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I Guess There Weren’t Any Negroes or Mexicans Around…

I Guess There Weren’t Any Negroes or Mexicans Around… published on

Just when you thought the Thugs in Blue had gone as low as they could, an Ohio woman with several kids finds that there is a family of feral cats ( mother and five kittens ) living in her woodpile. She calls the authorities assuming that they will take the cats away and give them good homes, or at worst humanely euthanize them. So some asshole called Barry Accorti – an asshole bearing the uber-ironic title of “Humane Officer” – comes over and decides that since the shelters are full he will euthanize the kittens himself – with his gun!

The dirtbag didn’t even try to catch the cats, he just went to his vehicle, took out his gun and shot dead the five kittens! What kind of man does shit like that?!?!? A psychopath, that’s what kind. Not only that, but he did it while the woman’s kids were inside the house and could hear what was going on! A man like this does not belong in any field working with animals, much less should he be roaming the streets with a deadly weapon. However, this is not how his boss, a second asshole by the name of Mike Freeman, sees it. Chief Freeman claims Accorti acted properly so the kitten killer gets to keep his job. Since the Stormtrooper in Charge doesn’t know right from wrong or at least is dissembling in order to protect his Department’s right to shoot whatever the fuck they want, there are several petitions doing the rounds, two of which are linked at the end of this article.

When the  North Ridgeville Police Department’s Facebook Page was flooded with vitriolic comments the suddenly-sensitive wallopers took it down, but not before warning the public not to mess with them…

“While we understand that emotions run high in this type of incident we absolutely will not tolerate any threats made toward ANYONE on our page.”

Yeah, and you’d better listen – because if you don’t they’ll come round and murder your hamster.


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