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Pappas The Mad Weasel Strikes Again!

Pappas The Mad Weasel Strikes Again! published on

For anyone who doubts that what many feminists would like to see in the West is something akin to a reverse of Sharia law, here’s yet another example of NOW calling for a woman’s testimony to be worth twice as much as that of a mere male’s.

Marcia Pappas, the bloated bag of bile in charge of New York’s branch of the National Organization of Weasels, is calling for Adam Bradley, the mayor of White Plains, N.Y, to resign after being charged with domestic violence against his owner  Fumiko Bradley.

The bad dog stands accused of slamming his wife’s hand in a car door and of throwing hot tea at her. Damn, he should just have knocked her teeth out with a golf club instead! No wait, you only get away with that if you’re a woman married to a certain golfer….

What matters of course is not what Bradley is accused of, nor whether he is guilty or innocent, but rather that once again Pappas is calling for a woman’s allegations to be taken at face value. This is what Pappas did with Hiram Monserrate and Governor David Patterson so what we have here is yet another  case of damn the jury, damn the judge, if a woman says it happened, then it must have happened – and let’s all  forget the fact that Bradley’s wife wants to drop the entire case!

Pappas and her weasels weren’t happy to just make statements though, they turned up at  the courthouse to harass and shout slogans at the accused man!

And how many other weasels did Pappas bring with her? Twenty! That’s how unrepresentative these scumbags  are of the community, yet somehow when they speak guys like Obama still listen! How hard would it be to get at least 20 men to turn up for a counter-demonstration? Obviously I’m not about to fly to New York, but if even twenty men turned up to shout back at these harpies they would probably piss themselves and run away screaming!

The photo of Pappas was taken late last year at a press conference called by NOW to blame Ms Pappas’ weight problem on the man who sells her all that fried cheese.

More here.

Sandra Bullock Deserves To Suffer

Sandra Bullock Deserves To Suffer published on

Funnily enough, I have actually been feeling animosity towards Bullock’s skank-humping husband Jesse James, as Bullock does seem to have a rep in Hollywood as a pretty nice woman, but alas, I forgot that there’s no such thing as a nice woman in Hollyweird – they’re all man hating matriarchal monsters of one stripe or another.

Earlier this year when asked about the Tiger Woods string of affairs, Bullock showed the misandry that lurks beneath so many of today’s pretty façades…

“If I were Elin … man, I would have hit a lot more than she did … I would have kept hitting!”

“You would still be swinging the golf club?” the interviewer asks.

“Yeah, she stopped. She was respectable. I’d get the baseball bat, I’d get everything out.”

So it seems that Jesse James, for all his obvious faults, is an instrument of the universe, an emissary of Karma, and as they say, Karma is a bitch – but then, so is Sandra Bullock.

I used to wonder why James would cheat on such a fine looking piece of Milf, but the above statements bring up the possibility that Bullock is enough of a cow at home to drive even a tough guy husband to seek comfort with another woman, so perhaps Bullock is getting her just desserts in more ways than one.

Is this post a case of kicking somebody when they’re down? Yes it is, and it’s a good thing for Bullock I don’t have a baseball bat in the house. People have to understand that this is a war, and that in a war you don’t stop shooting just because the enemy is down, you keep shooting till he’s dead.

ManHating Hollywood dirtbag here.

Caught In A Bad Romance

Caught In A Bad Romance published on

After months of diligently ignoring this Lady Gaga person, I finally got down to listening to her stuff and have found her to be both a delightful discovery and a bit of a worry.

Her music, which she apparently writes herself, is catchy, addictive and just plain exciting, but that alas is where Gaga’s virtues end. This horse-faced bastard daughter of Marilyn Manson and Madonna Ciccone differs from other pop tarts only in that she has some serious songwriting ability, a head full of intellectual and artistic pretensions, and hasn’t yet put out a sex tape.

Not only are the former Stefani Germanotta’s videos replete with the bacchanalia so beloved of contemporary youth, but like so many of today’s empty headed young women, little Stefani insists on telling us what she thinks, and what she thinks is pretty much the dark crap one would except from a girl who spent her school years being the class weirdo.

From glamorizing dysfunctional relationships in “Bad Romance”, to excusing female sexual dishonesty in “Poker Face” ( a song apparently inspired by Gaga’s habit of fantasizing about women while getting it on with men ) to declaring career to be more important than relationships (which of course marks her as strong and independent rather than as “commitmentphobic”) to her promotion of the worst aspects of gay culture, in Lady Gaga we have the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the modern feminist woman: a delusional sense of self-importance that makes Ted Turner look like a shrinking violet; an obsession with sex that makes Wilt Chamberlain look like a eunuch; and a fixation on external appearance that makes Donatella Versace look like Mother Teresa.

And yes, contrary to her previous statements, Little Ms Empty Vessel now identifies herself as “a little bit of a feminist” and is starting to spout a lot of unsurprising rhetoric such as claims that the video for “Bad Romance” is about “how the entertainment industry can, in a metaphorical way, simulate human trafficking — products being sold, the woman perceived as a commodity,” and whining about women in the music industry not being allowed to sing about sex!

Then there’s her AIDS charity work which of course is all about the wiminz, her claims that her sexuality is commented on because she is a woman rather than because her ass is constantly in everyone’s faces, and her supposed bisexuality, something which could previously have been seen as catering to male fantasies but which now takes on the covert separatist message of “I don’t need men.” Before you know it, little Stefani will  be whining about the wage gap and opening a girls-only school in Africa!

So as Mamma Ciccone gets gnarlier and older and starts to stink up the castle, the Feminist Pop Icon crown seems about to be picked up by this little chippie, and the postmodern feminist blitherings will continue for at least another twenty years. Perhaps we’ll get lucky this time, maybe Gaga will live up to her name and go mad like Britney Spears or use her very real talent to become another Kate Bush or Patti Smith, but we all know where the smart money is and as usual it is not with the sane alternative.

No doubt there are people who will say this is all harmless, that Lady GaGa is being ironic and everyone knows it, or that pop culture doesn’t have that big an impact on kids anyway.

To the former I say that a bunch of adult music critics may see her shenanigans as irony, but that the average teenager consuming Gaga’s product can’t tell the difference between postmodern irony and warm apple pie, especially not when their hormones have just been kicked into hyper-drive.

To the latter I would say that the impact of popular culture on youth can’t be overstated. Here in Australia we have wiggers, but you know what we don’t have? We don’t have black Americans, just aboriginals and a few African immigrants. Yet we have thousands of kids in Sydney who act and talk like members of a subculture that they have only ever experienced through, you guessed it, the media.

The Jacques Derrida wannabes may be able to see different layers of meaning in GaGa’s lyrics and interviews, but the intellectuals of the world aren’t a bunch of teens looking to the media for their life’s philosophy. What the ordinary teenager sees and hears from Little Ms BlahBlah is simple – get laid, get famous, be superficial, and don’t worry about who you lie to or who you cheat on, it’s all good. And that’s a message that does nobody any favors, except maybe Lady GaGa and her bank account.

In case you have no idea who i’m talking about, here’s the video for Bad Romance. At the time of writing it has been viewed over 160 million times and that’s on YouTube alone – ignore her at your children’s peril.

Man jailed for thinking of cheeseburgers

Man jailed for thinking of cheeseburgers published on

Homeless man Michael McLaughlin was arrested and thrown into jail for, wait for it –holding up a piece of cardboard on which had been scrawled the grossly offensive sentence  “I’m Thinking Of A Cheeseburger”. What a bastard!

Apparently such behavior is considered a form of begging and is therefore against the law, especially for homeless people with built-in hot dogs. According to the article, the law states that one has to a “force oneself upon the company of another” for this to be illegal, yet all this guy seems to have been doing is standing by the road holding up a sign  so it could be argued that strictly speaking he wasn’t violating the law.

And even if he had been, what the hell kind of asshole makes begging illegal? Not only is it inhumane, but it probably increases the chances that the homeless will commit crimes just in order to eat, but hey that’s even better – you can give them longer sentences for theft than for mere begging!

As it is, the  enforcers settled for unlawful solicitation and demanded a $500 bond, which it  is safe to say McLaughlin can’t afford to pay or he wouldn’t be begging for cheeseburgers!

Found it as I often do, at the Weekly Vice

Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns published on

Having previously been tortured by Lars Von Trier’s “Dogville” and “Dancer In The Dark”, I elected to see “Antichrist” only because of the evil woman theme. Let me make this clear – Lars Von Trier is a hack. He is an Ed Wood with pretensions to Ingmar Bergman’s throne, nothing more.

In “Antichrist” however, Von Trier’s dream-inspired and depression-driven script and cinematographer Anthony Mantle’s gorgeous and hallucinatory imagery make for one of the most remarkable horror movies of the last ten years, a slab of nightmarish atmosphere not easily forgotten.

The focus of this article however, is not on the artistic merits of the movie but rather on the way it was received. I must point out that this piece is being written for those who have already seen the film. If you have not yet seen it, please stop reading now as major spoilers are included. And if you are planning to see it, beware of the scene in which the female lead gives herself an impromptu clitorodectomy – there’s also a scene where the male lead’s penis gets hit with a huge piece of wood, but alas we’re all too inured to that by now.

(Those who haven’t seen the movie are probably asking themselves what’s up with the creepy fox and the title “Chaos Reigns.” The fox is one of the animal characters, and at one point he stops eating his own guts, looks up at the male lead and in a deep, distorted voice utters the words “Chaos Reigns!”. It’s that kind of movie.)

Most of the attention the film received focused on its transgressive aspects, aspects supposedly embodied in the scenes of genital violence. This however, is the mainstream media being disingenuous – while Antichrist is an extremely transgressive film, what makes it so are not the scenes of genital violence, but rather the representation of women as evil at a time in history when women are the only sacred cows left in Western society. I think it is clear that Antichrist is a statement about female evil, not merely about one evil female. This is shown not only in the female lead’s belief that the female sex is evil, but more importantly at the end of the movie, when the husband is passed by dozens of women apparently making their way to Eden, presumably to learn whatever dark lesson his wife learnt on her previous stay.

Imagine if you will a hypothetical version of this film in which all violent acts are retained but in which it is the male sex which is portrayed as evil. Would the outrage have been there? I doubt it. Most writers for the mainstream media already believe men are violent trash, so why would there be any great outcry that Von Trier was agreeing with them? What happened with Antichrist is that a mere man stepped outside the rules and made a movie portraying women as evil. Not a woman, as in Basic Instinct or Misery, but women as a group, and it is this forbidden act of rebellion which begat the outraged reaction to the film.

Do I agree that women are evil? No, but the way the message was received is a good illustration of the cultural rules as they stand – when it comes to women, we must hear no evil, see no evil, and above all, speak no evil.