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This Dog-Killing Scumbag Belongs in Jail

This Dog-Killing Scumbag Belongs in Jail published on

But the authorities in Bulgaria refuse to do the right thing, so it is up to the global community to exert some pressure.

For those who think shooting kittens dead isn’t bad enough, we have the asshole to the left, a scuzz by the name of Raycho D.Ivanov. Seems Ivanov‘s dog made the mistake of killing a couple of young chickens  so he decided to punish the poor animal – by dragging it behind his car for several miles then throwing it into a ravine where it was left to die. It appears that the dog initially survived, but after being given a quick look over by a vet who found it to have severe external and internal injuries it was returned to Ivanov by the animal lovers at the local police station. Not surprisingly,  the dog was later found dead in a shallow grave. At least the kittens got it quick…

The guilt of this poor excuse for a human being is not very much in dispute. Not only did numerous people witness the barbaric deed but one even took this photograph

Several people, including the girl who took the photo, tried to stop Ivanov but he wouldn’t hear of it, and if his reputation amongst his neighbors as a bad-tempered piece of shit is anything to go by, they are probably lucky they didn’t share the dog’s fate.

Personally, I would like to see this guy beaten to death with a razor-studded baseball bat, but all the law allows is three years in jail and even that looks unlikely to happen. Bulgaria apparently has a very bad record when it comes to its treatment of the lower species, criminalizing cruelty to animals only as recently as 2011, so chances are that the same “justice” system that gave the victim back to its torturer isn’t about to do anything to punish him, unless of course they are publicly shamed into doing so. That’s where the petition below comes in. It’s at almost 90 thousand, and the more signatures the better. Shame, folks – it often works where decency has failed.


Petition here