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The Blob Strikes Again

The Blob Strikes Again published on

Ever wonder why William Bennett is so big and fat? It’s because he’s full of shit.

In a grotesquely offensive article, the animal responsible for sending countless of harmless men to jail for minor drug offenses so that corporate scum can rake in the moolah has now chosen to enforce the notion of male disposability by holding up the men who committed suicide at the Dark Knight Rises shootings as paragons to be emulated – but only by other men. Yes, the same man who criticizes his fellow Americans’ lack of discipline while stuffing his face like a rabid warthog wants us to take his opinion on moral matters seriously. And make no mistake, Bennett’s praise is not for bravery or sacrifice in themselves, it is all about gender….

“By all appearances, these men believed that a man has a responsibility to protect a woman, even to the point of death.”

And it is that which Bennett is praising – the belief that a woman’s life is simply worth more than a man’s. And does Bennett bother to give any argument as to why it is a good and “honorable” thing for men to die for another simply because that other is a woman? No, of course not, the closest he gets is this…

“ They put the lives of the women before their own, an old fashioned notion to be sure, but certainly an honorable one (if you have any doubt, ask the survivors). “

Yes, the evidence for his opinion that these were honorable ( as opposed to self-loathing and self-destructive ) actions is someone else’s opinion that these were honorable actions…

Bennett then compounds his sins by adding shaming tactics to his intellectual dishonesty…

“This is especially important given the state of many men today. Record numbers of men aren’t working or even looking for work. Record numbers aren’t marrying or even acting as fathers to their children. These men need heroes to imitate who they can relate to in everyday life… They need heroes like the Aurora three.”

So you see, men can make up for their woeful state by giving their lives for the nearest woman. Note also the way that male unemployment is implied to be the common man’s fault – as he isn’t “even looking for work” – rather than that of the plutocratic scum who have spent the last 30 years sending manufacturing jobs overseas, nor something to be blamed on the recent financial meltdown. No, it’s the average Joe’s fault and he must make up for it some way – even if it means giving his life for the nearest member of The Important Sex.

Still in doubt as to just how much importance Bennett attaches to males seeing themselves as lesser than females? He apparently thinks it is one of the best things in the world, perhaps even better than donuts and gambling…

“… we should hold the Aurora three high. It is only by telling their story that this code of honor will survive for future generations of men. “The world is forwarded by having its attention fixed on the best things,” Matthew Arnold wrote….”

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