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James Deen Is Starting To Look Pretty Bad

James Deen Is Starting To Look Pretty Bad published on

To feminists and other Witchfinders he looked bad as soon as Stoya accused him of raping her. But decent, rational, people like to have a bit more to go on before piling up the wood and lighting the fire.

Thing is, though, that now there is more to go on. None of it is evidence, but I like to do things based on probability, and the probability that all these women are lying is fairly small. It’s not a Cosby thing – not yet – where there are so many accusers that it is virtually impossible that they are all lying, but it’s enough to make Deen look very suspect.

Since Stoya’s rather dubious accusations (you want cred when accusing a black man of raping you, don’t point out that you are in the Klan) other people have come forward with stories of various types of sexual abuse suffered at the hands of “Porn’s Tom Cruise.” The latest seems to be one Lily LaBeau, whose story is confirmed by the guy who directed the scene during which Deen slapped her so hard she couldn’t move her jaw for several minutes. ( He apparently did this while his foot was jammed in her mouth, so it seems James has a habit of confusing mouths with footwear. Bizarre thing, the BDSM industry. What the hell ever happened to fucking for the sake of fucking?)

But anyway, the grossness of some modern porn aside, this is a bad development for James Deen, who looks sleazier and sleazier by the day. Now, I am no puritan, so I don’t think fucking in front of a camera makes him sleazy. What makes him sleazy is his other behaviors. At the very least, Deen seems to be an S&M freak with little respect for his partners, at worst he is a straight out rapist. Either way, it makes one wish the worst we could say of Deen is that he bounces up and down on couches and takes a certain sci-fi writer too seriously…

LaBeau lays the dirt about lying with dirt here

And here’s a photo of Lily LaBeau for purely gratuitous purposes. It includes her jaw, but no foot…

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