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In Praise of Male Disposability

In Praise of Male Disposability published on

In the wake of the “Dark Knight Rises” shooting rampage, some in the media have decided to treat several men who died saving others as heroes. Quick, guess what the “others” have in common! That’s right, they are all female!

How’s that for inequity? How’s that for disposability? These guys appear to have sacrificed themselves for these people primarily because of their sex. After all, where are the guys who jumped in front of their best mate, or their dad or brother? And above all, where are the women who died saving their boyfriends? This isn’t heroism, this is male disposability at its worst and by praising it society is encouraging it.

Cheering these men’s actions is as reprehensible as it is stupid and discriminatory. Imagine if this was a cinema where roughly 50% of the patrons were black and the other 50% white, then imagine that everyone who decided to act as someone else’s bullet-proof vest just happened to be black and everyone who benefited from their sacrifice just happened to be white. Anyone with any sense would be thinking “Well, this is clearly a society that teaches both blacks and whites that white people are worth more than black people.” But because the disparity runs against not a politically protected group but against a group that enjoys neither the protection of the Right nor the victim status granted by the Left, not only does no one complain – they actually encourage the continuation of such disparity by praising the men who were foolish enough and unfortunate enough to fall for a lifetime of anti-male propaganda telling them to die for the nearest woman whenever the shit hits the fan.

I have no doubt that many are concerned with the feelings of the dead men’s survivors and wish I would just shut up. But this is a simple case of “What you praise, you encourage,” and I for one think calling out those who encourage  men to waste their lives for people worth no more than themselves is more important than being “sensitive”. Die for a child if you must, die for some guy on the verge of finding a cure for cancer if you must – die for someone no better than you simply because you have been taught to and you are a fool.


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