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Clementine Ford Must Go

Clementine Ford Must Go published on

By now the entire manosphere knows that an antipodean piece of scum called Clementine Ford got a mere male fired for daring to call one of the Superior Sex (namely Ford herself) a slut. Now, I don’t know if Ford is an actual slut, but I suspect not. A woman who looks even more like a pig than Amy Schumer does probably couldn’t get laid even if she was stripped naked, smothered in KY and thrown over the wall of a men’s prison. Roasted on a spit, maybe. Laid, no.

But Ms Ford’s lack of sexual attractiveness isn’t what this is about. This is about forcing feminists to abide by their own principles. Ford clearly believes that calling a woman a slut is deserving of severe punishment – I’m pretty sure that if she had her way, Michael Nolan would be singing soprano by now, but getting him fired was all that the poor dear could manage without access to his trousers – so here is a petition calling for Ford to resign over the many vile things she has said on the internet. Makes sense to me, and since these are her standards it should also make sense to her. It won’t, of course, but it should.

Tell this hypocritical turd what you really think of her