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Pigman’s Nemesis Suspended From Twitter

Pigman’s Nemesis Suspended From Twitter published on

Yes, loony feminist Daisy Duchess has been banned by the vile blue vulture for seven days. And for what? Trying to incite folks to burn to death dozens of Catholic schoolboys? Posting child porn that is apparently NOT against the TOS? No, of course not. THAT would be perfectly acceptable to Twitter.

Instead, Daisy was suspended for pointing out cold, hard truths. True, the bit about “for every white man beating up an Asian you have five black men beating up Asians” may not be the exact ratio, but the point is that – as we have seen with the headlines even in the “liberal” media – blacks are WAY over-represented when it comes to beating up the yellow man. In fact, according to an FBI figure stupidly posted by some SJW recently, blacks commit 23% of hate crimes despite being only about 15 % of the American population. But those facts don’t suit Twitter’s anti-White agenda so they get you suspended – unlike the pedos and would-be mass murderers. Make no mistake — Twitter isn’t just politically biased, it is LITERALLY evil. The guy who called for the boys to be burnt to death still has his account. The kiddie porn that somehow DIDN’T violate the Terms of Service? The kid’s parents had to take Twitter to COURT to get it removed. Twitter is probably the only social media site that should be banned, it is simply beyond repair. Even Gab, despite its hosting of thousands of Jew-haters, doesn’t’ allow kiddie porn or calls for mass pedocide!

And no, she won’t be appealing. There’s no point, the initial sentence is almost always upheld and usually without any explanation. She’ll probably just wait till the suspension is up, then raise hell, post tons of spam, and get kicked out permanently. It’s clearly going to happen soon anyway, so she might as well have some fun on the way out! LOL!

Afro Lives Matter, Y’All!

Afro Lives Matter, Y’All! published on

Now there’s a bill to stop — get this — “race-based hair discrimination”!
THAT’S what matters to these pseudo-Leftists. Not the ruined economy, the thousands of bankrupt small businesses, the unemployed millions, the homeless masses, or the imminent plutocratic takeover of America. No, what matters is being able to grow Afros so big that they get stuck in the door every time you try to enter a room! #AfroLivesMatter! Am i right?

It is amazing how far pseudo-socialists like this clown — this Pressley woman is part of the Squad, the class traitors who voted to put Pelosi back in as Speaker — go to distract us from class issues and establishment evils. She even claims black girls are being kept out of school because of their hair! Bloody hell, some people will believe any fucking thing as long as it’s coming from a Woman Of Color!

Now that the “concentration camps” are Pedo Joe’s…

Now that the “concentration camps” are Pedo Joe’s… published on

Where is the outrage from AOC and other Squad members who called these things concentration camps? Nowhere. Most of these people don’t give a fuck about anyone except their Plutocratic masters. All the whining about kids in cages was just about taking down Trump for failing to give the Plutocrats as much as an American president is supposed to. Will even this be enough to make America’s “liberals” wake up to the Squad’s phoniness? I doubt it. They didn’t wake up when these faux-socialists supported a neo-liberal, neo-conservative piece of shit for the presidency, nor when they voted Pelosi back in as Speaker despite wielding the crucial votes, and they won’t wake up when the Squad votes for the next neo-con war. Retards digging their own graves, that’s all most so-called liberals are today.

Details at Breitbart, which has somehow become more credible than the New York Times. Strange days indeed.

Twitter — Home Of Kiddie Porn

Twitter — Home Of Kiddie Porn published on

Most people don’t know this, but Twitter has a child pornography problem. This recently came to light when one 13 year old boy’s parents had to take the vile company to court to get footage of their son removed. They had already asked the little blue vulture to take it down, but apparently the sexual abuse of children doesn’t violate their terms of service! Unlike Facebook and YouTube, Twitter isn’t just censorious, it is literally evil. From death threats to child porn, Twitter carries every poison under the sun and needs to be wiped from the internet. Reform is not enough for something so rotten.

In case you don’t know who this Eliza Bleu woman is, she’s a trafficking survivor who keeps a close eye on this issue. Hers is a good account to follow if you want to know what’s going on in pedoland.

MeWe Mini Review

MeWe Mini Review published on

Since the Big Tech hegemony is starting to give everyone the royal shits, some of you may be interested in this little review i did of MeWe, a fairly nice alternative to the evil of Facebook.

“Turns out that MeWe is shrinking some of my cartoon uploads to the point where they are too small too read so they get rejected. On top of that, even though the cloud limit is 500 megs, every time i try to upload 200 – 400 megs the upload fails. So much for the premium version — looks like i’ll be cancelling it just a week into the trial! Very disappointing, especially since i think paid models are the future of social media, which is the MAIN reason i decided to try the premium version. Oh, and the other thing — there seems to be no way to contact support. Lame, very lame. It’s a nice enough place, but you wouldn’t want to pay for it!”

I do still recommend it, if only because it is a much more pleasant environment than the other alternatives — especially Clubhouse, where Whitey ain’t welcome — but i can’t recommend the paid version unless you have a fetish for emojis.