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Scottish State Steals Baby.

Scottish State Steals Baby. published on

Kerry Robertson is apparently a bit of a thicky (not that you can tell from the interviews in the linked articles) so the Scottish social services decided that she couldn’t raise baby Ben and promptly stole him from Kerry and his dad Mark McDougall.

The authorities had earlier prevented the two from getting married, claiming that the girl didn’t understand what she was doing, and when the pair found out about government plans to steal the child as soon as it saw the light of day they fled to Ireland, only to have that country’s storm troopers steal the baby on behalf of their Scottish counterparts!

Even if Kerry was a drooling vegetable like the kind of boofheads who made this vile decision the State’s actions would still be insupportable, given that the child’s father has no “disability”. But McDougall doesn’t need to be “disabled” to have his child stolen by The State as, wait for it, he is not married to the mother and therefore has no legal rights to the baby! Well, that worked out nicely for the kidnappers, didn’t it? I guess now we know what the Scottish hierarchy is when it comes to who “owns” children – state first, mommy second, dad not even in the running unless he’s married to the mother, and even then almost certainly a very distant third.

It’s all very 1984, deciding who can or can’t get married, who can or can’t raise children. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the family unit is a threat to the powers that be. Orwell knew it, you and I know it. Even with the media invading children’s minds more and more every day, those pesky parents are still there to teach them things the government would rather they did not know. Unless of course you can find some bullshit excuse to take the children away from them…

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