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Banned from r/WhitePeopleTwitter

Banned from r/WhitePeopleTwitter published on

And for what, you may ask? As shown below, merely for participating in the Louder With Crowder sub, the prolife sub, and something i can’t even remember visiting. Note that they don’t even accuse me of LIKING those places, just participating in them. Now, while i like the Crowder sub, my views on abortion fall in the middle so there’s a good chance that if i ever visited prolife it was to argue with them about the idea that a clump of cells is a baby. But that’s how SJWs are. Even IF i was arguing with them, that in itself is forbidden. No discussion is allowed. The SJWs are right and everyone else is wrong and that’s that. Huey Long was right — fascism has come to America and it has done so in the guise of anti-fascism.