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Here are a list of the sort of questions people of low intellect may wish to have answered before they waste my time with lame-brained comments that won’t make it past moderation.

Why you hates the wiminz, Mr Pigmen?

I don’t hate women, i think they are wonderful creatures and every home should have one. Oh, wait, that’s dogs…

Why you want to destroy wiminz rights?

I don’t want to destroy them, though you won’t find me fighting for them until women as a class fight for men’s rights. Being a liberal pig I believe that female idiots should have all the same rights as male idiots — it will probably make the world an even smellier place than it is, but everyone has the same right to take a dump in the swimming pool.

Is you really lefty or is you a right wing sneak?

What a stupid question. Why the toss would anyone pretend to be a leftist in a movement dominated by right wingers? Bloody hell, I could easily quadruple my traffic by swinging to the right, but I am neither stupid enough nor evil enough to do such a thing.

Why you make fun of the superior sexx?

Someone has to, and it won’t be women themselves nor the cringing, money – hungry toads in charge of the popular media. Until screens big and small are as packed with as many Lucy Ricardos as they are with Homer Simpsons I will continue to poke fun at that most sacred of cows, the human female. Hell, i insult all the other sacred cows, why should i be sexist enough to leave out women?!?!?