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Alternet Hates Free Speech

Alternet Hates Free Speech published on

And do i have to point out that it depends on whose free speech it is? No, i didn’t think so.

The last few days i have been noticing an odd lack of engagement with my comments at the notoriously anti-Trump site. I actually used to like Alternet, back in the day when it was a genuinely liberal site, but now it’s just an SJW attack machine that puts out nothing but dirt on Republicans, especially the populist ones. Not really worth reading, but at least you can point out some inconvenient facts — until they get sick of them and do that weird thing where only you can see your own comments. Then you are just wasting your energy talking to an empty room, which is what they want you to do. This first screenshot is from the browser in which i am logged in to Alternet’s Disqus section…

Note my comment between BlueTigress and DocYak, and the results in the “find in page” search box.  Now, here’s the same page in a different browser where i am not logged in. In other words, a browser where i see only what everyone else sees. What do we find in the search box? Nothing. What sits between BlueTigress and DocYak? That’s right, nothing.

This is how Alternet does things now. Sly, contemptuous, dishonest, and censorious. Make no mistake, the SJWs hate free speech with a passion and will do anything they can to silence the opposition short of murder. Oh, wait, that’s how they shut up Aaron Danielson and tried to shut up Brett Kavanaugh, so i guess they will do anything up to and including murder!

Why White People Are Afraid of Crazy Black People

Why White People Are Afraid of Crazy Black People published on

Edit : I posted this piece to r/rant on Reddit and Reddit suspended my account for seven days for promoting hate. There you have it, folks, more evidence of Big Tech’s anti-White bias. This piece is just a race flipping of a Washington Post article called “Why black people are afraid of crazy white people” that has been posted to Reddit with no apparent repercussions. I should also point out that, in a futile act of self-censorship, i omitted the line “Given that Black Americans are, statistically, more likely to commit violent crime” from the Reddit version. It’s a fact, but one that sends SJWs insane, so i thought it best not to trigger them. Still got suspended, though. I appealed, of course, but nothing will come of it.

This is a guest post by Daisy Duchess.
Ms. Duchess’ opinions do not necessarily reflect my own.

Let me be specific. White people are not afraid of Black people in general, we are afraid of the crazy Black people. And by crazy I mean violent — lethally violent.

Over the last couple of years, the U.S has seen a rising tide of Black on White violence. From the BLM riots, which put hundreds in hospital and destroyed countless businesses and homes, to much more clear-cut hate crimes such as the Christmas parade slaughter in Waukesha, to dozens of cases of Black people bashing Asians — de facto White people, as the Black racists see them — to a Black man shooting up the Brooklyn subway, it has become increasingly clear that America is becoming a shooting gallery and that we, White America, are the little metal ducks.

I am in this instance using the word “crazy“ not as a clinical definition, but in its colloquial sense. And in that sense, “crazy” includes anyone who believes any aspect of the racist “White supremacy” conspiracy. This is the noxious idea that White people are racist simply by virtue — or vice — of being White, and that America is a country built on anti-Black racism. Polls show that around a third of Americans take ideas like Critical Race Theory seriously, suggesting that such anti-White ideas, once held only by hate groups on the fringe, are now widespread and looking to become a fixed part of how America sees itself. Even worse, a recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll of Black adults showed that a massive 75 % of Black Americans are worried that they will be the victims of violence because they are Black, and that they believe that “White supremacists” are a “major threat” to Black Americans. Given that Black Americans are, statistically, more likely to commit violent crimes, does any thinking person believe that all of these Black folks are just going to sit around doing nothing while waiting for the White man to “come and get them”? Of course not. At least some of these people will take it out on White Americans either by consciously committing pre-meditated hate crimes or through an unconscious bias that will express itself as anti-White actions including violent ones.

But what can I as a fairly ordinary White woman, do about this? Well, I suppose I can get a gun, and I already have. But here’s the problem with that solution. Let’s say a Black person decides to come at me with a knife but that I see them, pull a gun out of my handbag and shoot them dead. How will such an action be perceived in a country conditioned to see White people as villains and Black people as victims? Chances are, that unless the incident is captured on video, I would be assumed to be in the wrong. And if the case went to trial, all it takes is a brain-washed jury to see me spending the rest of my days in a hellhole. So it’s no longer as simple as self-defence, not when you are White in a country that sees Whiteness as an irredeemable evil.

This leaves me in the uncomfortable position of having to ask if I would actually leave my country of birth for my own protection. It’s a question many White people have been pondering the past few years. Sure, we can vote and organize, and try to change hearts and minds but the chances of doing that are small. Most of the media, and many politicians — including the current president — seem hellbent on maintaining and even increasing anti-White feeling. If this situation is ever going to get better, chances are it will do so only after it gets much worse. So don’t blame us White people for being scared of Black violence. It’s a big problem and it will only get bigger, and getting the hell out of Dodge is starting to look like the best option. I’m not quite there yet, but the money is all saved up, and I suspect that before the decade is out Black America will find itself with one less White woman to worry about, and a certain southern continent will find itself with one more well-educated American whining about the spiders, the snakes, and the drop bears. Sure, those things carry their own dangers, but at least they don’t target you merely for being White.