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The Islamic Invasion Is A Plutocratic Project

The Islamic Invasion Is A Plutocratic Project published on

It never ceases to amaze and dismay me that so many left wingers and liberals – I would argue a majority of them – see the Islamic Invasion of Europe and other western countries as some sort of liberal/leftist project.

Let’s face it, it’s not as if the 800 thousand Muslims that flooded into Germany last year are socialists, communists, or anarchists – or even liberals, for that matter. These are people so conservative that even the European right wing opposes their presence, though many of them do so for reasons of their own. Yet everywhere I look there is some member of the Retarded Left going on about how wonderful it is to have the European countries flooded with homophobic, misogynist, racist reactionaries who give more of a shit about Muhammad than they do about Marx! Hell, most of them have probably never even heard of Uncle Karl, and if they care about class issues at all, that concern probably goes no further than their own families. Yet they keep arriving, in their million hordes, from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads, to the cheers of humanities graduates and Gandhi wannabes whose brains have been damaged by decades of politically correct irrationality.

Why this is a plutocratic rather than conservative project

The fact that most of these new arrivals are conservatives of various stripes is clear from their backward views on pretty much anything you care to name. But how does their conservatism make this a plutocratic project as opposed to a conservative one? It all comes down to who benefits from this particular type of conservatism, and it isn’t the average Western right winger. While a flood of lily white conservative Christians might delight the average European or Amerikan right winger, the influx of swarthy Muslims does little to make them happy since Islam threatens to displace their own brand of stupidity. The plutocrats, on the other hand, benefit massively from the new arrivals. In the long term they get a less liberal population that doesn’t hold so many annoying ideas about equality and human rights and all that crap. And in the short term they have us worrying more about rapes and mass shootings than we worry about the wealth gap and the erosion of freedoms we once took for granted, while also getting more peons willing to work for peanuts – and, thanks to the Retarded Left, they get to look like the good guys while doing so! This would certainly explain the plutocracy’s reluctance to do anything to stop the invasion. They own the politicians and the media, and so could, within a few short weeks, have most Europeans and Americans telling the Moorish invaders to fuck off. They can stop it, yet they don’t. Why? Because it is not in their interest to do so, that’s why.

Why is everyone so convinced it’s a left wing thing?

But how did such a clearly plutocratic project end up being perceived by both Left and Right as a left wing thing? The average person does not just pull these idiotic perceptions out of their asses. In the same way that the average right winger supports neo-liberal policies that clearly do him no favors because his leaders tell him do so, so the Retarded Left supports the Islamic Invasion because that is what their crypto-conservative leaders tell them to do. Most of them don’t even need any logical pseudo-reasons to support the thing, it’s all about the feelz. Tell the fools that good people support “X” for long enough, and most of the fools desperate to be perceived by both themselves and others as good people will support “X.” Tell them that it’s the in-thing for their group to do, and most sheeple wanting the warm fuzzies you get by belonging to the flock will soon be declaring their allegiance to “X.” So the leaders of the left roll their bullshit out across the cable channels and “left wing” websites, and before you know it the majority of leftists and liberals are openly supporting a plutocratic project! At the leadership level, the majority know exactly what they are doing, but at the ground level – the retards who do the voting at the polls and the screeching on the social media – the majority seem to truly believe they are carrying out some sort of leftist mission. Not being grossly irrational, it is always difficult for me to understand why people who condemn the homophobia of gay marriage opponents would support an invasion by people most of whom, at best, want to make homosexuality itself illegal and, at worst, want to stone gays to death! But, like I said, I am not batshit crazy, while most leftists and liberals these days clearly are.

But why would the leaders of the left do such a thing?

The answer to this one is simple – just because you lead the sheep does not mean that you yourself are wooly and go “Baaaa!” Contrary to what many right wingers think, the leaders of the left are not a bunch of pinheaded hippies whose brains have been damaged by too many magic mushrooms. You don’t get to be a master of propaganda and manipulation by being dumb as a hole in the ground. What these people are, from the academics that rule your local university’s social sciences department to the major “liberal” politicians running most Western countries, is highly deceptive individuals whose primary purpose in public life is to serve the plutocracy. They do this in many ways, but the most pertinent one in this case is by flooding the West with people who have not been brought up with all those pesky liberal ideals about everyone being given a fair shot in life and even the lowest amongst us being treated with some measure of dignity. These ideas are quite a burden on the plutocracy and since it’s too late to stop the natives being raised to be so fucking liberal – and in the West even most conservatives hold these liberal ideals – you may as well balance things out by importing some mouth breathing knuckle draggers whose social and political views make the average Southern redneck look like Martin Luther King.

Looking at the evidence and at who stands to benefit, it becomes very clear that the Islamic invasion is a plutocratic project meant to destroy Western liberalism and similar ideologies. Clear to me, at least, but alas not at all clear to the Retarded Left, who will, no doubt, continue to scream “racist” and “Nazi” at the few of us who can still tell shit from chocolate. I suspect that, eventually, even such pathetic animals will realize the error of their ways, but by then we will all be up to our necks in Mohammeds and Abduls and it will be too late to do anything except learn how to shout out “Allahu Akbar!” That is, of course, if you still have a head with which to shout!

Why I Shit On The Right And Piss On The Left

Why I Shit On The Right And Piss On The Left published on


Yes, folks, it’s all due to an anatomical anomaly – I have a brain that’s larger than a hamster’s bollocks…

There was a time when the Left Wing was worth supporting, but that time is long gone. Nowadays, the Left does little for the poor, little for the environment, and nothing for men. But let me start with the many reasons why the Right is even worse than the Left.

I shit on the Right because it is the primary accomplice of the plutocracy. These people know fully well that they are working to make the rich richer. Indeed, doing so is the modern Rights’ raison d’etre ( and no, that’s not the name of a French breakfast cereal). With the right wing, it’s all about the so-called free market, all about deregulation, while paying lip service to their idiot base by making occasional complaints about gays getting married and Mehicans taking jobs from the white folks. You’ll notice that they don’t actually get round to doing anything about the latter problem, but why would they when their plutocratic masters clearly appreciate the cheap labor? While the Left does nothing for the poor – or at least, so little as to be inconsequential – the Right goes out of its way to shit all over them. This is not really a matter of different intentions, it is simply part of the game – to maintain the illusion that there is a genuine choice the Left has to act a bit less assholish than the Right. Stop doing that and even the dumbest amongst us will realize that both sides are nothing but zombies at the beck and call of some capitalist voodoo priest. I suspect that this rampant right wing support for the plutocrats is mostly the doing of plutocrat-owned leaders – trickle down and all that crap – rather than the doing of the right wingers on the ground. After all, it’s not just the liberal constituencies that are losing jobs to mechanization and the third world, and, surely, not even the average right winger could be so stupid as to consciously and knowingly aid and abet in his own economic castration. Or could he?

The Right is also where you find the majority of homophobes, anti-black racists, warmongers, and irrational nutjobs convinced that the world was made a few thousand years ago by some senile old bastard who lives in the sky. And the first two can be blamed on the average right winger, not simply on their leaders. I doubt that the owners of the Right really give a shit about supporting things like racism and homophobia, but they pretend to in order to keep the Right’s bigoted base on their side. As for religious excess, I have no doubt that the plutocracy does support it as irrationality breeds irrationality. Most people are not smart enough to be irrational in Area “A” while staying rational in Areas “B” to “Z”. For most people, irrationality is a disease that spreads from one part of life to the others, and that is exactly how the plutocrats want it. Make people irrational about God, the meaning of life and all that other crap, and soon they will be irrational about politics, the climate, disappearing jobs, and their rapidly vanishing freedoms.

And on that point – irrationality – let me start in on the Left. The Left has been so contaminated by political correctness and other College-borne, pseudo-liberal viruses that they can no longer tell shit from chocolate, black from white, up from down, and male from female. That’s right, the same people who scream “Right wing loonies!” at those who think the Bible is the word of God are the same people who cheer loudly when Bruce Jenner claims to be “for all intents and purposes” a woman! Of course, if he were to come out tomorrow and claim that the rapture was just around the corner, it is these same people who would be taking to their Twitter accounts to blither out, “Holy shit, Caitlyn Jenner has lost her mind!” I’m not a religious sort ( in case you haven’t figured that out yet ) but even i can’t help but think of that biblical bit about the splinter and the log. And this is one of the greatest sins of the Left, its abandoning of the thing called reason — if there has to be a God, that God should be Reason. But the Left does not see it that way, to them Reason is something to be loathed and disrespected. It is something that oppresses people, even though most Left wing ideas are based on it. And even worse than that – it is something that stops people feeling good about themselves! To the illogical, touchy-feely types that dominate the Left, there seems to be nothing worse than people (their people, of course ) feeling bad about themselves. So they must support Bruce when he claims his penis, his bollocks, and his having at least twice inseminated a woman are in no way evidence of his maleness. And if someone who is as white as he is black decides they feel better about themselves “identifying” as black, then the 50% of their DNA that says “white” must be ignored – especially when that someone is a plutocratic stooge trying to get into the White House. Next thing you know, claiming to be a duck will be perfectly PC as long as you stick some feathers on your ass and occasionally go “Quack, quack!”

Then there is the Left’s unwavering support for multiculturalism and the Islamic invasion. In other words, the Left’s unwavering support for the Right! After all, it’s not as if the liberal West is being flooded with socialists and progressives, is it? That’s how batshit crazy the average leftist has become – they are supporting a far right invasion of the liberal West simply because the conservative invaders are kind of swarthy, eat kebabs instead of hot dogs, and scream “Allahu Akbar” instead of “Jesus Is Lord!” Sheer lunacy! And in the long term, the worst sin of the Left – they are destroying the left wing ideologies that have made the last one hundred years something close to a Golden Age for the common man, and they are doing so in the name of Leftism itself! For a mind as logically inclined as my own, this is truly incomprehensible. Shit, at least the right wing Christians have a life time of conditioning and a very prestigious best seller telling them all the shit that fills their heads! What the hell is the excuse of the Left?!?!? A couple of decades of propaganda and academic chicanery do not compare to a life time of brain washing – it takes a far crazier person to believe the former than it does the latter.

Then there is the matter of character. While the Right deserves to be reviled for accepting the opportunity to hate on the poor, the blacks, and the gays, the Left is just as deserving of contempt for its eagerness to shit all over whites and, especially, men. In the same way that the average right wing asshole does not have to say, “Yes!” when asked if he wants to hate the niggers, the faggots, and poor white trash, so too could the average left wing asshole have said, “Fuck you!” when offered the opportunity to hate on whitey, the menz, and those who can still tell a cock from a cunt. But, no. Just like the bigots on the Right, the bigots on the Left saw the opportunity to treat a huge group of people as inferior, and they grabbed it with both hands. The offer to be bigoted we can blame on the plutocrat-owned leaders of the Left – the accepting of that offer can only be blamed on the followers themselves.

So, for these and other reasons that i am too pissed off to think of right now, I hold both sides of politics in the highest contempt and hope they both go down in flames and are replaced by something decent and humane. It ain’t gonna happen, of course, but we can always hope – and if we can’t hope, we can always rant about it on our blogs!

The Islamic Invasion and Useful Left Wing Idiocy

The Islamic Invasion and Useful Left Wing Idiocy published on

Let me make it clear – there is an Islamic invasion going on. There are huge numbers of Muslims flooding into liberal, European states and if the situation continues Europe will, within a century, become a bunch of Islamic states.

This cannot be doubted by anyone who is actually watching what’s going on, and should be especially clear to those in the New World. After all, how did the whites take over the US, Canada, and Australia? Through migration. Sure, there were some bloody clashes, and in some places violence was indeed the primary means of conquest. But in many other cases it was mostly a matter of peaceful Europeans moving in next to peaceful natives. The problem is, the Europeans simply kept moving in. And moving in. And moving in. And before they knew it, the native tribes were a minority in their own land. This is what is now happening to Europe, and apart from a few right wingers, nobody seems to care.

This right wing opposition, combined with the average left wing idiot’s support, leads many to see the Islamic invasion as some sort of liberal/left wing plot. This, alas, serves only to show that the Left isn’t the only side of the political dog that is riddled with fleas. The fact is that there is no actual liberal/left wing goal to be attained by flooding the liberal west with illiberal foreigners! You might as well claim that the British invasion of Australia was the doing of the Aboriginals, or that it was the Native Americans who invited the Pilgrims to come on over! No, there is nothing to be gained by Donald Trump asking hordes of Mexicans to move to New York so that they can all vote against him and his fellow Republicans!

So, who does gain from the Islamic invasion? Well, let’s see. Who is it that is sick and tired of all this lefty crap about fairness, and justice, and treating the poor with dignity? It’s not the few genuine leftists still out there, I can tell you! It’s the far right and the plutocrats – but especially the plutocrats. The plutocrats are the people who stand to gain by playing a long term strategy that will slowly turn the Liberal West into a Conservative West. True, their grandchildren may end up having to pay lip service to Islam, but so what? In places like Amerika the plutocrats pay lip service to Christianity in order to retain power, so pretending to be religious is nothing new to the scum who own the world. Hell, you can bet your ass that in the Arab world there are already plenty of plutocrats condemning homosexuality and alcohol in public and then getting drunk and fucking underage boys in private!

The idea that the invasion is a plutocratic project is supported not only by asking who benefits, but also by asking who has the power to stop it, yet does nothing. And, yes, the plutocrats are the ones who have the power to stop the Islamic invasion, for they are the ones who own most of the media and most of the politicians. Hell, these are the people who convinced most of the world that the slaughter in Iraq would be justified because Saddam had some trucks! If they wanted to, they could have virtually everyone in Europe rejecting the Islamic invasion within a few weeks. And yet they don’t. Why? Because this is how they want things to be.

How, then, does one explain the Left wing support for this plutocratic ploy? Sheer stupidity, that’s how. In the same way that many right wing Amerikans have been convinced that neo-liberalism is good for the poor, so too have many left wingers in Europe, Amerika, and Australia been convinced that the Islamic invasion is good for liberalism! It’s a bit of insanity that logical minds struggle to understand, but that does seem to be how it is. The idea that virtually every leftist is a knowing servant of the plutocracy is ludicrous, so irrationality seems the most likely culprit. Keep in mind, these are people who have swallowed Political Correctness hook, line, and sinker. These are the people who look at Bruce Jenner and see a woman! Much in the same way that Christian fundamentalism has made many conservatives too irrational to know shit from chocolate, so has PC made many liberals too irrational to know a cunt from a cock! But how has such an insane situation come to be? I think that it is as simple as giving the people the wrong leaders and then watching the lemmings all go off the cliff. A few individuals in positions of influence ( either put there by the plutocrats or who simply share the plutocrats’ values ) start spouting a lot of sophistry and rhetoric, and those lower down on the ladder eat it up with their Chinese-made Wal-Mart spoons. In other words, the plutocrats who own things like Fox News have convinced the average right wing idiot that Amerikan Imperialism will restore Amerika to her former glory, while the plutocrats who own CNN and MSNBC have convinced the average left wing idiot that multiculturalism and a flood of conservative foreigners are what will make Amerika great once again. Either way, the bastards are the ones telling the idiots what to do, what to say, what to think, and so they are the ones who get their way.

But then there’s the right wing’s opposition to the invasion. How is that to be explained? The thing to note here is that the right wing leadership seems split on the matter, and that the most vocal opposition comes from ordinary right wingers and a few populists like Donald Trump. And even Trump is being attacked by fellow right wing leaders in the US for opposing the invasion, while in Europe you have “socially conservative” scum like Angela Merkel saying, “Come on in!” to 800 thousand Muslims who could just as easily have hopped across to Iraq! And even the split amongst the conservative leaders is, most likely, due to the near-unanimous opposition to Muslim immigration amongst the rank and file. Were it not for the average right winger on the street, most right wing leaders would shut up and let the plutocrats have their way and welcome their fellow conservatives with open arms. As for the average right winger’s opposition, i am betting that it comes down to little more than xenophobia and a fear of terrorism — after all, it is highly unlikely that the average right winger knows that he is fighting on behalf of liberalism!

This then, is how I see the Islamic invasion of the West, as a plutocratic project being carried out by masses of leftist ground troops who can’t tell their bellybuttons from their assholes, on the behest of a handful of “leftist” leaders who know exactly what they are doing – and exactly how stupid their followers are.