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Mad Mandy Blithers Again

Mad Mandy Blithers Again published on

This time the woman who is a veritable gift to those of us who love to mock feminists is putting forward the idea that

“Feminists will agree to quit it with the misandry jokes if anti-feminists cease making scurrilous accusations that feminists are motivated by man hatred.”

This presupposes a couple of things. The first is that all the “male tears” crap on things like mugs and Jessica Valenti’s beach attire are “jokes.” Coming from women who don’t have extensive records as man-haters these could be seen as such, coming from harpies whose misandry is well established there has got to be more to it than so-called humour – if Ben Stiller makes a joke about his dad hoarding pennies it is one thing, if Mel Gibson makes a joke about Jerry Stiller hoarding pennies it is another one altogether. The other idea we are supposed to take for granted is that accusations of man-hating are “scurrilous.” Well, I guess that they are, in the sense that they are insulting, but Mad Mandy obviously means more than this, she means that they are untrue. The entire thrust (pardon the phallocentric language) of the piece seems to be that feminists don’t hate the menz. She keeps repeating the point over and over…

“ After all, all anti-feminists have to do is promise not to tell lies,”

“Anti-feminists don’t like these gifs? Simple: Stop pretending that one has to hate men in order to believe that men should not be unfairly privileged over women.”

“We should be having a public debate about whether or not it’s acceptable for conservatives to routinely lie about feminists rather than argue with them directly.”

“…the lies anti-feminists tell about feminists are many in number!):”

Yep, the idea that we are lying when we say that feminists, as a group, hate men is a big one with our under-medicated miscreant, so let’s remind ourselves of what feminists actually do out there in the real world. First, they claim that misandry is not real. We know this because Mandy does it herself right here…

“Indeed, that this even has to be discussed shows how misogyny is a real thing and misandry simply is not.”

The very denial of misandry is itself an act of hatred against men, as its purpose is to cover up the multitude of ways in which men get screwed over by society. The fact is that misandry is no joke, it is not only a real problem but also one that inflicts much more damage on its victims than misogyny does. While misogyny is the realm of disturbed outliers like Elliot Rodger, misandry is the province of governments, corporations, and mainstream media outlets. Misogyny is rare, misandry is pervasive. If misandry is funny, misogyny is downright hilarious.

But there’s a lot more feminist man-hating going on out there. Some of it is relatively minor, such as the way feminists use everything from cartoon characters’ wrist sizes to some people’s dislike of cats to make it seem as if women are some sort of oppressed group who need even more privilege than they already have. Some of the acts of hatred are far more obvious, so obvious as to be totally undeniable. This includes things such as getting their stooges in the Swedish government to pass laws which make violent crime against women a bigger sin than violent crime against men, then trying to get their stooges in the U.S government to do the same in Amerika. Then there’s the Argentinean law that makes the murder of a woman (but only when by a man) a greater crime than other forms of murder, the fact that most Amerikan feminists these days support the passing of the ERA with the Hayden rider, which would mean that the so-called Equal Rights Amendment would be a Female Gravy Train Amendment instead, the fact that feminists see 60% of degrees going to women yet still push for more female graduates, the fact that British feminists want to do away with women’s jails, but not men’s, and so on. Believe me, there’s a shit load more I could list, just consider this a sampler of modern feminist evil, like one of those small boxes of chocolates but with less cocoa and a lot more strychnine.

Marcotte the Mad then proceeds to give a whole list of “lies” that us mean anti-fems are out there telling about the poor old feminists, a list which ends with this corker…

“Just any generic screaming that feminists are out to “get” men that is tossed out because you see women pushing for more equality and you don’t like it.”

In other words, men have no real concerns, they just don’t like what Marcotte calls “equality.” And if you want to see what she and other feminists mean by equality, just back up a paragraph or two to the above sampler of modern feminist evil. That’s equality, is it? Yeah, equality as defined by lunatics, blithering idiots and other types of feminist, and, of course, Mad Mandy herself.