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Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns published on

Having previously been tortured by Lars Von Trier’s “Dogville” and “Dancer In The Dark”, I elected to see “Antichrist” only because of the evil woman theme. Let me make this clear – Lars Von Trier is a hack. He is an Ed Wood with pretensions to Ingmar Bergman’s throne, nothing more.

In “Antichrist” however, Von Trier’s dream-inspired and depression-driven script and cinematographer Anthony Mantle’s gorgeous and hallucinatory imagery make for one of the most remarkable horror movies of the last ten years, a slab of nightmarish atmosphere not easily forgotten.

The focus of this article however, is not on the artistic merits of the movie but rather on the way it was received. I must point out that this piece is being written for those who have already seen the film. If you have not yet seen it, please stop reading now as major spoilers are included. And if you are planning to see it, beware of the scene in which the female lead gives herself an impromptu clitorodectomy – there’s also a scene where the male lead’s penis gets hit with a huge piece of wood, but alas we’re all too inured to that by now.

(Those who haven’t seen the movie are probably asking themselves what’s up with the creepy fox and the title “Chaos Reigns.” The fox is one of the animal characters, and at one point he stops eating his own guts, looks up at the male lead and in a deep, distorted voice utters the words “Chaos Reigns!”. It’s that kind of movie.)

Most of the attention the film received focused on its transgressive aspects, aspects supposedly embodied in the scenes of genital violence. This however, is the mainstream media being disingenuous – while Antichrist is an extremely transgressive film, what makes it so are not the scenes of genital violence, but rather the representation of women as evil at a time in history when women are the only sacred cows left in Western society. I think it is clear that Antichrist is a statement about female evil, not merely about one evil female. This is shown not only in the female lead’s belief that the female sex is evil, but more importantly at the end of the movie, when the husband is passed by dozens of women apparently making their way to Eden, presumably to learn whatever dark lesson his wife learnt on her previous stay.

Imagine if you will a hypothetical version of this film in which all violent acts are retained but in which it is the male sex which is portrayed as evil. Would the outrage have been there? I doubt it. Most writers for the mainstream media already believe men are violent trash, so why would there be any great outcry that Von Trier was agreeing with them? What happened with Antichrist is that a mere man stepped outside the rules and made a movie portraying women as evil. Not a woman, as in Basic Instinct or Misery, but women as a group, and it is this forbidden act of rebellion which begat the outraged reaction to the film.

Do I agree that women are evil? No, but the way the message was received is a good illustration of the cultural rules as they stand – when it comes to women, we must hear no evil, see no evil, and above all, speak no evil.

Psycho Woman’s Shooting Rampage

Psycho Woman’s Shooting Rampage published on

It had to happen, and now it has – a female academic has finally decided to do literally what her kind have been doing symbolically for decades by shooting up a university.

Amy Bishop turned up at a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama this past Friday, pulled out a 9mm handgun and killed everyone she could get her deranged mitts on. Three people were slain, three were wounded, and if the Alabama authorities fail to notice the murderous neurologist’s gazongas, she may get a one way ticket to a nice cozy hole in the ground courtesy of the Alabama penal system.

Speculation is rife that the shooting was motivated by Bishop having been denied tenure last year, but given that this is the same Amy Bishop who shot her brother dead back in the eighties , and that in the early nineties she was a suspect in a letter bomb plot against a man she had a professional clash with, what we may have here is yet another Natural Born GynoBeast just looking for an excuse to let her inner woman out of the patriarchal cage.

In the 1986 killing of her brother, which took place in her home state of Massachusetts, Bishop was in the process of being booked when the police chief at the time had the process stopped and ordered his subordinates to free her into the custody of her mommy, who purely by coincidence just happened to be a public official who had frequent dealings with the police force! Equally coincidental is the disappearance of the case file on the 1986 incident! Damn them space aliens – anally probing kidnappees and mutilating cattle isn’t enough, now they’re stealing police records as well!

As our trigger-happy moral superior was led away after her latest escapade, she was heard to blither…

“It didn’t happen. There’s no way. They’re still alive.”

Ah, so that’s going to be her defense – she thought the gun was loaded with blanks!

More here.

The Hatred Driving The UN

The Hatred Driving The UN published on

In this disgusting little document from the UN’s  Division for the Advancement of Women , a disgusting little woman called Elaine Enarson gives us all a peek into why things like the UN’s relief programs in Haiti are geared towards helping women. Gone are the claims that the gals are given precedence because that way everyone gets a share, and in their place stands the ugly truth – and as we all suspected, it is indeed  about a feminist agenda.

In a summary of the week’s events for a 2001 meeting of “experts” on “Environmental management and the mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspective” Enarson tells us that…

“Participants this week were guardedly optimistic (at best!) about the potential for significantly disrupting and transforming gender relations following natural disasters.”

Amazing –  this is about natural disasters, yet the emphasis seems to be not on rebuilding the affected communities but rather on affecting some kind of feminist revolution!

Enarson then outlines successful examples of this strategy, including this one from India…

“Disasters can be great liberators!! (Yeah, shame about all the dead people though ) While witnessing a very vocal meeting of rural women in village Srirampur, Orissa, about a year and a half after the cyclone of 1999, I was informed by the NGO there (Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action) that before the cyclone, women would rarely come out and interact on social issues, let alone interact with outsiders. This changed after the cyclone, because relief packages of most NGOs, and even the government, were targeted at, or through, women. That phase really empowered them, made them amenable to interacting on social issues, and also increased their self-esteem and their status within their families and society!“

And even though Enarson and friends do give us some caveats as regards the woman-focused approach, said warnings focus not on men starving in the streets, but rather on pointing out that  La Revolucion may entail some negatives for the Important Sex, as in the case of  Nicaraguan men being put to work building houses which were then given over to the women! Not only that, but the men were paid for their work with food aid (wonder if the women had to work for theirs? Let’s guess,) but the “payment” was given to the women! Ain’t that great? You sweat all day in the sun building a new house, then not only do they give the house to the wife, they also give her your paycheck! Apparently, as long as leeches like the UN are around, a man doesn’t even have to get a divorce to lose his house! Much to the surprise of our feminist Maos, many of the men reacted by leaving their small communities for fairer conditions in the big cities – gee, those selfish male bastards…

Oh, and here’s an unexpected bit of info…

“As I began a project rebuilding houses for families affected by Hurricane Mitch I worked primarily with women. . . I had spoken to the American Red Cross and Save the Children USA, who had told me that they were putting their houses in the name of the women. They were also, like WFP, giving food assistance directly to women. . . “

So I guess it isn’t just the UN, it’s a bunch of other bastards as well! And that’s just the ones she tells us about, I wonder how many other supposed charities are just fronts for feminist activism?

And just in case you were wondering what kind of  people the UN considers experts on who should live or die, it’s quite a diverse group, consisting as it does almost exclusively of  left-leaning feminist women…

So there you have it. No more pretense about helping the women to help everyone else, Enarson’s summary makes it clear that a huge part of all this is not about helping people in need but rather about further feathering the female nest worldwide. It amazes me that an Assistant Professor should be stupid enough to actually admit these things on the Internet, but that’s affirmative action for you!

The rest of the filthy thing is here.

UN Denying Men Food In Haiti

UN Denying Men Food In Haiti published on

The bastards at the United Nations World Food Programme are  openly acknowledging that  in the devastated Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince,  their relief workers are  handing out food to women, and only women !

These champions of the needy are seeing to it that only members of the Sacred Sex  are being given the coupons that allow them to collect a 55 pound (25 kilogram) bag of rice, the implied excuse being, as it often is with anti-male initiatives, that it’s all about the kiddies!

UN Muppet Markus Prior  told CNN that…

“Our long experience in food distribution tells us that by delivering food into the hands of women, it is more likely to be redistributed equitably among the household — including the men,”

So supposedly, giving women the rice will see to it that everyone in the family gets a fair share, because as we all know women are pure and loving creatures who are incapable of things like selfishness or greed! This excuse is not only immoral in that it ignores many of the needy, but is also logically untenable  – if concern for the families was the true motive, the United Nations World Food Programme would put the word out that, man or woman, if you bring some kiddies with you and they aren’t looking up at you as if they’re thinking “Who the hell is this fucker?” then we give you the bag of rice!  In truth,  even that would be grossly callous, after all there are plenty of single people in Haiti, not to mention parents who have lost all their children, but at least it would be a gender-neutral callousness, which probably explains why it isn’t happening.

Unless these UN clowns are as stupid as they are corrupt, I can only assume that this is yet another excuse for the UN to help only the Important Sex, after all these are the misandrist bastards who set up UNIFEM but no male equivalent, and who have feminist nutters like Nicole Kidman telling  Republican baby-kissers that Hollywood encourages violence against women, so what else can we expect?

More on this U.N sanctioned act of hatred here.

The guy in the photo is Rico Dibrivell, who was pulled out of the rubble 14 days after the earthquake – now all he has to do is not starve to death.

Todd Goldman is a Maggot

Todd Goldman is a Maggot published on

I have written previously about the egregious piece of scum known as Todd Goldman, the worthless piece of filth who came up with the “Boys are stupid” products, but it seems his so-called cartoons are even worse than the ones cited in my previous piece.

Recently I bumped into a post at Men Are Angry Now which led me to Goldman’s site and several much more shocking examples of his inexplicable hatred for small male humans.

Doing a search for the term “boys” at Goldman’s David & Goliath site you get these results, all of them derogatory and many of them actually encouraging violence.

Amongst the simply derogatory ones are ….

But vilest are those which encourage violence, and yes that’s what they do, if not then let’s come up with female versions! If there’s no problem with all this then let’s put out shirts with slogans like “Girls Are Stupid – Run Them Over”.  Does anyone doubt that if someone  did this the ACLU, NOW, and President Useless would all be screaming blue murder before the shirts were even in the local Wal-Mart? No, me neither…

Okay, so Todd Goldman doesn’t like little boys. But maybe he just hates kids, so let’s see what we get when we do a search for the word “girls” on the David And Goliath site. What we get of course is mostly complimentary slogans, such as “Girls kick Balls” , “One Tough Cookie” and of course “Girls pass notes, boys pass gas” because we all know the female sex  is incapable of producing their own methane!

What Goldman does should be considered by any decent society a hate crime and a form of child abuse, and if he were doing it to the Important Sex he would be out of business by now. But as long as America can’t get enough of pissing on its boys and men, Goldman will continue to live up to his name and rake in the moolah, no matter how many young minds he damages.

So Goldman, you poor excuse for a human being,  please be so kind as to do the male sex a favor by being inside the next American skyscraper to be targeted  by some radical loons.