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2016 — The Year The Left Disgraced Itself

2016 — The Year The Left Disgraced Itself published on


To most people, 2016 will go down as the year that a talking Cheeto somehow found his way into the Oval Office. That’s certainly a big part of how i will remember it! But to me 2016 will also go down as the year the Left – and i am including the liberals in that category, if only because that’s what everyone else is doing these days – showed itself to be totally, and perhaps irreparably, corrupted by both plutocratic influence and its own unspeakable stupidity.

First, they supported Hillary Clinton, a far-right, neo-conservative, neo-liberal, war-mongering psychopath, over Donald Trump, her obnoxious but significantly less worrisome center-right opponent. That the political “Left” and the MSM “Left” would do this is no surprise, for their true, plutocratic colors have been becoming more and more apparent since the election of Bubba D Raper back in ’92. Disgraceful – yes. New – no. What was truly shocking this year was how the grassroots Left behaved. These people, these so-called leftists and liberals, overwhelmingly sided with Little Ms Private Positions, this monstrous, child-exploding woman whom they fully knew to be a proud tool of the plutocracy. Not only did the smaller, supposedly truly leftist, news sites such as Reader Supported News side with Clinton and hence the plutocracy, but so did the “leftists” and liberals on the ground – all 65 million of them!

But then the unthinkable happened – their little tin goddess lost the election and left her followers feeling, to be kind about it, rather unhappy. And so came the tears. Not figurative tears, but literal ones. Screeching, agonized, howling-at-the-moon kind of tears. The kind of tears one expects when the neighbor’s kids see their dog squished flat by a truck right in front of them! The problem is, there is no dead dog and these are not children but, physically at least, adults. Yet not only were there tears, there were calls to suicide hotlines! Safe spaces in colleges were declared! Reality-free havens in which the distraught and terminally fragile could crawl with – quite literally – a puppy dog and a coloring book! This, then, is what the young Left has come to – a bunch of cowardly weaklings who can’t handle even life’s mosquito bites, much less its slings and arrows. Even in workplaces, members of the Pussy Generation took days off! Not for fear of being grabbed by the President Elect, but because they had to process their delicate little feels while hiding under the kitchen table and stuffing their faces with Ben And Jerry’s! Thankfully, this was not what young people were like back in the Forties, or we would all be singing Deutschland Uber Alles and wearing lederhosen! And don’t think it was just the twenty-somethings that freaked out. Alec Baldwin, major asshole and major Clinton supporter ( a common combination in the putrid halls of Hollywood ) was so distraught that he didn’t turn up for the post-election edition of SNL! Come on! What is this guy? About sixty now? And he can’t take losing an election? Such weakness is embarrassing enough in the young, but in someone brought up at a time when being so fragile was not encouraged, it is deeply shameful – especially for a man who likes to act the tough guy. Knowing Baldwin, he probably tried to console himself by phoning Trump and calling him a little pig. Heh, heh…

And then there were the protests against the result. America voted, the Left did not like the result so they decided to ignore democracy. That those paranoid and imbecilic enough to believe that the old orange guy is literally Hitler might want to publicly say, “I had nothing to do with the coming Holocaust!” is one thing. But to physically assault those who simply exercised their democratic right by voting for Trump? To riot and loot and set fire to shit? This is what the Left has come to? If it were to happen these days, kristallnacht would not be the doing of brown-shirted right wingers, it would be the doing of leftists, anarchists and crimson-haired SJWs! And the targets would not be Jews but whites and Christians. I don’t recall this shit happening when Obama won, and you know there had to be millions of really pissed off white racists that particular November. Yet all they did was to stay in their trailer parks, drinking cheap beer and complaining bitterly that President Jigaboo was about to screw them all over. They didn’t go out and beat up black folks who voted for Obama, neither did they hold mass protests. That’s what the Left has come to – it is now more thuggish than a bunch of racist Trailer Park Bubbas. Somewhere, the bones that used to be FDR are spinning wildly in their grave.

But the worst, the very worst, thing the left did this year was to openly, brazenly, and unashamedly try to overturn the results of the election by calling for the delegates who cast the electoral college votes to cast them for Clinton instead of for Trump! The excuse for this is that Clinton won the popular vote, but an excuse is all that it is. Can you imagine if it had gone the other way, if Trump had gotten the popular vote and Clinton the electoral college votes? No fucking way would fascist scum like “Lady” Gaga be calling for the presidency to be taken away from her girl Hillary! Perhaps the system does need to be changed so that the winner of the popular vote is the one who gets the world’s most dubious prize – ironically, even Trump himself has said so. But such a change needs to be carried out at a more appropriate time, not immediately after your neo-liberal idol loses, and certainly not retroactively just because you didn’t like the way things went. And doing it any other way is about as fascist as it gets. It is the kind of thing the Soviets would have approved of, the kind of thing the Nazis would have done – the kind of thing that the modern Left tries do. And don’t go thinking this was just a few radicals like Gaga and Pink and a few other brain-damaged psychopaths. No, the petition asking the delegates to betray the voters was signed by almost five million dirtbags! Five million fascist scum wanted the election, in effect, overturned. Despite this attempt at a soft coup, when December the 19th rolled ‘round not only did Captain Cheeto easily win, but Clinton actually lost more electoral college votes than he did! Only the Demoncrats could pull off such a ridiculous feat — they have become cartoon characters, a pack of hapless Wile E. Coyotes whose every attempt to squish Trump ends with them lying beneath a huge boulder!

All of these sad facts – the backing of a neo-liberal, neo-conservative candidate, the protests, the crying, the violence, the open disdain for democracy – lead me to one inevitable conclusion, namely that today’s Left is little more than a putrid pile of overgrown children who were given too many participation trophies just for showing up, PC lunatics who worry more about Bruce Jenner’s “right” to call himself a woman than they do about the homeless, neo-liberals desperate to fatten their stock portfolios and hold on to their cheap Mexican labor, and just plain, old fashioned fascist wannabes. It is a once-noble group which has somehow morphed into the villain of the piece, a group that has gone from being personified by the likes of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to being personified by the likes of Charles Montgomery Burns! It is a coalition of pinheads, lunatics and villains that can most accurately be described as reprehensible, dishonorable, contemptible and ignoble – in short, disgraceful.

Four Uses For A Dead Woman

Four Uses For A Dead Woman published on

Now, we all know women aren’t good for much when they are alive, what with their tiny,
underdeveloped brains, their small pathetic muscles, and their inability to tolerate even a
paper cut without screaming for an ambulance. But what about once the poor dears
have cast off this mortal coil, kicked the bucket, bought the farm? In other words,
dropped dead?

Surely, then they must be of some use. Now, i have not spent much time with dead
women ( they are hideously boring even when alive, so i can’t imagine having to hang out with dead ones ) but it does strike me that death would bring some good uses for these otherwise useless creatures. So far, i have come up with four. Not as many as I would like, but it’s three more uses than i have for a live woman.

One : Fertilizer. Yes, that otherwise pointless carcass is just full of the sort of nutrients your roses and hydrangeas will love. Most women would provide about 150 lbs of fertilizer, which is enough to keep the average garden going for a whole year. The average North American woman could keep an entire industrial scale farm going for most of a decade. But we don’t own big farms, so the average woman will do nicely. What we must remember is that women smell even worse when they are dead than they do when they are alive, so you have to use them before they become really putrid. Within 24 hours of death is a good rule of thumb. Also, make sure to properly mulch your woman before spreading her on your garden soil, otherwise she is likely to be eaten by scavengers and family pets and this will mean all your hard work has been for nothing.

Two : Doorstops. For this purpose, small women are best so i recommend Asian ones. You certainly don’t want some 200 lb American walrus for this particular job. Your dead woman will have to be stuffed by an expert specializing in dead animals, and arranged into some sort of compact position. I recommend a sitting, fetal position, that can be achieved by wrapping the carcass in wire or string. A more exotic alternative to having your woman stuffed is to have her pickled in a large bottle, like a prize squash or something. This will make not only for an interesting conversation piece but also for a heavier and therefore more effective doorstop.

Three : Coffee Tables. Positioned on all fours, a woman of average size will provide a table high enough to be positioned in front of your sofa so you have somewhere to rest your feet and your beer while playing video games. Women have notoriously spindly limbs, so i recommend re-enforcing your woman with some 2 by 4s. Otherwise, you may find your woman collapsing at the most inopportune of moments. Taller women, such as Geena Davis and other Orc-human hybrids, can be used as dining tables but such women are hard to find, especially dead.

Four : Shark Bait. For this, you will need not only a woman but a boat, a very strong fishing pole, and an ax. The ax will be required to cut the woman into pieces manageable enough to be placed on the hook, yet large enough to look appetizing to the sharks. Arms and legs are the best bait, but the head, as in life, is pretty useless. The torso is too big for any but the largest sharks but can be chopped up into chum which can then be thrown into the water to attract the sharks.

Where to obtain your dead woman

This one is not as hard as it seems. Dead women are plentiful, especially in areas where female-specific disasters are likely to occur. Malls, for example, are often the site of female deaths brought about by some woman missing out on that pair of shoes she just had to have, jumping off the highest level, and splattering herself all over the ground. If you are quick enough, you may be able to scoop her up, put her in a wheelbarrow and run off before management calls the morgue. Another good place to find dead women is at boy band concerts. These are usually young women who have died from estrogen poisoning while screaming frantically at the latest teen idol, and they die in such large quantities that you can usually find dumpsters full of them in alleys surrounding the concert venue.

So there you have it, four uses for a dead woman, four useful things you can do with these otherwise useless little people. Just goes to show that in God’s wonderful plan every creature, no matter how lowly, has its purpose. Yes, even women.

Donald Sutherland is ashamed of being male. And white.

Donald Sutherland is ashamed of being male. And white. published on

Strangely enough, he seems quite proud to be Canadian. Go figure.

Needless to say, this Donald, unlike the other one, is a massive, massive pussy. And a total embarrassment to both his sex and race. Here’s an idea, you senile old coot — why don’t you start identifying as a black woman? Because we sure as hell don’t want you over here.

And how about Helen Mirren, hey? Who is it that, worldwide, is more privileged than a rich white male like Sutherland? Yes, it’s a rich white female like Mirren! Utter scum, this woman. It’s like a rich white man telling some black guy in the ghetto that he, the black guy, is the privileged one!

Cry, Miley, Cry. Then Go Jump In A Volcano.

Cry, Miley, Cry. Then Go Jump In A Volcano. published on

My reaction to this post at The_Donald was to literally laugh out loud! Here’s Miley Cyrus literally crying about Trump’s surprise victory and going on about how Clinton has given her life to serve the American public! What a loser this kid turned out to be! She actually claims to have an open heart — which, these days, means that you back a neo-conservative child-killer. As for her open mind, she’s right about that — it must be very open, which explains why people keep shoveling shit into it. And the arrogance of offering to set that terrible, terrible man straight! He’s been alive three times longer than she has and she thinks she has something to teach him? Talk about teaching your grandfather how to suck eggs! This, boys and girls, is schadenfreude at its best…

Holy Crap! Trump Won!

Holy Crap! Trump Won! published on

“Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

Seriously, there is no more appropriate way to cautiously celebrate this unprecedented and surreal event, this hiccup in the time-space continuum, this welcome but bizarre victory than with that famous bit of nonsense!

So, against all the odds, the man with the dead hamster on his head has made it into the White House. He has weathered the most vicious bi-partisan attack in living memory and kicked the establishment’s ass from here to Alpha Centauri. Man, did i breathe a sigh of relief when i saw those wonderful numbers putting him ahead of Psycho Granny. Sure, he is no Messiah, but neither is he rattling his saber at Russia! So congratulations to you, sir, you doer of the undoable, you walking contradiction, you poor man’s billionaire. And don’t forget – if you turn out to be another scumbag, i still have that drone that i used to blow up Obama’s dog!

One of the great pleasures of this victory is that it is also Clinton’s loss. No history books for you, you mass-murdering piece of filth! That was always one of the worst things about this situation – the possibility that such a lowlife might go down in history (insert your own Lewinsky joke here – i can’t do all the work!) simply for being the first woman to get the job. This way, maybe a woman who is a decent human being may be the one to some day get the honor – i doubt it, though, it is the US presidency after all.

Another fun bit is watching morons who think they are liberals gnash their teeth, rend their garments and wail in despair at this ideological Armageddon! “The end is nigh!” they howl lugubriously into the cold and uncaring night! According to Breitbart, one hysterical Latina moaned, just before crawling back under the table with a bottle of Tequila, “Our lives are not safe — as queer women, as brown women,” Yes, honey, Trump is going to exterminate the gays and the Latinos… This, folks, is the kind of idiocy that dominates today’s liberal ground troops. Another one actually admitted that, “We feel like we live in a bubble…” And, indeed, she probably does. Which is why the little shit probably does not care about anyone except herself and her latte sipping friends. You know, i kinda feel sorry for this kind. Unlike their leaders, they probably aren’t bad people, most of them are probably just morons who believe whatever CNN and the NYTimes tell them to. Still, they almost put in the White House a woman who can best be described as Dick Cheney in drag, and that means they won’t be getting any free Kleenex from me.

And then there’s the media leadership of the pseudo-left. Such as the aforementioned NYTimes and The Guardian. Having failed in their attempts to keep the plutocracy’s jackboots on Joe Average’s throat, they are now resorting to predicting the end of the world while blaming whiteness and maleness. Writes Paul Krugman at the NYTimes…

“There turn out to be a huge number of people — white people, living mainly in rural areas — who don’t share at all our idea of what America is about. For them, it is about blood and soil, about traditional patriarchy and racial hierarchy.”

Yes, it’s not about the wealth gap and the disappearing jobs, it’s all about how dreadful white men are. One might think that this massive ass-kicking would have taught the likes of Krugman that it’s not a good idea to tar and feather entire demographics, but apparently not. And then he ratchets things up with this…

“Is America a failed state and society? It looks truly possible.”

There you have it, the modern “left’s” idea of a failed state is one in which the plutocrats may end up with a little less power.

At The Guardian (of neo-liberalism) Jonathan Freedland screams hysterically that…

“The US has elected its most dangerous leader. We all have plenty to fear” and that, “The people of America have stepped into the abyss. The new president elect is an unstable bigot, sexual predator and compulsive liar; he is capable of anything.”

Beyond that near-psychotic sub-heading, i did not bother reading. As usual with the pseudo-left, it is safe to say that Freedland will provide us with no evidence for his “instability” or his “bigotry,” or his being a “sexual predator.” A liar, well, that he obviously is – he’s a politician, after all.

Others are pretending that they don’t know how this dreadful thing could possibly have happened. This is quite simply a lie. The “liberal” pundits know exactly how this happened – the pseudo-left abandoned the working class and real issues like employment and war in favor of politically correct issues that, for all their bright flashing lights and pretty noises, are not going to do the plutocracy any harm. They threw us all under the bus while pretending to care. They sent American jobs overseas, they bailed out Wall St but not Main St, and they wasted blood and money slaughtering a legion of innocents in Iraq. And now they are whining that most of the electorate has had enough of their bullshit, their insincerity, and their war-mongering and has chosen someone who promises a better future. Even if Trump turns out to be a phony reformer like Sanders and Warren, it is still the left’s fault that this happened. You made your bed, you pseudo-leftist dirtbags, and you set it on fire — now fucking sleep in it.

Then there are the supposedly independent “left wing” outlets like Reader Supported News and Democracy Now. Every single one of these showed their true, plutocratic colors by siding with the neo-liberal, neo-conservative scumbag over her more moderate opponent. These outlets deserve to lose readers by the million. And, unless Trump turns out to be the nightmare his deranged opponents want him to be, i suspect that as the more idiotic leftists wake up and smell the bacon that is exactly what will happen. And what a great opportunity that will be for real leftists to set up alternative sites, sites that don’t whore themselves out to the plutocracy.

And let’s not forget all the pseudo-liberal celebrity scumbags who tried to lead their idiot fans astray. Michael Moore, Miley Cyrus, Robert DeNiro, Cher, Madonna, “Lady” Gaga, Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and well, just about all of show business except Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt’s former father in law, and – maybe – Dave Chappelle. Yes, the next time some Muslim nuts want someone to blow up, i suggest they buy one of those maps to stars’ homes!

I should point out, though, that my venom is reserved for those in charge, those with power and influence, those who know exactly what kind of animal Clinton is. The average libtard, well, there’s a reason the “tard” is in there, and it ain’t because they know what they are doing. They are dumb, they are ignorant, and they fell for the media lies. Pretty contemptible given how many of them like to brag about their educations, but not as contemptible as the people selling the lies. To them i say, stop crying and take a closer look at Trump – he’s probably a lot more liberal than you think. And, hey, if nothing else, Amerika finally gets a first lady who doesn’t look like a transsexual who couldn’t afford quite enough estrogen!

But let’s not kid ourselves. The reason this victory is a good thing is that, going on the evidence we currently have, Trump is the lesser of the two weevils. That, however, does not mean he is a saint. Along with the promises to do something about the evils of neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism come worrying stances about things like the environment. And, like so many of his ilk, he could turn out to be a lying sack of shit – remember how lefty Sanders and Warren seemed until it came to the crunch and they started kissing Clinton’s ass. So we are all going to have to be keeping an eye on Cheeto Man, just in case he does turn out to be yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing. Still, he is better than Clinton, whose wolfiness was never in question. So here’s to the orange-hued dude with the dead hamster on his head, and here’s hoping that not only have we avoided the TPP and a few more wars, but that the Amerikan electorate has dealt a deathblow to the twin evils of neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism.