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Man-Hating Bitch Crawls into Doghouse

Man-Hating Bitch Crawls into Doghouse published on 3 Comments on Man-Hating Bitch Crawls into Doghouse

Sharon Osbourne, whose recent glee at a Californian man’s castration gave us all the shits, is “taking a break” from hanging with the other man haters at The Talk.

This hiatus could be due to the recent protests at her disgusting behavior over the Catherine Kieu matter, or it could be because she is an unpleasant person who is hated by many she works with – and there have been reports of tensions with the other The Talk women in the past.

Osbourne claims she is taking a rest so she can spend more time with her likable but apparently brain-dead husband Ozzy, and that she will eventually return to The Talk. But that may be a face-saving way of admitting that once again she has been an asshole and more trouble than she’s worth, so nobody wants her around any more.

While I would like to think that someone at CBS has given her the heave-ho over her hate speech, I don’t think that’s likely. The men’s movement doesn’t have that kind of power yet, and hatred of males  is so entrenched in western society that I doubt any of the men in power cared enough to have her fired. More probable is that Osbourne is simply the kind of woman who sooner or later gets everyone’s back up simply by virtue of being her odious herself. Whatever the true motive one thing is certain – television is now just a little less evil than before.

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Domestic Violence Psycho Katherine Knight

Domestic Violence Psycho Katherine Knight published on

Here’s a nice example of the kind of thing that women supposedly don’t do. The next time some idiot claims domestic violence committed by females is not only rare but of a mild nature, remember the name Katherine Knight.

Back in 2000, Katherine Knight, an Australian woman with a history of violence towards her partners, stabbed her de-facto husband John Price 37 times, skinned and decapitated the corpse, then baked his buttocks and made stew out of his head.

Knight  then sat the flayed and decapitated corpse at the dinner table, and set two places for  Price’s children, each with plates containing their father’s baked flesh. Knight may also have attempted to eat some of Price’s flesh, but apparently that was too much even for her and the “steak” ended up on the lawn instead.

God only knows why an apparently decent man like John price got himself mixed up with such an animal, but it sure as hell wasn’t that they had much in common, Price generally being seen as a really nice bloke who was liked even by his ex-wife!

Knight was sentenced to life in prison without parole,  the first Australian woman to receive such a sentence  – though it’s hard to believe that it took this long for  an Australian woman to do something bad enough to be deserving of such punishment.

Court document here.

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