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Todd Goldman is a Maggot

Todd Goldman is a Maggot published on

I have written previously about the egregious piece of scum known as Todd Goldman, the worthless piece of filth who came up with the “Boys are stupid” products, but it seems his so-called cartoons are even worse than the ones cited in my previous piece.

Recently I bumped into a post at Men Are Angry Now which led me to Goldman’s site and several much more shocking examples of his inexplicable hatred for small male humans.

Doing a search for the term “boys” at Goldman’s David & Goliath site you get these results, all of them derogatory and many of them actually encouraging violence.

Amongst the simply derogatory ones are ….

But vilest are those which encourage violence, and yes that’s what they do, if not then let’s come up with female versions! If there’s no problem with all this then let’s put out shirts with slogans like “Girls Are Stupid – Run Them Over”.  Does anyone doubt that if someone  did this the ACLU, NOW, and President Useless would all be screaming blue murder before the shirts were even in the local Wal-Mart? No, me neither…

Okay, so Todd Goldman doesn’t like little boys. But maybe he just hates kids, so let’s see what we get when we do a search for the word “girls” on the David And Goliath site. What we get of course is mostly complimentary slogans, such as “Girls kick Balls” , “One Tough Cookie” and of course “Girls pass notes, boys pass gas” because we all know the female sex  is incapable of producing their own methane!

What Goldman does should be considered by any decent society a hate crime and a form of child abuse, and if he were doing it to the Important Sex he would be out of business by now. But as long as America can’t get enough of pissing on its boys and men, Goldman will continue to live up to his name and rake in the moolah, no matter how many young minds he damages.

So Goldman, you poor excuse for a human being,  please be so kind as to do the male sex a favor by being inside the next American skyscraper to be targeted  by some radical loons.