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Piggy just cancelled his Twitter Blue

Piggy just cancelled his Twitter Blue published on

Edit 6th October 2023: Alas, i had not taken into account tweet length when i cancelled! After ten days of seeing the message “only the first 280 characters will show” i realized that i NEED those extra characters to give proper answers. This means that i have, alas, cancelled the cancellation. Crap.

You know, that thing where you pay Elon Muskrat for greater reach on the bird app. Why? Because piggy ain’t gonna pay to be censored. Hell, i got censored before the muskrat took over, but at least back then i didn’t get charged for the privilege!
And what got me the recent 12 hour suspension? I told mass-murdering scumbag Bill Kristol that he’s a mass-murdering scumbag.

That’s right, Muskrat’s platform is worried about a mass-murdering scumbag’s feelings. Well, fuck ’em. They may be going full fascist on us, but at least they aren’t gonna do it on Piggy’s dime.

Some folks may wonder why i didn’t word the tweet differently, like “you mass-murdering bad person, you.” Well, because while reason is king, emotion still matters. Reason is what reaches valid conclusions that get as close to the truth as mere humans can, but it’s emotion that motivates us to get shit done. When i say “mass-murdering warmonger,” do you feel the same anger as when i say “mass-murdering scumbag”? No, you do not. And therein lies the reason why tweets like the above get censored. The scumbag plutocrats running Big Tech know that they have to censor more than our thoughts, they have to censor our emotions — because it is the latter that spark revolutions.