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Miami Storm Troopers Attack Boy ( And His Dog )

Miami Storm Troopers Attack Boy ( And His Dog ) published on

The kid was, not surprisingly, black but the dog was white so I have to believe he was only an accidental victim.

Some members of the Miami filth have thrown a kid to the ground, choked him and then arrested him. Supposedly there had been a report of 14 year old Tremaine McMillian fighting with some other kids, but after the Neanderthals In Blue spoke to the boy ( who was at the time offending every sensibility of civilized society by bottle feeding a puppy ) they realized the so-called fight had instead been just a friendly rough-house with some buds. Still, the filth insisted on talking to the kid’s mom, as anyone young, male and black poses a threat to the peace and must be turned over to mommy for the good of the community. Somewhere along the way, as the kid was leading the dirtbags to the parent in question, they decided to tackle him to the ground and choke him, injuring the puppy’s leg in the process.

In a logical world it would be the two large, burly men who would be in trouble, but this being a world illogical enough to make Alice’s Wonderland look like the personification of reason, it is the scrawny kid who has been charged with a crime. And what is that crime? Resisting arrest with violence! Strictly speaking that is indeed what was happening – they were trying to arrest him with violence and he resisted. Amerika being what it is I’m surprised they didn’t also charge him with bottle feeding a puppy in public…

The cops claim the kid – shock, horror – clenched his fists and pulled his arm away when they tried to arrest him, and this justifies the officers’ brutality. Some asshole Police Detective called Alvaro Zabaleta tries to explain his fellow officers’ behavior with this bit of blithering…

“All of that body language alone is already letting the officers know that this is a person that is now obviously getting agitated and can become violent.”
Great, next time someone clenches his fists in my presence I’ll knock him to the ground and choke him out. Also, if there is a dog in the vicinity I’ll be sure to give it a kick for good measure.

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Also, there is a petition asking the police to drop the charges here.

And then people wonder why songs like Cop Killer get written…

( Check out the Laugh Out Loud moment at around 4 min 20 secs — Ice-T, singer, actor and comedian!)