By now everyone knows that eighteen-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt is looking down the barrel of a lengthy jail sentence for getting all Sapphic with a girl a couple of years younger than herself.

This situation is disgusting for at least three reasons (given time, I’m sure I could find a lot more). The first is that the state thinks it is its business to tell kids that they can’t have it off with other kids. Sure, it has the legal right to do so, but as anyone with any brains knows, legal and moral aren’t the same thing and unless one party is 14 and the other is 30 the state should keep its grubby mitts out of people’s bedrooms – the stat rape laws should be there to protect kids from adults, not from one another.

The second reason this is disgusting is that if Kaitlyn were a boy she would at this very moment be in a jail cell serving a lengthy sentence and being the victim of not-so-statutory rape. The only reason there is such a shit storm over this case is that she is a female and, to a lesser extent, because she is gay and this latter fact has gotten the liberal media pissed off — it’s a confluence of good, old fashioned female privilege and a new fangled dislike for homophobia. Please, will someone give me an example of an 18 year old boy who has had sex with a girl only a couple of years younger and then been given the support of a massive online petition and gotten the opportunity to go on TV and complain about the case? Come on, just one. Hell, now that I think about it, one isn’t enough! Since hetero males greatly outnumber gay females you would have to come up with a lot more than one just to show equal treatment. Think about it, the great majority of 18 year olds charged with statutory rape are male, yet it is a member of the female minority that gets this big a fuss made over her – it’s analogous to the great majority of those charged with crack offenses in a mostly black city like Detroit being black, yet the furor erupting only in one of the few cases in which it’s a white guy caught with a crack pipe up his ass! Fact is, as badly as Hunt is being treated, things would be far darker were she not female and gay – she certainly wouldn’t have the Florida ACLU referring (albeit correctly) to her behavior as “both fairly innocuous and extremely common.” “Predatory, misogynist and an extremely common part of rape culture,” would be a more likely response from those bastards.

The third reason this pisses me off is the significant number of dumbass MRAs who think that the way to help males in Hunt’s situation is to let the state crucify their female equivalent! No, my boof-headed friends, the way to help such boys is to let Kaitlyn off the hook then agitate like mad for males to get the same leniency. Logically speaking, what some MRAs are asking for is the equivalent of trying to solve the education gap by throwing women out of college instead of bringing more men into it! And that isn’t helping anyone except, of course, those who wish to make the MRM look like it is composed primarily of men whose brains are up their asses.

Summary of the situation, including the young fool’s rejection of a plea deal, here.

I was going to link to a petition to get these absurd charges dropped, but someone has hacked the page, supposedly to make a point about security. Hacked page here.