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UN Denying Men Food In Haiti

UN Denying Men Food In Haiti published on

The bastards at the United Nations World Food Programme are  openly acknowledging that  in the devastated Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince,  their relief workers are  handing out food to women, and only women !

These champions of the needy are seeing to it that only members of the Sacred Sex  are being given the coupons that allow them to collect a 55 pound (25 kilogram) bag of rice, the implied excuse being, as it often is with anti-male initiatives, that it’s all about the kiddies!

UN Muppet Markus Prior  told CNN that…

“Our long experience in food distribution tells us that by delivering food into the hands of women, it is more likely to be redistributed equitably among the household — including the men,”

So supposedly, giving women the rice will see to it that everyone in the family gets a fair share, because as we all know women are pure and loving creatures who are incapable of things like selfishness or greed! This excuse is not only immoral in that it ignores many of the needy, but is also logically untenable  – if concern for the families was the true motive, the United Nations World Food Programme would put the word out that, man or woman, if you bring some kiddies with you and they aren’t looking up at you as if they’re thinking “Who the hell is this fucker?” then we give you the bag of rice!  In truth,  even that would be grossly callous, after all there are plenty of single people in Haiti, not to mention parents who have lost all their children, but at least it would be a gender-neutral callousness, which probably explains why it isn’t happening.

Unless these UN clowns are as stupid as they are corrupt, I can only assume that this is yet another excuse for the UN to help only the Important Sex, after all these are the misandrist bastards who set up UNIFEM but no male equivalent, and who have feminist nutters like Nicole Kidman telling  Republican baby-kissers that Hollywood encourages violence against women, so what else can we expect?

More on this U.N sanctioned act of hatred here.

The guy in the photo is Rico Dibrivell, who was pulled out of the rubble 14 days after the earthquake – now all he has to do is not starve to death.