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Only 19 Times Per Day

Only 19 Times Per Day published on

Quick, how often do you think a male in his late teens to early twenties thinks about sex? Every few minutes? Every few seconds? Nope, turns out that even at such a hormone-rich stage of their lives the average man (boy, really) thinks about “getting some” only 19 times per day. That’s around once an hour, not counting sleeping hours. And that’s the other thing – he thinks about sleep more than he thinks about sex! Same with food!

This all goes against the oft-repeated malarkey about men thinking about sex (read “women”) every few seconds. Mind you, not many intelligent men need an actual study to know that we don’t think about sex every few seconds (I’ve been awake for three hours and, until someone mentioned the linked article, sex hadn’t even crossed my mind. Food had, though. So had work and taking a piss. How’s that for a real measure of male priorities?) but not everyone is intelligent and not everyone is a man. I’m pretty sure even some of the few smart women out there have found themselves believing the bull about every few seconds – let’s face it, how the hell would they know otherwise? Where this figure of every few seconds came from I don’t know, but it’s repeated all over the place. I recently ran into it in an award winning pop psych book that didn’t bother to either prove it or refute it but simply stated it as a given. And this is a book that is described by the publisher as “a thinking person’s guide!” Needless to say, my copy of this book is now lining the bottom of a neighbor’s budgie cage.

The reason why it is important to debunk this ludicrous myth is that it is simply an anti-male twist on an old anti-negro meme, namely that blacks are a bunch of animals who are driven by nothing but base urges and who will fuck anyone, or anything, at the drop of a belt. Nowadays, try this bullshit on black people and most thinking people see it for the pile of turds that it is. Try it on men and even the usually intelligent folks are apt to swallow it like a free steak dinner. And, whether they care to admit it or not, it will lower their estimation of men, just as it diminishes blacks in the eyes of the few who still choose to believe that particular lie. Rutting, sex-obsessed animals, that’s all that men are. A kind of proto-human ; half homo sapiens, half “walking penis,” to paraphrase Valerie Solanas. Why shouldn’t women be allowed to run the world? They wouldn’t be hindered by constant thoughts of dry humping the nearest couch! And why shouldn’t men be kept from sitting next to unaccompanied minors on airplanes? If you think about sex every few seconds, sooner or later you’ll get desperate enough to fuck anyone! Right?

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