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Interesting disparity between Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing

Interesting disparity between Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing published on

Here’s a rather suspect thing. I…er…i mean my manager Michael, recently decided to revive his paranormal site. That’s right, he has a website that’s paranormal. Fucking thing often causes spontaneous combustion, flies through the midnight skies, appears and disappears at will and so on. No, it’s a site about the paranormal and when he searches for the thing’s name on Google it is nowhere above the fold of the front page…

It is in fact about thirty results down, which means nobody is going to be bumping into it by accident. However, on DuckDuckGo it is at the very top!

And on Bing? Same thing!

Odd, huh? Is this some sort of freak thing or is it because Google knows World Of The Paranormal is owned by the same guy who owns The Pigman Cometh and they don’t like his politics? It’s pretty much established that Google pushes well-known dissidents to the bottom of the results page, so could they be doing the same with us obscure dissidents? And they DO know it’s the same guy, because both sites are on the same hosting account and in the past i have linked to Paranormal from The Pigman Cometh. And this isn’t a hiccup, as a few months ago i did the same thing and got the same huge disparity between these search engines. Like i said, it’s all very odd.

Piggy just cancelled his Twitter Blue

Piggy just cancelled his Twitter Blue published on

Edit 6th October 2023: Alas, i had not taken into account tweet length when i cancelled! After ten days of seeing the message “only the first 280 characters will show” i realized that i NEED those extra characters to give proper answers. This means that i have, alas, cancelled the cancellation. Crap.

You know, that thing where you pay Elon Muskrat for greater reach on the bird app. Why? Because piggy ain’t gonna pay to be censored. Hell, i got censored before the muskrat took over, but at least back then i didn’t get charged for the privilege!
And what got me the recent 12 hour suspension? I told mass-murdering scumbag Bill Kristol that he’s a mass-murdering scumbag.

That’s right, Muskrat’s platform is worried about a mass-murdering scumbag’s feelings. Well, fuck ’em. They may be going full fascist on us, but at least they aren’t gonna do it on Piggy’s dime.

Some folks may wonder why i didn’t word the tweet differently, like “you mass-murdering bad person, you.” Well, because while reason is king, emotion still matters. Reason is what reaches valid conclusions that get as close to the truth as mere humans can, but it’s emotion that motivates us to get shit done. When i say “mass-murdering warmonger,” do you feel the same anger as when i say “mass-murdering scumbag”? No, you do not. And therein lies the reason why tweets like the above get censored. The scumbag plutocrats running Big Tech know that they have to censor more than our thoughts, they have to censor our emotions — because it is the latter that spark revolutions.

Russell Brand is DEFINITELY a Fascist!

Russell Brand is DEFINITELY a Fascist! published on

I mean, that’s what the Plutocratic Media keeps telling us, by going on about how he has a channel where he interviews conservatives, serial killers, and people who don’t put their weights back on the racks! Only a right wing fanatic would do shit like that. Sure, he also has on people like Cornel West and keeps going on about Noam Fucking Chomsky, but trust me, motherfucker is a far-right White Supremacist! Why else would the commies at the World Socialist Website be defending him!?!? Yep, this proves it — Russell Brand is a Klansman!



Just for the record, Twitter un-ban appeal

Just for the record, Twitter un-ban appeal published on
Just for the record, today — 22 November 2022 — i tested the new Twitter team by sending them an appeal for my suspension under the old regime. Let’s see if anything has changed for the Everyman, or only for the likes of Trump and West. This is what i done wroted to them…
“I was banned under the previous, fascist regime for telling a Black woman who wants to keep White people “in their place” that she would be happier living in Zimbabwe, a notoriously anti-White country. This does not seem to me to warrant a ban.”

Another example of Google’s political bias?

Another example of Google’s political bias? published on

Trump supporter and Republican candidate for governor of Arizona Kari Lake posted an ad of hers on Gettr in which she accuses her opponent Katie Hobbs of having been convicted of racism, so i did a search because you can’t take anyone’s word on anything these days and Google gave me no results. Bing, on the other hand, DID give me results, and relevant ones at that. There was a shitload of images above the fold so i had to scroll down but you can see from the URL that i was using the same search terms. Very odd, no?