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Today’s Left — Assaulting The Homeless Instead of Beating Up The Plutocrats

Today’s Left — Assaulting The Homeless Instead of Beating Up The Plutocrats published on

Over the last few years, my disdain for my own side of politics has grown to the point where, if Trump gets in and turns out to not be a fake like Warren or Sanders, i may very well dump the Left and join the populist Right.

There are many reasons for my anger at what used to be the working man’s side of politics. The Left wing political establishment’s continuing slide towards the side of the plutocrats is part of it, and so is the fact that they cover up their evil new allegiance with a lot of PC crap about how awful whites, males, and especially white males are. Then there’s the fact that even the left wing “independent” media has turned plutocratic – how else to explain places like Reader Supported News supporting, even endorsing, the more right wing of the presidential candidates? That is no surprise from long-suspect publications like the NY Times and the Guardian, but when even the outlets supposedly controlled by real lefties are siding with the neo-liberal, neo-conservative Clinton, you know the rot has gone all the way down to the roots and it may be time to cut down the old apple tree.

If one looks back at recent history while searching for a symbolic moment that shows the Left for the evil creature that it has become, one will be presented with many distasteful options. Was it Bubba D Raper passing NAFTA? Was it Tony Blair getting Rupert Murdoch’s endorsement? Was it Bernie Sanders turning his back on his supporters and kissing the ass of the woman who destroyed his campaign? No. Bad as those were, there is something even worse, something that shows that the rot has indeed gone all the way to the roots, that it is no longer just the political Left and the “independent” left wing media that work for the plutocrats, but the common leftists themselves. Folks, i give you the face of the modern Left…

Isn’t that great? Some big mother fuckers verbally assaulting, destroying the property of, and possibly even physically assaulting a homeless black woman and acting as if they are righteous for doing so! If these bastards had been whites back in the old south, there would be one more strange fruit dangling from a southern tree. It’s the same mentality as the KKK and their ilk, just with a new, more fashionable target. And, needless to say, in typical SJW fashion, they justified their crimes against her by accusing the victim of “spewing hate.” And did you spot the anti-white racism? Yeah, the bit where someone dismisses a guy trying to get them to take it easy by calling him a “white boy.” There’s also a fine attempt at equating “hate speech” with committing a robbery. Good thing these guys weren’t cops, or they would have shot her dead and then claimed she was the one who killed JFK!

So there you have it, folks, the moment that best encapsulates what the Left has become – a bunch of bullies and thugs who will not tolerate anyone speaking out against their plutocratic masters. Kinda makes me want to take them all and dump them in very large volcano, but that’s the kind of thing that only happens in beautiful dreams…

Trump Is Literally Hitler, Claims NY Times

Trump Is Literally Hitler, Claims NY Times published on

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet has today penned and published a piece that, he claims, is the culmination of fully three hours of research on internet conspiracy sites.

Baquet claims in the article “Trump – The Truth As Only The Times Can Tell It” that Donald Trump, the former reality TV star and current media pincushion, is quite literally the most evil man the world has ever seen. Baquet claims in the piece that a renowned collector of tinfoil hats, who regularly and unsuccessfully asks him for spare change, last night tipped him off to the internet forum, a site best known to political junkies for insisting that J. Edgar Hoover and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are in fact the same person.

After rushing home and joining the aforementioned forum using the cunning alias “DefinitelyNotDeanBaquet,” the Pulitzer prize winner proceeded to comb his way through the threads until he bumped into a mysterious character going by the handle “BubbaDRaper.” This shadowy figure in turn sent him down a rabbit hole that eventually wound up at one of StormFront’s “dark web” forums. It was here that Baquet’s search finally led him to one Dr. Otto Von Schnitzel, a nonagenarian who was to reveal the hideous and terrible truth about the man with the dead hamster on his head…

According to Baquet, Von Schnitzel told him that “back in the day” he was the head of the Third Reich’s cryogenics division and therefore also in charge of the mysterious and highly secret “Project Orange.” The aim of “Project Orange” was to save the Fuhrer’s brain after he was killed in that bunker towards the end of the war. According to Von Schnitzel, the claim that his glorious leader committed suicide is a filthy lie propagated by the Worldwide Zionist Conspiracy. The truth, says Dr. Von Schnitzel, is that the great man was actually killed by an exploding suppository, and his brain then scooped out of what remained of his ass.

The brain in question was originally intended for a cryogenic chamber until a suitable host body was available, but as “those Zionist schweine der Amerikaner” had blown up all the Reich’s secret scientific facilities, the brain instead ended up being flown to Mexico. Here it was kept in a cooler for eleven years while the body that we now know as Donald J. Trump was being grown in a bathtub filled with strange and rare chemicals with unpronounceable names, one dead hamster, and several thousand Cheetos by a certain Dr. Hans Herringficker, the “man” once outed by Alex Jones as the leader of the lizard people. Once the body had reached maturity, the Fuhrer’s brain was plopped into its new, brightly colored noggin and the rebooted tyrant was then smuggled into the United States in a van full of taco fixings and badly made piñatas, and the rest is history.

While some may remain skeptical of such a tale coming from such dubious sources, Baquet has no such qualms…

“It all makes perfect sense,” he writes, “as Trump has always shown a suspicious tendency to build gas chambers in his backyard and to refer to Barack Obama as “President Jigaboo.”

Baquet also claims that, according to Von Schnitzel, the true agenda of the Trump-Hitler camp is to declare a Thousand Year Reich, and set up a fascist state in which everyone will have to wear a dead hamster on their head or be subject to execution by drones commandeered from Hillary Clinton’s private collection. Even more shocking is Baquet’s claim that Trump intends to save money on deportation by killing illegal immigrants and selling their carcasses to Mexico for use in their tacos. This, Baquet tells us, is also how Trump plans to get Mexico to finance his much vaunted Wall. He also reveals that the Trump-Hitler camp is very confident of victory, and quotes Dr. Von Schnitzel as saying…

“Ve are certain to vin, if only der glorious Fuhrer can stop himzelf from zaying things like, ‘Deportation? Fuck deportation, let’s just kill all the Mexicans!’”

At this point, Baquet’s article descends into some sort of rambling rant about the evils of mayonnaise, claims that Trump-Hitler built a time machine and went back in time to wipe out the dinosaurs so that they couldn’t provide corporations with cheap labor, and various incoherent complaints about a mysterious figure he refers to only as “The Man.” He finishes off by suggesting that if Hillary Clinton wins she should get the Pentagon to work on some sort of biological agent — perhaps a strain of anthrax – that kills only males whose melanin count falls below a certain threshold, thereby guaranteeing an America free of what Baquet refers to as “those deplorable honky mother fuckers!”

The story has been praised across the liberal media for its undoubted veracity, integrity, and journalistic rigor, and it is already being rumored that it may land Baquet a second Pulitzer prize.

Madonna Threatens To Fellate Clinton Supporters

Madonna Threatens To Fellate Clinton Supporters published on

We all know that if there is one thing Donald Trump lacks, it’s celebrity supporters. Holy shit, you can count them all on one short-fingered hand! The bright side to this dark situation is that even if Trump goes down in flames he will have done us all the favor of revealing just how plutocratic showbiz has become. Here they are, faced with the choice of a neo-liberal, neo-conservative warmonger vs. a more old fashioned type of conservative, and who do they side with? Yep — the far right woman who wants to make the celebs’ stock portfolio fatter and fatter with every quarter. Choosing far-right over center-right – so much for “left wing” Hollywood!

Apparently, though, not all celebs are trying to get Psycho Granny into the White House, as we found out recently when Madonna — a withered, botoxed old thing that used to be quite popular at around the time that the Wright Brothers started fooling around with their famous contraption — made this surprise statement in front of a group of retarded SJWs who had come to worship at the flabby altar of Amy Schumer…

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK? I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”

Now, the naïve amongst us have taken that as an encouragement for dudes to go out and vote for Clinton. But who in their right mind would want a blowjob from a dried up old mummy like Madonna? Nobody, and Madge knows it. I mean, she even threatens to look into the recipient’s eyes as she “swallows the snake” so that the poor bastard won’t be able to pretend he’s being blown by an attractive woman! And speaking of swallowing, what can the mention that she swallows be other than a threat to give the guy herpes and whatever other shit you can get from an unprotected blowjob? I mean, she can’t swallow if the poor bastard is wearing a condom, can she? And then there is also the threat to take her time. No sixty second sucky-suck here! Oh, no! The horror will go on for at least five minutes, minutes which, under such circumstances, will feel like eons. It’s possible, of course that the poor old bat is so senile that she thinks someone might actually want a blowjob from her sandpaper mouth, but i doubt it. No, as i see it, this is Madonna’s attempt to make up for all the bad shit she has done in the past by helping to get the lesser of the two evils into the chair in which, ironically, Hillary Clinton’s husband used to get his dick sucked!

And it’s working, too! As of the writing of this piece, the NY Times is claiming that roughly 50 million American men have reported that they will be changing their vote from Clinton to Trump in order to avoid getting their wieners covered in the dust of the ages. The tactic has proven so successful that even illegal Mexican immigrants have promised to vote Trump! According to the Times, one such man, an aspiring gardener just freshly arrived in Los Angeles, was quoted as saying…

“No quiero BJ de Madonna! Dios mio, no! NO! Trump es bueno! Yo voto para Trump. No Madonna! Per favor, no Madonna!”

For all you deplorable, non-multicultural bastards out there, this translates roughly as “A blowjob from a woman older than my grandmother?!?!?! I’d rather stick my dick in a blender!”

And so i salute you, Ms. Ciccone, for at long last lending your mouth to a good cause. Of course, not all men surrender so easily and that leaves about 70 million blowjobs for Madge to deliver on come (heh, heh) November 8th. 70 million blowjobs in a day. Sounds like tough work! But don’t worry, boys – it’s nothing Madge hasn’t done before! I just hope she remembers to take along plenty of Alka- Seltzer…

Celebrities – They Aren’t Ignorant, They Are Just Plain Evil!

Celebrities – They Aren’t Ignorant, They Are Just Plain Evil! published on

When i say “evil” i am not here speaking of all celebs – Howdy Doody and Elmo, i am pretty certain, are not evil. No, the celeb trash i speak of here are the scum supporting Hillary Clinton.

howdy doody elmo not evil
Howdy Doody and Elmo — possibly the only celebrities who are not evil.

Let’s get one thing straight – Clinton’s celebrity supporters are people of merely average intelligence, some of them may even be literally stupid, but none of them are ignorant. Every single one of these scumbag pieces of shit knows exactly what they are supporting. They know this is a woman who voted for the Iraq war and then defended her evil decision for many years. They know this is a woman who helped to blow up dozens, possibly hundreds, of Pakistani Muslims with drone strikes. They know this is a woman so likely to start another mass slaughter in the Arab world that she has the backing of the neo-conservative establishment despite the fact that most of them are Republicans! They know this is a woman who supported the TPP until it became inconvenient to do so and that she will almost certainly revert to supporting it once she’s sitting in that chair that her husband used to get his dick sucked in.

All these things the De Niros, Clooneys, Damons, Gagas and countless other pieces of subhuman, pseudo-leftist Hollywood trash know – and you know how we know they know? Because we told them so. Gone are the days when celebrities could plead ignorance. Nowadays, most of them have social media accounts, and the few who don’t have them have celebrity friends who do have them. And what happens on these Facebook and Twitter accounts? People tell them what’s what, that’s what. All of these neo-liberal, neo-conservative piles of turd have been told by ordinary folks that their backing of Psycho Granny is a recipe for further corporate tyranny and a few more deserts running red with blood. They know fully well that what they are doing is backing a plutocracy-serving, war-mongering Democrat over a center-right, anti-establishment Republican who is more inclined to do things the old fashioned way – you know, like not slaughtering 100s of thousands of innocents for fun and profit. And incidentally, you know why i think Trump is anti-establishment? Because the establishment is so anti-Trump, that’s why.

But back to the scum supporting Clinton. All this neo-liberalism and neo-conservative crap is fine with them because they are, despite their politically correct posturing, a bunch of filthy 1 percenters. Like the heads of the corporations that they own stock in, Hollywood’s elite want more cheap labor, they want corporations suing states for interfering with their profits, and they want the rocketing stock prices that come when corporations make a fortune selling weapons that will be used to blow up yet some other hapless country. Greed and evil, that’s what Hollywood’s support for the Clinton campaign all comes down to. But ignorance, that doesn’t even enter into it these days. Your average pro-Clinton supporter on the street, yes they can often plead ignorance (on Facebook, one woman told me that my accusing Clinton of being both a neo-liberal and a neo-conservative was as ridiculous as claiming she was both a left winger and a right winger!) but not the celebs who are often, and often against their will, given fact after fact after fact by the more decent members of things like Facebook and Twitter.

And if Clinton wins, God forbid, you can bet that once she starts her first little war or passes the TPP, all these celebrity scum will plead ignorance — “Oh, but how could we possibly have known what a dreadful, dreadful woman she would turn out to be?!?!?!” they will all wail while wringing their hands and shedding CGI tears. And, alas, most of the public will buy this show of third rate theatricality and rush to not only believe, but to also console and comfort these psychopathic liars. But those of us who can still think for ourselves won’t, for we will remember that Clinton’s celebrity supporters already knew what a monster she would be – because we are the ones who told them.


Vote Trump – He Ain’t That Bad!

Hillary Clinton To Name Bill Clinton As Rapist In Chief

Hillary Clinton To Name Bill Clinton As Rapist In Chief published on


The presidential hopeful today announced that, if she wins the presidency, her husband will be given the post of Rapist In Chief as well as several thousand bottles of Viagra.

The surprise announcement comes in the wake of revelations by various anti-feminist groups that the much cited figure that one in three college women are raped is fictional, and that the real figure is closer to one in fifty. Said the former Secretary of State…

“As a woman, it concerns me that so few young women are being raped in our colleges. It is a woman’s God given right to be raped, and if today’s young men are not up to the job, my husband is just the guy to step into the breach. So to speak. As the whole world knows, Bill is quite the expert when it comes to rape and sexual assault – just ask Juanita Broaddrick. Or Obama’s pet dog, for that matter!”

When asked how he felt about the promised appointment, President Clinton, whose right hand seemed to be doing the Lambada in his pocket, spat out some tobacco juice and yelled lustily…

“Yeehar, ahm gonna grab me some pussy!”