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White Aboriginals are dirt

White Aboriginals are dirt published on
Rant incoming.
Just came across yet another White motherfucker passing herself off as an Aboriginal woman. She looks literally 100% White. Literally. Shaun King has nothing on this woman, at least his features look Negro-ish, this cow has NOTHING Black about her.
These people are loathsome. They are always Anglo or Celt, and therefore the descendants of the same people who stole the land from the Aboriginals, and now they’re finishing their ancestors’ job by stealing the Aboriginals’ culture, leadership positions, scholarships, awards, and even their bloody identities!
It astounds me that Australia is racist enough to let this happen, and it amazes me that most Aboriginals are stupid enough to support it! The way things are going, in 100 years there won’t be any Aboriginals left, just a bunch of White motherfuckers going around playing didgeridoos and doing stomping dances!
Rant over.