it is, the face of the monstrous feminine. The grinning rictus of evil lurking at the deepest levels of Woman — the castrating, child murdering, all-devouring insanity at the heart of the female sex made flesh. The reason why patriarchies ( remember those?) have spent most of human history regarding women as the problem sex.

Looking at these women’s rapturous response to such a hideous crime, one has to wonder if women see men as some sort of inferior sub-species of human, the way the Klan sees blacks. Actually, I think it’s worse than that – one has to wonder if women see men as being not only lesser humans, but also as less than animals. After all, would they be cheering someone who had cut the penis off a dog? No, they would be horrified. And Lorena Bobbitt’s claims about her husband’s abuse do not matter. If a man who could prove (as opposed to merely claim) that his wife was abusive were to cut her cunt off, would these cackling harpies be cheering him on? No, they would not.

If Harvey was anything other than a worthless, cringing, ain’t-got-nuthin’-left-to-cut-off, pool of pond scum, he would have stood up, told the women they were disgusting, and brought both the show and the interview to an end. But if he were man enough to do that, he would have been man enough to not have this filthy animal on his show. Instead, he makes jokes – mostly unfunny ones – about her crime, and jumps around like some demented jigaboo begging for massa’s approval. The modern male at his most worthless and self-abased, that’s what this guy is. As for Lorena, I hope she gets one of those horrible cancers that kill you sloooowly and painfully. And the women cheering her on, may they all cheat on their husbands – husbands who then use a rusty knife to hack their cunts out and throw them into a garbage disposal.

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