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Is James Deen a Rapist?

Is James Deen a Rapist? published on

Not the movie star James Dean, mind you. He can’t rape anyone – his dick rotted off decades ago. No, this is a porn star and Zionist supremacist called James Deen who, according to another obscure porn star called Bolli, or Stoli, or is it Stoya? Pravda? Some such thing. Anyway, according to this girl, Deen raped her. And how do we know he raped her? Because she said so. Duh.

Now, while we have yet to hear from what appears to be the Jewish equivalent of Mel Gibson, there are several red flags on Stoya’s story.

First, as is so common nowadays, the so-called victim is so under-whelmed by her traumatic experience that, rather than go to the police, she instead takes to Twitter to make her accusations. I am no expert on rape victims, but I find it hard to believe that most of them wouldn’t want the bastard locked up, as opposed to just vilified by the hysterical harpies and hormonal teenagers that dominate social media.

The second red flag is that this woman is pretty obscure. I have only ever read her name once before, so it’s not like she’s the Marilyn Chambers or Jenna Jameson of her generation, is it? But now? Well, now we all know who she is, don’t we? And that probably means she’ll be getting paid a lot more moolah the next time she jumps on some gigantic dong in front of a camera.

The third flag is the accuser’s admission that she is a feminist. This is a lot like a white woman who has accused a black man of stomping on her roses admitting to being a member of the KKK! Surely, only the most naïve would fail to see a possible political motivation behind such an accusation!

Admittedly, these are only red flags and not proof positive that Deen went nowhere near the woman’s roses, but on the weight of the evidence it won’t surprise me if this turns out to be yet another unconfirmed attack on a well-known man’s character. Only time will tell for certain, but my view is that Little Ms. Cumstain is probably full of it, and by “it” I don’t mean that white, gooey stuff!

Story here. And don’t read the comments unless you want to go into a rage. One guy actually has the sense to say we should wait for evidence and is called “disgusting,” and the insult receives 223 likes. Makes me wish SJWs would all catch syphilis and die. Now that I think of it, given their inability to reason clearly, most of them probably already have syphilis! Now, if only they would hurry up and die!