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Adria Richards Must Bite The Dust

Adria Richards Must Bite The Dust published on

By now the world already knows that a piece of feminist turd called Adria Richards has gotten some computer geek fired after tweeting a picture of him and his mate and publicly shaming him for the horrible, horrible crime of making some tacky, supposedly humorous comments about the size of his dongle –  or his mate’s dongle, some one’s dongle.

This crime against all womanhood took place at some computer type convention – you know, one of those places where men are the majority not because they are more interested in tech but because the patriarchy is keeping the wiminz down – which was being attended by Little Ms Minitrue. She overheard the juvenile banter, took feminist offense and after seeing the photo of a little girl who is interested in coding thought, in a manner so lacking in logic that it may well explain why female techies are so thin on the ground, that…

“That little girl will never become a coder because these guys are telling dongle jokes! I must show my strong-woman mettle and complain on twitter!”

Now, I care not what the actual jokes were, the fact is that one does not do the name-and-shame thing when there has been no offense committed, so simply in posting the guys’ pic and complaining to the convention’s runners she was wrong. Factor in the fact that – unless she got her job at SendGrid through double barreled affirmative action – she is smart enough to know we live in an hysterical climate that can easily lead to men being fired for even the smallest of sexual “sins,” yet she went ahead and put this man’s career on the line. And now that she has gotten him fired she’s acting like she’s some sort of hero,  like she’s MLK back in the 60s marching through the Deep South! A hero does the right thing, and they do it at personal risk. This hyena not only did wrong rather than right but she took no risk in doing so –  she is a cowardly little shit, not Power Girl or Buffy The Nerd Slayer.

As it turns out, it’s not the first time this craven cow has pissed people off. It seems she has in the past made offensive comments which have led someone to set up a petition at Change.Org calling for her firing from some rinky-dink outfit called SendGrid. My manager has signed it, and if you are incensed about this outrageous act of bastardry on the part of  yet another feminist bigot who thinks nothing of harming men with her Thought Police tactics, you should too. If Richards pays for her assholery, the next femofascist that gets the idea that this kind of thing is okay may very well think, “Wait, do I really want to end up roasting on a spit like that watsername?” That, folks, is why revenge and punishment reduce the incidence of things that shouldn’t happen – they deter a few of the would-be perpetrators.


Petition here.

Her twitter is here. If you want to tell her what you think of her use a fake account, those twitter bastards suspend accounts for even the slightest infringement.

The Great Foreshadowing of 1985

The Great Foreshadowing of 1985 published on

The whole Christopher Dorner thing has led to some alternative media mentions of the MOVE bombing back in 1985, so I thought this a good time to do a quick recap of that sign of things to come. Oh, and as for Dorner? Good fucking riddance. You want to kill corrupt Stormtroopers? Go ahead, make my day (heh, heh.) You want to kill civilians for the sin of being related to a Stormtrooper? You can burn in hell, though a cabin will do just as well…

MOVE was a black radical group led by a man called John Africa, some sort of hippie type thing except with not much inclination to believe that niceness can change the world. MOVE had had conflicts with the Philadelphia police force since the early 1970s, and in ’78 things came to a head when the Stormtroopers raided the group’s home. The result was a shootout that led to seven cops making unexpected trips to the hospital and to an eighth making an unexpected trip to the local mortuary. The bad blood had just gotten worse, and it wouldn’t end there.

For next few years, trouble stayed on the small side, with various members of MOVE being charged with arms offences, making terrorist threats etc., then once again the cops decided to raid the group’s home. Not being keen on authoritarian measures, the group resisted and another gunfight ensued. After several water cannons and 10,000 bullets failed to bring the radicals out into the open, the cops decided to do what any sensible, rational adult would do – they dropped a bomb on the building! I kid you not, they improvised a bomb from several pounds of plastic explosive and Tovex, took it up in a helicopter and dropped it on the house!

The house burst into fire, and as it burnt down and those inside tried to escape the flames the cops did what any honorable man would do – they shot them dead. I don’t know if that included the several children killed in the incident, but call me cynical for having no trouble imagining such cops shooting dead kids trying to flee a fire. At the end of the siege, only one woman and one 13 year old boy were still alive. The house itself had burnt to the ground – thanks in part to the fire brigade sitting on their fire hoses for over an hour after arriving at the scene – as had 65 other homes! I am assuming the authorities had the sense to evacuate the surrounding buildings, if only because there are no reports of deaths from the collateral damage, though it was a black neighborhood so one has to wonder just how unintended said damage was. There was an investigation which, despite being carried out by the same system that depends on cops for its survival, found nobody guilty of anything. Except for the woman who survived – she got seven years in jail for failing to die as planned.

Will it happen again? Well, of course it will, hence the title. Hell, it’s already happened again at Waco, and with 9/11 being used to justify anything as long as it is in defense of the plutocracy you can bet your ass that the American public hasn’t seen the last of this kind of atrocity – the only difference is that next time it won’t be a helicopter dropping the bomb, it will be a drone, and the order won’t come from some hot headed cop with shit for brains, it will come from some Ivy League educated  asshole in the White House.

More on this charming bit of Americana below. Disregard the bit about the 25th anniversary, the video is a couple of years old.

Dumbass L.A Cops Can’t Tell Male from Female

Dumbass L.A Cops Can’t Tell Male from Female published on

They aren’t too good at telling black from Hispanic and big from small, either!

In a startling show of incompetence, LA cops hunting down a 6’4” 270lb black man and former officer wanted for shooting some of his fellow Stormtroopers have started shooting civilians. Cops being cops one might expect them to be shooting every black male they run into, but no, these guys are mistaking small Hispanic women for large black men!

Apparently, two Hispanic women were delivering newspapers in a pickup truck when the filth spotted their vehicle. Since there is only one pickup truck in the whole of California, the cops decided they had found their man and without any warning unleashed a hail of bullets that left not only the truck but also nearby homes riddled with bullets. Thanks to the officers’ poor marksmanship neither woman was killed, though one was shot twice in the back and the other once in the hand. As if one idiotic case of mistaken identity wasn’t enough, less than half an hour later some other cops opened fire on yet another pickup truck. No one was hurt, but it is rumored that the person driving that vehicle was a white male – and probably a midget, at that.

Perhaps not being keen to place too much faith in the police force being able to control itself, some of the local TV stations decided to tell Californians to not drive any pickup trucks! They should have also warned them not to be black and male in any public places.

And if you think I’ve been unpleasant to the plutocracy’s enforcers up till now, here’s what I really think. These bastards are trying to play executioner. They see a vehicle they think is carrying the wanted man so they immediately open fire in the hopes of shooting him dead without having to bother with trivial things like trials. Shocking, if not unprecedented, behavior – just ask Barack Obama.

More here

Anonymous Hacks U.S Sentencing Commission

Anonymous Hacks U.S Sentencing Commission published on

Hacktivist group Anonymous have hacked into website of the U.S. Sentencing Commission as revenge for the death of Aaron Swartz, the young internet activist recently driven to suicide by the Amerikan Empire’s draconian (and conveniently applied) laws.

The group is making several demands and threaten to release secret information if the demands are not met. The files containing the information are named after the Empire’s Supreme Court justices and are apparently encrypted, with the group saying it will soon release the encryption keys. We have not been given any clues about what is in the files. It could be the kind of thing that would make Watergate look small, or it could be photos of politicians humping sheep, or it could all be a huge con. Only time will tell.

Below is a video posted on the hacked site’s front page, and below that is a screengrab of the entire page just as it appeared after the hack ( the black space is where the video used to be, for some reason it didn’t turn up in the grab). The text is for the most part a transcript of the video, with a bit added at the bottom about how they made the entire site editable. Right click and “view image” for the full size version. Needless to say, I wait with bated breath for the next development.

Liberal America — Drowning in the Kool-Aid

Liberal America — Drowning in the Kool-Aid published on 1 Comment on Liberal America — Drowning in the Kool-Aid

Barack Obama has finagled his way into office for a second term and, as is his wont, he has given an inauguration speech overflowing with empty but glittering promises – and, as is their wont, American liberals have taken him seriously.

Wall Street’s main man in Washington hit all the predictable notes, all the well-rehearsed lies that his faux-liberal party likes to spew on Americans and the world at large on a regular basis – guff and hot wind about looking after the vulnerable, making sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, not allowing anyone’s granny to die in poverty and squalor, God this, American greatness that, etc etc, yada yada, blah blah. He also made sure to pass the current liberal litmus test by going on about supporting gay rights – because doing so shows that he is in favor of individual freedoms, even if his support for the Patriot Act suggests otherwise. Possibly the only grain of truth in this otherwise solid slab of nonsense is his claim that America must make a commitment to “sustainable energy sources,” – that, after all, is guaranteed to be a ginormous cash cow once the planet stops bleeding black.

How can American liberals be so deluded as to swallow the lies of a man who made the same promises four years ago yet failed to deliver even when he had the power to do so? Are they ignorant? Are they stupid? Those factors are almost certainly part of the problem given America’s woeful education system (don’t worry, Uncle Barack’s going to take care of that as well,) but I suspect that the main problem here is that the country’s progressives are scared shitless. Deep down they know that what they are being sold is yet another pile of cow-dung, that an ever-widening gap between rich and poor and a continuing erosion of civil liberties are the new American norm, but a drowning idiot will grab onto anything you throw him – even an anvil. So down into the sweet, crimson depths go America’s liberals, cheering inanely as their self-inflicted illusions poison their future, comfortable in knowing that no matter how bad things get there will always be another ersatz messiah ready to soothe their suffering with yet another jug full of reassuring smiles and sweet, sweet lies.

Full speech below – have your barf bags ready.