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“Rape? What rape? I don’t see no rape!”

“Rape? What rape? I don’t see no rape!” published on

Recently in England a truly horrific case of mass rape was uncovered, the kind of thing so lurid one hardly expects to see it outside of some tacky 1970s exploitation movie. Over a 16 year period, organized gangs repeatedly raped at least 1400 mostly teenaged kids in the town of Rotherham, and the authorities ignored the problem, even going so far as to mysteriously “lose” evidence of the attacks. But as outrageous as the case is, and as deserving of long sentences (I would say the death penalty but England doesn’t have it) as the scum responsible may be the case itself is not what this piece is about – that is being handled by plenty of more influential sites.

The aspect I want to talk about is the almost complete lack of outrage on the part of those who pretend to care about rape more than anyone else – The Sisterhood of Rich White Women, or as they prefer to be known, feminists.

While I am sure that some feminist somewhere is giving a shit, the big girls are all falling somewhere between complete silence and just a tiny little mention. According to Google, in the past month there have been no posts at Alternet (you remember them, they are the ones who complained about some store playing The Stones’ “Under My Thumb,”) containing the word Rotherham. A similar search for finds only one mention of the case, and that’s simply a link to the NYTimes, not an actual Feministing article, and a search on Jezebel finds only one or two articles. And who knows, maybe my search engine skills are crap, but surely a story this big should have so many feminist flies all over it that one shouldn’t even have to go looking for the outrage! So why the mysterious silence? Keep in mind that these are the same group of people who not long ago called some boy a rapist because he went down on some smiling girl while they were both pissed as newts. These are the people who continued to label the Duke U. boys rapists after the DNA turned out to be someone else’s. These are the people who still look at DSK as a rapist, and who freak out at the sight of a statue of a man in his underwear, claiming that it will upset women who have in the past been raped by statues. Yet here we have one of the most egregious cases of mass rape in living history, rape on a scale rarely seen outside of a theatre of war, and all is silence. No screaming outrage, no calls for “culture change,” no jumping up and down about yet another horrible case of patriarchal oppression! And you know why? Because the victims were white and the rapists were Pakistani Muslims, that’s why!

Many folks, believing that feminists are some kind of left wing thing, are putting this reluctance down to genuine PC self-censorship but I do not, mainly because I do not buy the bullshit idea that the feminists are leftists. What they are is a bunch of plutocratic lapdogs and stokers of female privilege who care little for leftist concerns – if they did they would be writing about the woes of the poor, which they rarely do. However, even though they are not leftists, their work to increase female privilege is greatly admired by the left — so much so that the latter constantly ignores feminism’s obvious alliance with the plutocracy – and hence their main supporters in the media are left wing outlets that would start to look askance at them were they to start harping on about those awful Muslim men and their undoubtedly racist rapes. As vile as feminists are, in this case the PC sites are just as bad, for both groups are conspiring to stop this case getting as much attention as it deserves simply because of the race and religion of the perpetrators. If both these packs of assholes truly cared about rape victims they would be shouting the news from the rooftops, thereby warning other potential victims that it’s not really normal for a grown man to be taking a romantic interest in a 12 year old girl – even if he is a Pakistani Muslim.

You may be asking yourself, “But wouldn’t the feminists run the risk of pissing off the lefties in order to defend both their race and their sex?” No, they obviously wouldn’t and they obviously haven’t! First, vilifying men and feathering the nests of all women are goals more important to The Sisterhood than the rapes of a few girls and, much more importantly, the girls in question are from the lower classes – there’s a reason why I referred to feminists as The Sisterhood of RICH White Women. If these had been girls from the upper classes – say, students at Yale or Oxford being gang raped by Muslim men – I suspect that even fear of their PC allies would not silence them, but as it stands they simply don’t care. Wrong class, tough titties. You want more evidence of feminism’s lack of concern for the lower classes, there you have it.

Let’s get one thing straight – feminists don’t really care about rape victims. What they care about is using rape as a weapon against men. As long as they can scream hysterically that there is a rapist under every bed and that therefore all men are rapists in training they can continue to portray women as victims of some insidious patriarchal plot. This in turn allows them to claim more privileges for their sex – “Gimme mo’ money just in case I get raped!”– while vilifying men, something which also stokes female privilege, for if men are such scum and women such victims then it is not only acceptable but almost necessary for society to treat women better than it treats men. That is what the rape hysteria is about, not actual concern for victims, and as long as that is the case you can count on feminists to shut their mouths whenever the rapist is someone the left would rather be ignored.