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Kyle Goes Free!

Kyle Goes Free! published on

Much to my delight — and surprise — the jury has reached the right verdict and Kyle Rittenhouse is now a free man!

Good to see that the jury did not give in to the explicit and implied threats from the BLM psychos and their enablers in the government to kill everyone in sight if they delivered justice. The thing should never have gone to trial, and if it had been a black girl called Taneesha Rittenhouse who had shot some White Supremacist thugs trying to fuck her up it never would have. But Kyle is White, he’s male, and he’s conservative so that makes him the scum of the earth as far as the Establishment is concerned. And if you doubt that, just take a look at how previously noble “liberal” institutions are reacting.

This from the group who — while under Jewish control — defended NAZIS’ right to march through Jewish neighbourhoods!

And this from the people who did so much to turn the Klan into a paper tiger.

Fake socialist Sandy Cortez took time out from sucking her rich boyfriend’s gold-plated, diamond-studded dick to once again pit the peasants against one another…



And this from Cori Bush, a woman whose main goal in life is to make AOC look sane and whose secondary goal is to get a boyfriend — a black one, of course — with a gold-plated, diamond-studded…you know…

And Biden — or the puppet master with their hand up his ass — quickly backtracked from the sensible stance of accepting to verdict to being “angry and concerned” that a mere White boy can still get justice in the increasingly corrupt system that he undeservingly presides over. And don’t let the call for “peaceful protests” fool you, these days that’s just Democrat code for “kill every White person you can find.”

You know what? Fuck them all. Virtually everyone in the “liberal” establishment is simply evil now. And they sure as hell aren’t liberal, they are just totalitarians working to replace democracy with a satanic amalgam of State rule and Neo-Feudal Plutocracy.

Fuck. Them. All.

Minds continues to get worse

Minds continues to get worse published on

So now Minds is literally telling us what we can and can’t spend our money on. I tried to boost my latest cartoon, and it was rejected after they labelled it NSFW. What bullshit. Who the hell is going around making sure workers aren’t reading cartoons with the word “fucking” in them? Nobody, that’s who. As i see it, this is just another sign that Minds is becoming part of the corrupt Establishment. First they blackmail people into getting Minds Plus by reducing rewards to those who don’t have it, then they get 10 million from venture capitalists, now they are coming up with excuses to not promote content they don’t like. I recently dropped out of the Minds Plus con, and encourage everyone else to do the same. Otherwise, you are just giving money to the Jack Dorseys of tomorrow.

Edit: My speculation that this is just a roundabout way of censoring has been justified. I got an email telling me i have received a strike, with a link to their Orwellian definition of NSFW…

“NSFW (not safe for work) is defined as content containing nudity, pornography, profanity, violence, gore, or sensitive commentary on race, religion, or gender.”

There it is, folks, Minds admitting it won’t let you make fun of the trannies and other freaks sacred to the SJW mob.