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Burger King Manatee Goes Ape Shit

Burger King Manatee Goes Ape Shit published on
Victoria J. Duran – this is what a feminist really looks like.

In a fine example of what really lurks at the heart of modern feminism, some psycho burger flipper called Victoria J. Duran has been caught on video going totally psycho at the sight of some young men protesting against abortion. While the whole abortion thing is complicated, I have already made my views known and am not about to go into it now.

What matters is that these kids weren’t doing anything objectionable, yet this massive 250lb piece of turd decides that she’s going to get all agro at them. What kind of dirtbag does that? Look at the photo, she’s not only twice as heavy as the kid, she’s also taller! How scuzzy a person do you have to be to get verbally abusive and physically intimidating towards someone so much smaller than yourself? But this is no surprise. This is how most feminists would behave if they had size on their side, and let’s face it, were it not for the law and the witnesses she would probably have beaten the crap out of those kids. Of course, if one of the pro-lifers had been her size or bigger she would probably have pissed herself and then waddled back to Burger King as fast as her slime trail would allow her.

If the sexes were reversed in this disgraceful situation, if a 250 pound man had verbally abused and menaced a bunch of pro-choice women half his size, the feminists would all be calling for the man to be jailed, yet I have yet to see feminists call for Victoria J. Duran to be locked up, or even mention her for that matter. Just more evidence that this nutjob isn’t the only one of her ilk who thinks menacing people half your size is okay as long as you do it for the sisterhood. And there’s no doubt she’s a feminist, as opposed to some other type of abortion supporter, as she spews all the usual bullshit we have come to expect from her sort…

“You’re just a white fucking privileged, racist fucking male, who doesn’t stand for women’s rights,” the raging moron screams at one point.

She then proceeds to use the Gillardian definition of misogyny and to point out that males have no right to talk about abortion and such…

“You’re just a bunch of misogynistic motherfuckers…no uterus, you have no right to talk about it…understand me motherfucker?”

Bigoted and anti-male, as well as verbally, psychologically, and physically abusive – poster girl for modern feminism right there, folks.

According to county records easily found online, Victoria J. Duran has been charged with assault and criminal damage but, being a woman, is unlikely to get into any real legal trouble over this. As I see it, the best bet in terms of making this woman regret her actions would be to cause Burger King a huge amount of bad PR and force them to fire her. Oh, look, here’s a contact form!

Video here. It’s at The Blaze, so I suggest you cover your nose when going in.