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Interesting disparity between Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing

Interesting disparity between Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing published on

Here’s a rather suspect thing. I…er…i mean my manager Michael, recently decided to revive his paranormal site. That’s right, he has a website that’s paranormal. Fucking thing often causes spontaneous combustion, flies through the midnight skies, appears and disappears at will and so on. No, it’s a site about the paranormal and when he searches for the thing’s name on Google it is nowhere above the fold of the front page…

It is in fact about thirty results down, which means nobody is going to be bumping into it by accident. However, on DuckDuckGo it is at the very top!

And on Bing? Same thing!

Odd, huh? Is this some sort of freak thing or is it because Google knows World Of The Paranormal is owned by the same guy who owns The Pigman Cometh and they don’t like his politics? It’s pretty much established that Google pushes well-known dissidents to the bottom of the results page, so could they be doing the same with us obscure dissidents? And they DO know it’s the same guy, because both sites are on the same hosting account and in the past i have linked to Paranormal from The Pigman Cometh. And this isn’t a hiccup, as a few months ago i did the same thing and got the same huge disparity between these search engines. Like i said, it’s all very odd.