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No kidding please, we’re Australian…

No kidding please, we’re Australian… published on

Oh dear, the Land of Oz is turning into Old Blighty. As many already know, the UK has some ridiculously strict defamation laws, and if this recent case is anything to go by Australia is going down the same slippery slope.

A couple of years ago a well known comedian called Mick Molloy made a joke about some thin-skinned woman cheating on her husband. That’s all it was, a joke put out there by a man who nobody in their right mind takes seriously. Yet the woman,  failed Labor politician Nicole Cornes, has just won an $85,000 lawsuit against Molloy and the TV station that broadcast the alleged defamation.

What this means is that in Australia, unless you have a corporation backing you, you had better not say anything negative about anyone who can afford a good lawyer, no matter how obvious it would be to a reasonable person that you weren’t being serious. This seems to me bad news for Australian political bloggers as well as for the independent press, who would easily be ruined by such a settlement. It’s also bad news for the lower strata of society, since as we have seen time and again, the mainstream media cares little for anyone other than the rich, the powerful, and a few fashionable causes amongst which neither the poor nor homeless are to be found.

A caveat to American bloggers – an Australian called Joe Gutnick once successfully sued an American publication for defaming him, but he did so under the stricter Australian laws. You heard me. Gutnick sued a bunch of  Americans not under their country’s law, but under ours. Why did he succeed? Because the allegations may have been made by Americans writing in America, but they did so on a website, which means he was being defamed in Australia whenever someone viewed the offending site. At least that was the excuse. And Gutnick’s target  wasn’t some small fish either, it was Dow Jones, so keep in mind that you are less liable to our fascist laws, but by no means immune.

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Boy Banned from U.S for Hurting Obama’s feelings?

Boy Banned from U.S for Hurting Obama’s feelings? published on

17 year old British boy Luke Angel has been banned from the U.S for the rest of his life (he’ll be allowed to apply for permanent residency once he’s dead) for sending a vitriolic email to the false messiah currently acting as a front for America’s corporate kingpins.

The boy in question admits to calling Obama a prick, though according to a police spokesman the letter did also contain “threatening language”.

But given that the offending missive was written by a kid who was drunk at the time, unless it outlined a sophisticated Al Qaeda backed plan to put nitroglycerine in Obama’s favorite basketball, the reaction seems both overdone and the kind of harsh treatment reserved for the male of the species – even when he’s just a stupid kid with a big mouth.

The U.S authorities are refusing to give us the details of the case as we are only proles, but Joanne Ferreira from the Department of Homeland Security did say that there are about 60 reasons why a person can be banned.

She didn’t tell us what those 60 reasons are but apparently political dissent is now one of them. Or to be more serious, it may be on its way to becoming one of them. If the world accepts what may be a case of punishing political dissent, it will be easier in the future for the U.S to do this in a case that is definitely a matter of punishing political dissent.

Bit by bit, that’s how you boil a frog.

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Pappas The Mad Weasel Strikes Again!

Pappas The Mad Weasel Strikes Again! published on

For anyone who doubts that what many feminists would like to see in the West is something akin to a reverse of Sharia law, here’s yet another example of NOW calling for a woman’s testimony to be worth twice as much as that of a mere male’s.

Marcia Pappas, the bloated bag of bile in charge of New York’s branch of the National Organization of Weasels, is calling for Adam Bradley, the mayor of White Plains, N.Y, to resign after being charged with domestic violence against his owner  Fumiko Bradley.

The bad dog stands accused of slamming his wife’s hand in a car door and of throwing hot tea at her. Damn, he should just have knocked her teeth out with a golf club instead! No wait, you only get away with that if you’re a woman married to a certain golfer….

What matters of course is not what Bradley is accused of, nor whether he is guilty or innocent, but rather that once again Pappas is calling for a woman’s allegations to be taken at face value. This is what Pappas did with Hiram Monserrate and Governor David Patterson so what we have here is yet another  case of damn the jury, damn the judge, if a woman says it happened, then it must have happened – and let’s all  forget the fact that Bradley’s wife wants to drop the entire case!

Pappas and her weasels weren’t happy to just make statements though, they turned up at  the courthouse to harass and shout slogans at the accused man!

And how many other weasels did Pappas bring with her? Twenty! That’s how unrepresentative these scumbags  are of the community, yet somehow when they speak guys like Obama still listen! How hard would it be to get at least 20 men to turn up for a counter-demonstration? Obviously I’m not about to fly to New York, but if even twenty men turned up to shout back at these harpies they would probably piss themselves and run away screaming!

The photo of Pappas was taken late last year at a press conference called by NOW to blame Ms Pappas’ weight problem on the man who sells her all that fried cheese.

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