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Dumbass L.A Cops Can’t Tell Male from Female

Dumbass L.A Cops Can’t Tell Male from Female published on

They aren’t too good at telling black from Hispanic and big from small, either!

In a startling show of incompetence, LA cops hunting down a 6’4” 270lb black man and former officer wanted for shooting some of his fellow Stormtroopers have started shooting civilians. Cops being cops one might expect them to be shooting every black male they run into, but no, these guys are mistaking small Hispanic women for large black men!

Apparently, two Hispanic women were delivering newspapers in a pickup truck when the filth spotted their vehicle. Since there is only one pickup truck in the whole of California, the cops decided they had found their man and without any warning unleashed a hail of bullets that left not only the truck but also nearby homes riddled with bullets. Thanks to the officers’ poor marksmanship neither woman was killed, though one was shot twice in the back and the other once in the hand. As if one idiotic case of mistaken identity wasn’t enough, less than half an hour later some other cops opened fire on yet another pickup truck. No one was hurt, but it is rumored that the person driving that vehicle was a white male – and probably a midget, at that.

Perhaps not being keen to place too much faith in the police force being able to control itself, some of the local TV stations decided to tell Californians to not drive any pickup trucks! They should have also warned them not to be black and male in any public places.

And if you think I’ve been unpleasant to the plutocracy’s enforcers up till now, here’s what I really think. These bastards are trying to play executioner. They see a vehicle they think is carrying the wanted man so they immediately open fire in the hopes of shooting him dead without having to bother with trivial things like trials. Shocking, if not unprecedented, behavior – just ask Barack Obama.

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Anonymous Hacks U.S Sentencing Commission

Anonymous Hacks U.S Sentencing Commission published on

Hacktivist group Anonymous have hacked into website of the U.S. Sentencing Commission as revenge for the death of Aaron Swartz, the young internet activist recently driven to suicide by the Amerikan Empire’s draconian (and conveniently applied) laws.

The group is making several demands and threaten to release secret information if the demands are not met. The files containing the information are named after the Empire’s Supreme Court justices and are apparently encrypted, with the group saying it will soon release the encryption keys. We have not been given any clues about what is in the files. It could be the kind of thing that would make Watergate look small, or it could be photos of politicians humping sheep, or it could all be a huge con. Only time will tell.

Below is a video posted on the hacked site’s front page, and below that is a screengrab of the entire page just as it appeared after the hack ( the black space is where the video used to be, for some reason it didn’t turn up in the grab). The text is for the most part a transcript of the video, with a bit added at the bottom about how they made the entire site editable. Right click and “view image” for the full size version. Needless to say, I wait with bated breath for the next development.

Liberal America — Drowning in the Kool-Aid

Liberal America — Drowning in the Kool-Aid published on 1 Comment on Liberal America — Drowning in the Kool-Aid

Barack Obama has finagled his way into office for a second term and, as is his wont, he has given an inauguration speech overflowing with empty but glittering promises – and, as is their wont, American liberals have taken him seriously.

Wall Street’s main man in Washington hit all the predictable notes, all the well-rehearsed lies that his faux-liberal party likes to spew on Americans and the world at large on a regular basis – guff and hot wind about looking after the vulnerable, making sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, not allowing anyone’s granny to die in poverty and squalor, God this, American greatness that, etc etc, yada yada, blah blah. He also made sure to pass the current liberal litmus test by going on about supporting gay rights – because doing so shows that he is in favor of individual freedoms, even if his support for the Patriot Act suggests otherwise. Possibly the only grain of truth in this otherwise solid slab of nonsense is his claim that America must make a commitment to “sustainable energy sources,” – that, after all, is guaranteed to be a ginormous cash cow once the planet stops bleeding black.

How can American liberals be so deluded as to swallow the lies of a man who made the same promises four years ago yet failed to deliver even when he had the power to do so? Are they ignorant? Are they stupid? Those factors are almost certainly part of the problem given America’s woeful education system (don’t worry, Uncle Barack’s going to take care of that as well,) but I suspect that the main problem here is that the country’s progressives are scared shitless. Deep down they know that what they are being sold is yet another pile of cow-dung, that an ever-widening gap between rich and poor and a continuing erosion of civil liberties are the new American norm, but a drowning idiot will grab onto anything you throw him – even an anvil. So down into the sweet, crimson depths go America’s liberals, cheering inanely as their self-inflicted illusions poison their future, comfortable in knowing that no matter how bad things get there will always be another ersatz messiah ready to soothe their suffering with yet another jug full of reassuring smiles and sweet, sweet lies.

Full speech below – have your barf bags ready.

Chomsky interviewed on Al Jazeera

Chomsky interviewed on Al Jazeera published on

Just once I’d like to see this guy on CNN, just fucking once. You want evidence that the so-called liberal media are little more than tools of the plutocracy, consider how rarely you see this man’s face on TV. Intellectuals with far less standing are all over the place, Chomsky is nowhere to be seen. This, folks, is what happens when too much truth comes out of your mouth.