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Our so-called patriarchy abuses boys TO DEATH more often than girls

Our so-called patriarchy abuses boys TO DEATH more often than girls published on

Man, are we living in the worst patriarchy EVER or what? I bumped into this graph while doing research for an upcoming cartoon. I was actually looking for stats on baby deaths by accident as at that age such incidents seem likely to be neglect rather than due to the kid climbing a tree, but what i found was even better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it.

Oh, and the cartoon is an updating of one i did eleven years ago and it is somewhat disheartening to see that literally nothing has changed — except for the worse (which also happens to be the title of the cartoon itself.)



Parler — Now More Censorious Than Twitter

Parler — Now More Censorious Than Twitter published on

Just found this in my Parler inbox. A good example of how bad Parler’s moderation has become since they gave in to Big Tech. For context, this was in response to a story about a Muslim neighbor defending a teacher who is currently being targeted for murder by the British Taliban after showing some kids a picture of Mohamed. Seriously, not even fucking Twitter would complain about this one. I said it at the time the news came out and will say it again — now that Parler is under control of the mega-rich, its role as a place where the common man can voice his views is over. It may be run by Republicans now, but they seem to be Establishment Republicans, not populists like Trump.


Why The American Plutocracy Hates The White Man

Why The American Plutocracy Hates The White Man published on

The anti-White and anti-male bias in every major institution in America is undeniable. From the corporations, to the media, to the politicians owned by said corporations, to the government institutions run by those politicians and their appointees, hatred of Whites, and especially White males, is palpable. In America, the White Man is constantly treated as the biggest problem in existence. And you know why? Because to the Plutocrats — the billionaire class who run the world — we ARE their biggest problem. The Plutocrats truly hate us, and hate us with a venom that would see millions of us fed to the maggots if only they could get away with. But why do they see us this way? Much to the disappointment of Far Right nuts, it’s not because they are all secretly Marxists or Jews or Negroes in Whiteface. No, it’s because they know who poses the greatest threat to the rule of the mega-rich, and in America that is the White Man.

The Black man has been thoroughly broken by older Establishment forces. He is so filled with self-hatred that when the rage of being treated like shit overwhelms him he strikes out against his own class, even his own race. He burns down his own neighborhood, kills his fellow Blacks and the White peasants, and just generally makes his life even shittier than it was before. And somewhere deep down he knows that. He knows that the huge widescreen television he stole from the Walmart that he later burnt down will do nothing to change the fact that the Waltons are amongst the richest people on earth and that he will be stuck in the ghetto till he dies of heart disease or gets murdered by some other self-hating Black man. But deep down he believes that his life of poverty and squalor are all that he and his children deserve, and so HE does not storm the capitol, beat the crap out of some pigs, and scare the shit out of the ruling classes!

And therein, my fellow Whiteys, lies the key to the puzzling question of why a system dominated by Whites constantly shits on Whites. Because the White Man has not yet been broken, he lashes out at those with power, those actually responsible for his woes. And he doesn’t do this just when it comes to physical acts of rebellion, he does it by not believing as much bullshit as the Black man believes, by being less obsessed with his race and more interested in his material welfare, and by voting for outsiders that hold out some promise of improvement instead of Establishment figures that will continue to shit on him. He still has enough self-respect to believe that he and his children deserve a better life, and so he poses an existential threat to the ruling classes, which these days basically boils down to the Plutocracy and their stooges in the congress and the White House. This is why he needs to be vilified, constantly told that he is the worst person on the planet, that he is shit personified, the embodiment and the genesis of everything that is vile, evil, and destructive. He must be broken down to the point where he believes – as the Black man does – that he is worthless, innately inferior, and therefore does not deserve a better life for himself and his kin. Because until that is done, he will continue to be a threat to the very existence of the Plutocracy. He will continue to be the last hope of his dying country. He will be the one holding the gun to the Plutocracy’s head, and that is something that the Plutocracy cannot and will not tolerate.

Whites Are UNDER-REPRESENTED In Mass Shootings

Whites Are UNDER-REPRESENTED In Mass Shootings published on

How about that? I must admit i had fallen for the idea that this was pretty much the only crime where Whites were OVER-represented but it seems we white devils commit only about 54% of these things despite making up 61% (excludes White Latinos) to 77% (includes White Latinos) of the American population.

Sure, Whites are still the majority but what would you expect in a mostly White country? If anything, the question to be asked is not the popular one of “why Whitey killin’ so many folks?” but “why is Blacky killing so many folks?” Not only are black people slightly over-represented in the mass-shooting figures, but they are WAY over-represented in the murder figures overall. As i recall, they commit about 50% of the murders despite being only about 15% of the population. Someone has a problem when it comes to taking human life, and it ain’t the White man or the Yellow man.

Figures here