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Is This Woman a Female George Sodini?

Is This Woman a Female George Sodini? published on

German woman Sabine R. didn’t like losing custody of her son to the boy’s dad, so she killed them both then set fire to the crime scene.

When her ex came round to pick up the kid, the 41 year old lawyer shot him dead then bashed and suffocated the five year old boy.

She then made her way to a hospital where she killed a male nurse before being shot to pieces by the cops, who had apparently failed to notice her tits.

On the way to said hospital, Sabine R. took shots at bystanders, most if not all of which, seem to have been male. And even once inside the hospital she seems to have ignored all the estrogen and gone straight for a male victim! How ‘bout that!

Coincidence? Or do we have a hate crime on our hands?

Since it appears that this woman wasn’t nutty enough to leave behind numerous rants against the opposite sex, and that the media isn’t likely to give the anti-male angle any serious exploration, we may never truly know what drove this scumbag. But given the preponderance of male victims this seems more likely than not to be a misandry-driven rampage on par with George Sodini’s misogynist attack at a fitness class in 2009.

Whereas the motive is not certain, one thing is – even if it does come to light that this was a case of Menocide, you won’t see anyone of consequence using this incident to make all women feel guilty. You know,  the way that Marc Lépine’s rampage in 1989 was used as an excuse to set up White Ribbon Day, a day on which all us evil males are asked to promise that we won’t hurt the opposite sex, presumably because deep down we’re all just another Marc Lépine waiting to happen.

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