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The Erotic Adventures of Daisy Duchess — Cumming Soon

The Erotic Adventures of Daisy Duchess — Cumming Soon published on

Don’t blame me, it’s all my pervert manager’s doing. He has decided that what the world needs most is a pornographic political cartoon, so he has teamed up with my nemesis Daisy Duchess to give the world what it needs, and give it to us good and hard and fast.

Says Mr. Michael Claymore in between downloading the latest updates from Brazzers.Com…

”Recently, i realized that there is just not enough pornography on the internet and that someone needs to correct this dreadful problem as soon as possible. To this end i will be starting a new cartoon series starring Daisy Duchess and aimed at expressing certain political positions in seriously graphic terms. The series will be ongoing, and filled with penetrating social commentary, hard statistics, tight logical argumentation, and moist, warm analysis of current political trends. It will promote critical thought while provoking debate and giving office managers everywhere an excuse to fire their employees.”

So there you have it, another first from a man dedicated to being the first person to do all sorts of things the rest of us wish he had never done. You have been warned.