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Some Times The News Is (Mostly) Good

Some Times The News Is (Mostly) Good published on

It seems that schools in England are to be given guidelines on what kiddies and teachers can and can’t say to one another. While I might usually condemn this kind of thing as Orwellian ( for example, when it’s some PC bullshit about gendered pronouns or forcing boys to wear pink tutus and hold tea parties for their stuffed animals) in this case I think it a good thing.

For something coming out of a modern education system, the guidelines seem pretty sensible, and unexpectedly pro-male. Amongst the banned crap will be…

Telling boys to “Man up”
Calling boys “sissies”
Calling children or each other “cupcake”
Boys telling girls to “make them a sandwich”
Teachers saying to boys “don’t be a girl”.
Calling girls who study ‘male’ subjects “lesbians”

In a world where praising females and pissing on males is de rigueur, it is refreshing to see a ban not only on telling girls they are dykes for liking math, but also on telling boys to “man up” because they aren’t being the cold, stoic lumps that the plutocrats would like them to be. Kids are incredibly malleable, and such an enforcement of gender stereotypes is bound to have a detrimental effect on them reaching some sort of emotional and intellectual maturity. Hell, this shit works even on men and women, can you imagine how much more powerful it is on the young and impressionable? So to this, I say, “Good! It’s about bloody time!”

Of course, social conservatives are bound to be outraged by this — note, for example, the quotation marks around the word sexist in the linked article’s title! But what else can be expected from people who have oatmeal for brains? Far as I can tell, nobody is going to force kids to do things they don’t want to — nobody is going to force Johnny to play with dolls and Janey to play with trucks, so I don’t see the big deal.

Not surprisingly, the whole thing is being touted as being primarily about the girls because females are always the primary victims of anything bad that happens. Prostate cancer, for example, is an area in which the primary victims are women because many end up with men who are either dead or impotent! This is how our sick, twisted society looks at everything, but we mustn’t let the gynocentric language surrounding the initiative blind us to the potential benefits this will have for boys.

I was especially pleased to see this bit…

“Clare Thomson, of the Institute of Physics, who helped to draw up the guidelines, told The Sunday Times: “Even low-level comments are potentially an issue with teachers using phrases such as ‘man up’.”

It’s good to see that not only are the kids being told to stop being such little shits, so are the teachers. As for the whole “man up” thing, it is as offensive and fucking retarded as it gets. What, a man is less of a man because he doesn’t do what you want him to? His balls drop off if he doesn’t follow your orders, do they? The phrase is pathetic even when used on a man, but on a boy? Why the fuck should he “man up” when he isn’t even a man!?!?! He’s a boy, a child, and he has the right to be so without some piece of shit trying to shame him into being something he is not.

The news isn’t all good, hence the title of this post, as some schools have decided to enforce these new guidelines by setting up squads of little feminazis to go around harassing kids who break the rules. How’s that for the modern definition of sexual equality? Only the girls get to police the new rules, and who do you think they will go after more eagerly – the boy jerks or the girl jerks? Can you imagine if this was about racism these schools appointing white-only groups to police it? These particular schools, wherever they are, are clearly being run by sexist, anti-male, white-knighting dweebs who should be fired so they can go do something that involves less power over the young. Cleaning toilets or jumping off cliffs are activities that come to mind, though I’m not sure anyone will pay them to do the latter.

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