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Tayla Aubrey-Lee Griffiths is an utter little cunt!

Tayla Aubrey-Lee Griffiths is an utter little cunt! published on

Not as big a cunt as Clementine Ford, but pretty close – and she’s still a kid! Imagine what she’ll be like when she’s as old and bitter as Ford!

A fine example of what women are turning into, that’s what Australian teenager Tayla Aubrey-Lee Griffiths is. In the video below, an apparently mentally disabled kid is sitting there minding his own business, thinking of, well, nothing probably, when Tayla Aubrey-Lee Griffiths walks up and hits him in the face hard enough to draw blood. The video, as videos will these days, made its way onto the internet and the little shit ended up getting more Facebook attention than she would like in what, for once, is a well-justified shit-storm of internet outrage…

Still, at least she’s all contrite and shit, right? Not exactly. At first she made up excuses for her violence against someone who looks about as threatening as the average hamster, and then she told us all to go fuck ourselves…

tayla calls us cunts


tayla admits she was wrong but so what

And, just five hours ago, she was still being a right charmer…

tayla aubrey lee griffiths is shit

As of the writing of this paragraph, her Facebook page is gone! It actually disappeared right after I did the above screengrab. What a brave little cunt she is! Thumping retarded kids, bragging about it, then running and hiding when the internet gets its torches and pitchforks out. Typical. Bloody. Bully. Let’s just hope the little bitch never gets to breed – Child Services has enough to deal with already.