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This Is Why I Think Twitter Is Full Of Morons…

This Is Why I Think Twitter Is Full Of Morons… published on

Like most intelligent people, I am rather ambivalent about a place that reduces conversations about important topics to something that makes even a sound bite seem expansive — but sometimes even the Pigster feels like being a wiseass in less than 140 characters, so I have recently joined this stupid thing called Twitter.

After a day or two of waiting for Britney Spears and Justin Bieber — or their ghost writers — to say something even vaguely interesting, I decided to do a search for men’s rights. The results reinforced my opinion that twitter is a good place for wiseguys to throw bon mots at one another, but definitely not the place for intellectual debate. (Yeah, yeah, I know Stephen Fry isn’t dumb, but for every member like him there are dozens like Ashton Kutcher.)

Anyway, here is a screencap of the top results, the more inane comments have been marked in red.

So much stupidity and ignorance crammed into such a small area – it’s like a phone booth full of Tea Partiers!