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Parler Is Pretty Good

Parler Is Pretty Good published on

After my unceremonious dumping by the sanctimonious little blue bird, i moved to Gab. Then about a week later i joined Parler after all the hulabaloo about some monkey bollocks or something.

Now, while i am still active on Gab and not about to condemn it, i must say that Parler is a significant improvement on Gab. It’s just as right wing as Gab, but in a significantly more civilized way — not as many complaints about blacks and Jews, for example. It also seems to have a higher average IQ, and virtually everyone knows the difference between “their” and “they’re.” How long this lasts is anyone’s guess. The place may get flooded with far right morons and SJW troglodytes, but for now it’s pretty cool. And even if it doesn’t get overrun by the retarded hordes mentioned above, there’s no way of knowing that it won’t go the way of Twitter. Perhaps it will take the same tactic of letting in plenty of different views until it’s big enough to dump the opposition, and then start banning people for no good reason. We just don’t know yet, so for now, Parler seems like a good free speech alternative to the grotesquely crypto-fascist Twitter.

My page, in case anyone’s interested.